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If you do not think about God, then you separate yourself from God

December 26, 2013

About Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi.

I have come today in order to talk about the main thing that is vital for you at this period of time.

What do you think is most essential for you now?

Many people will say that the main thing for them is money. Others will say that it is health.

Some will say that they lack for a feeling of love toward another person.

There are many things you would like to possess in your life, and they seem most essential to you.

I will not argue with any of you, because you choose by yourselves what things to do in your lives. And I have not come to persuade you that the things you do in your lives are incorrect or wrong.

I have come to remind you of what is most essential for you, and this important thing is no longer in the lives of the majority of incarnated humankind. Of course, I am talking about your Oneness with God.

The sense of your Oneness with God, with God within yourselves, within your family, your friends, and the sense of Oneness with God in every particle of Life — this sense is lost by humanity.

If you could restore this unity, then each of you would be happy and peaceful. You would feel your perfect security and tranquility.

I have solved, then, the truth about what you are actually lacking in your lives, haven’t I?

You may name it differently, but it is the unity with the Creator of the Universe and with His manifestation in each particle of Life that you are sorely lacking in your lives now.

Why did it happen?

Why did you lose your Oneness?

Why do you feel alone and unprotected?

Why is fear the prevailing feeling in your society?

I am ready to answer these questions in this Message of mine.

That is why I have come.

To begin with, you yourselves are the cause of the separation from the Divine world. You probably have heard many times that you are to blame for everything that happens to you. Of course, this is the basic statement of the fundamental Law of this Universe — the Law of Karma or retribution.

Everything that we have in the present is caused by our past choices and actions. It means that you yourselves were the cause of the state that you and society are now in, at this moment in time.

A long time ago, you took the first step directed away from the Oneness inherent in you. That step was directed toward separation. You chose to create your destiny on your own. And you chose to act in accordance with your desires and inclinations.

According to the Law of free will, your acts were absolutely correct. You tried to manifest your individuality in accordance with its inherent inclinations and talents.

This moment of your choice took place millions of years ago. Since then the material world around you has been changing toward density. And now what you observe around you was, on a large scale, created by your consciousness and the actions that you have taken based on following your own free will.

Why do you not feel happy?

Why do you not feel joy?

Why are you not permeated with love, which is the feature of this Universe?

Doesn’t this happen because you separated yourselves from the Divine world?

How many of you think about God during the day? About God who permeates all of creation and who, in fact, you are in embodiment?

If you do not think about God, then you separate yourselves from God. And this separation of you yourselves from God is present in your consciousness.

We have come to a simple decision of how to return to you your Oneness with God and the associated states of tranquility, joy, happiness, and peace.

It behooves you to keep thinking about God in order to return Him into your lives!

This decision is very simple: If you wish to be happy, be happy!

However, as soon as you make this simple decision in your consciousness and rush to implement it in your life, then literally miracles start to happen in your life: Everything around you begins impeding you to follow your decision to be one with God. First, you are overwhelmed with your own thoughts. Your carnal mind starts giving you one idea after another. Then you start thinking that it would be a nice thing to go to the seaside before devoting your life to God. Or you think that it is too early for you to impose restrictions upon yourself because you suddenly start feeling love for your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Or you think that you have to earn a sufficient sum of money to have the opportunity to devote your life to God.

Your inner desires attract opportunities for you from space in order to manifest your desires. Your beloved calls you several months after your falling out. Or you are offered a profitable high-paying job. Or something else happens, and you forget about God. You are immersed in your concerns and the experiences from the life around you.

Do not think that what I am telling you now is something bad or deserves public reprimand. No. This is a common situation that now has formed in the world. All of you who are in embodiment now are the prisoners of the situation. You are trapped by the illusory forces.

If there were no way out of this labyrinth of the illusion, neither I, nor any of the Masters would have come to waste this time giving our Messages.

However, I insist that each of you who read our Messages can, even in this incarnation, reduce the influence of the illusory forces to such an extent that those forces will no longer control and manipulate you, and you yourself will become the master of your destiny.

This is exactly why we come and provide instructions.

In fact, the liberation from the illusion is very simple. This liberation is completely in your consciousness.

You make a decision to free yourself from the influence of the illusory forces.

And you follow this decision of yours every day from morning until night.

If you always follow the same direction, you will reach your goal.

If you change the direction of your advancement every day — for example, in the morning you advance toward God and in the other half of the day you satisfy your desires, then you will never reach your goal: the Oneness with God.

What impedes you most of all?

You yourselves.

You only have to overcome the resistance of your carnal mind. This is the main thing that you have to do. To do this, you have genuine spiritual practices that help you to keep your consciousness constantly directed toward God.

Every day you must spare some time for spiritual practices. You must not miss even a day, because if you stop pedaling when going up the mountain, you will slide down to the foot of the mountain and you will have to start your ascension again.

These are the main principles that will help you if you are determined to return to the state of your Oneness with God.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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