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We are asking you to focus all your strength on sustaining your inner balance.

Sanat Kumara, December 20, 2014

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara.

I have come today with the new Message, an important Message.

You know that Earth is now going through a very difficult period of its evolution. For comparison, we can think of some examples of sudden changes in your lives — for instance, you went to school and the time has come to finish it and to transition into the life of an adult; you entered into maturity and it is time to get married.

Every time you experience changes in your lives, you have to adapt to a new way of living and to rearrange your lives in accordance with that.

This is what is happening on planet Earth now. We have spoken many times about the upcoming changes, we have spoken about the rising of the vibrations, and we have warned you that you need to transform yourselves and to attune your consciousness with the Divine world.

We repeated all that in our Messages many times. You are also aware that only those souls who are attuned to God and stand ready to go along the Supreme Path will be able to continue the evolution on planet Earth.

Now the whole planet is entering the final phase of this process of changes.

For some of you this stage will be a great Divine opportunity to speed up your evolution.

But for some people, on the contrary, there will be a very hard time. By now, each of you has already made his choice between the mortal and the immortal.

You either have committed your lives with the physical plane of the planet or you have chosen the eternal Life.

By now this choice has been made by all the souls who are incarnated on planet Earth.

This choice may not reach your external consciousness, but you can indirectly see the choice that you made by the fruits that are manifested in the physical plane.

Look at your life as if from the outside and analyze it. If you have still been unable to submit your life to the Higher Law that exists in this Universe, it inevitably manifests in your life as the desire to acquire the benefits of your civilization at any cost. Sometimes at a neighbor’s expense and in defiance of common sense, you seek to take an extra piece of something, no matter what it is — whether it is a sausage, some land on the sea shore, a prestigious post, or some pleasure.

You can be rich or poor, healthy or sick. The whole question is whether you are ready to renounce the high principles of morality and ethics in order to get something for yourself in your world or you are ready to sacrifice much for the sake of the world’s well-being so that Earth can continue its evolution, and all living creatures can happily live on the planet.

A human needs so little to be happy. You just need to be attuned to the Higher world and to live for the sake of your neighbor.

Many people think that the poor and needy people are closer to God, and where there is wealth there are vices and abuse.

No, beloved. It is characteristic of your time that everything is mixed up. There are people who have chosen God among both the rich and the poor, and there are people who are slaves of their insatiable desires.

Many think that sick people have their diseases because they have torn themselves from God.

No, beloved. There are people who have made completely opposite choices among those who are sick and among those who are healthy.

That is why we are telling you that it is very hard to live in your time. And that is exactly why your time gives great opportunities for the development of some souls and offers a last chance to others.

It is characteristic of this time that many of you will be enlightened going through great suffering.

Many times we have suggested that you go along the royal road, along the path of changing your consciousness. But you, most of you, have chosen a difficult path, the path of hardship and misfortunes, sufferings and losses.

Well, God and the Ascended Masters respect the choice of each of you.

We will be staying beside you no matter what hardship or sufferings fall to your lot in the near future.

You just have to ask for our help, and the help will be given to all who ask and pray. However, you must know that this help will be given to your souls. A great descent of human karma will be taking place in the physical plane.

Unfortunately, there is very little that can be changed.

Those of you who are quite aware of the things that are taking place need all your self-sacrifice and self-denial in order to take care of yourselves, your neighbors and as many souls as possible in the forthcoming and near future. And sometimes those people will be completely unknown to you.

The situation worsens due to the fact that even very light souls do not have a chance to get a sufficient amount of Divine energy that can allow them to keep their positive mood and joy after getting in touch with the Higher worlds.

Therefore, direct all your power to keep the balance of energies within yourselves. Remember that the outer things follow your inner state.

There are many practices and methods that allow sustaining inner peace and harmony. The efforts of those of you who have accrued this special momentum of attainments for the last 10 years that we have been giving our Messages will be indispensable.

Each of you becomes as good as gold. You literally can stop any hurricane, any natural calamity, any war or aggression.

All depends on you sustaining the inner balance.

Other people, mass media, and the environment will provoke you and create tension and aggression.

Your task is to transform any negativity into Love and goodness by the flames of your hearts.

We are asking you to focus all your strength and efforts on sustaining your inner balance in the near future.

God help you!

I AM Sanat Kumara. Om.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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