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Change yourselves and the entire world will change!

Lord Surya
December 22, 2014

Lord Surya

I AM Surya.

I have come to your planet from far away.

I have come to give a Message at the turn of the solar cycle.

Today we will touch upon a very important topic: namely, our talk will take place on the threshold of an important decision by the Karmic Board.

You know that the Karmic Board is currently holding a session. It is a very important session.

In fact, the destiny of the lifestreams that are evolving on planet Earth is being determined now. The last thing that I want to do is to scare you. Yet, you need to understand that your development has significantly deviated from the Divine course.

We speak about altruism.

We speak about self-sacrifice.

We speak about Service.

We speak about the Brotherhood.

However, you can see the exact opposites in your lives: selfishness, aggression, hatred, and self-destruction.

It is obvious. It does not require any proof.

How can the course of the history on the planet be changed? What should be done to have the Divine models and actions fill the entire informational space on the planet and the minds of people on Earth?

This is the exact subject that the current session of the Karmic Board is devoted to.

We are carefully analyzing the outcomes of this year, especially of its second half.

The life on the planet has deviated too much from the Divine course.

Necessary and adequate measures must be taken immediately.

So, we will be waiting. However, each of you should also analyze whether you have done everything possible to return the Divine models to the lives of humankind, to each area of human activity, and to each realm of life on Earth.

When God leaves the lives of people, their whole lives are changed drastically. First it changes a little, and then more and more. In that way, the distortions of Divine energy emerge and grow in each area of human activity.

It is similar to a cancerous tumor that invades one organ after another until the entire organism dies.

Our task is to prevent Life on planet Earth from dying.

That is why we will take emergency measures and perform surgical intervention.

Sometimes it is necessary to sacrifice an entire organ to save the life of the organism. It is a fairly reasonable risk.

We are taking all measures to try and preserve all organs and systems and yet, to make the healing process of the overall situation on planet Earth irreversible.

This is where the efforts of each of you will be indispensable.

Each of you is part of the energy system of planet Earth. The frequency that you vibrate at during most of the day affects the general energy field of the planet.

When negative thoughts and feelings take hold of you, you become a generator of negative energy; you support all the imperfections of your world; you give your vote for the destruction of the planet.

By contrast, when you can retain Love and Joy in your heart despite the negative influences from the outside, you submerge yourself into the positive energies of rejuvenation and create a positive mindset that works for the entire planet.

Many of you are constantly submerged in defective states of consciousness. It is quite understandable because the entire situation around you is not Divine, and it prevents you from coming in resonance with the Divine world.

That is exactly why we constantly provide an image of a knight, a warrior, a spiritual warrior in our Messages.

That is exactly why we make the analogy of a battle.

Practically, that is how it is in reality. A giant battle is taking place on the planet between the Light and the darkness, between the negative energies of the past and the new energies of rejuvenation that are coming down to the planet from the Higher worlds.

We say to you, You need to take action!

We are calling on you to direct all your efforts to maintaining inner balance and harmony.

When your spiritual level allows it, you can extinguish any negativity from the surrounding environment with the power of your prayer.

However, there are very few people who are examples of a high spiritual level.

For the rest of the people, concrete actions in the physical plane are needed in order to achieve and maintain a positive mindset.

Not all actions in the physical plane will bring positive results in the form of working off your karma.

We have given this Teaching many times, and I will repeat it. Only when you are driven by the right motive will your actions result in working off karma and creating positive conditions for the development of Life on Earth.

When you are driven by a wrong motive, you get involved in karmic activities and continue to produce karma.

The right motive is to work for the Common Good and Service to Life.

The wrong motive is everything that makes you pursue any aims that belong to the physical plane: fame, money, respect, attaining pleasures, or fulfilling desires.

Very often, a person thinks that his or her motive is directed to the Common Good and Virtue. However, in reality that person is driven by another motive that he or she is hiding very well, even from himself or herself.

How can you understand which motive you are driven by?

Beloved Jesus gave the answer to this question: Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Not by the actions that may be right, not by the words that may be correct, but by the fruits that result from the actions.

If for years you continue to argue with the people who follow the same Path as you, complain about them, and even feel hatred toward them despite your seeming service for the Common Good, and if this continues for a year, two years, ten years, then it is very likely that your motive is not the right one.

When you are sincere and your motive is right, any action that you perform in the physical plane results in working off karma and your complaints about other people melt away like snow in the spring.

That is because each of you sees you own imperfections in another person. When your imperfections, which are the result of your past karma, burn away in the flame of your Service, you cease to see such imperfections in other people.

Your self-improvement, the elimination of your imperfections, requires a lot of effort.

The only person in this world whom you can change is yourself.

Change yourselves and the entire world will change!

I AM Surya.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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