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I call you to action!

Master Godfrey
January 17, 2010

Master Godfrey

I AM Godfrey.[1]

Despite the fact that my last incarnation was in America, I think that there are many general questions that are relevant for the entire human population of Earth. And especially at this time that Earth is going through now, the relevance of some of the questions is obvious.

So, I consider it my duty to hold a small talk today that perhaps will be of interest to you. At least, when I served in the position of a Messenger in America, my talks were always received with great interest.

I would like to touch upon the topic of cooperation among the leaders of different movements of spiritual thought.

It is apparent that the number of people who take interest in different spiritual practices is growing. Among them, there are obvious leaders who possess certain abilities, the roots of which go many centuries back, even to the time of Atlantis.

Many people talk about unity and unification. Many people believe that mechanical consolidation of two or more groups will lead to the strengthening of spiritual unity.

In reality, when you are trying to unite, it does not always, or hardly ever, lead to a positive result. What is the reason for such a phenomenon?

I will try to explain to you the cause from my ascended state of consciousness. The reason is that you, beloved, are trying to unite under the influence of purely human motivations. And the unity that you are dreaming about, talking about, or discussing, most often lies in the mental sphere or, to say it better, in the sphere of your carnal mind. You know that this is not the level on which true unity is possible, because the carnal mind thinks in terms of the physical world. And most often, you can unite temporarily, only to solve some specific tasks and realize specific goals in the physical plane. However, once the task is completed and there is no other high purpose, people’s minds become agitated. Of course, the level of consciousness of the leaders of the spiritual movements imposes a considerable impact on the process of cooperation. Some leaders can cooperate with each other, while others cannot, using absolutely ridiculous excuses.

This demonstrates that the level of consciousness of even the people who are spiritual seekers is not enough for true Unity to be manifested — the Unity that everybody dreams and talks about but nobody can yet attain.

The cause of all that, beloved, is the level of consciousness. True unification is only possible when you reach the level of consciousness of Christ, which means that unity is possible only at the level of your Higher Self. That is why I have called the movement I AM.[2]

This is because the unity of people seeking God is only possible at the level of their Higher Self.

Experience shows that even if modern people are able to attune to their Higher Selves for a short period of time, those periods of harmony are very short-lived. And in this state of consciousness, this time period is not enough to make confident steps toward true Unity in the physical plane.

It would be wrong if after my talk today, you make a conclusion that there is no point in doing anything because the result is not the same as what you dream about. No, beloved, you should continue your attempts to cooperate, at least by means of specific small projects on the physical plane. At the time when you were learning to walk, if you had given up your efforts after two or three attempts to get on your feet, you would never have learned how to walk.

The same is true for this sphere of human activity. It is necessary to make constant and persistent attempts to cooperate. And you always need to consider that it is necessary to carry out joint projects and events. Since the unity takes place at the mental and emotional levels, in order for that unity to be viable and continue to exist as long as possible, the mental and emotional bodies must be constantly exerted. During the course of joint activities, especially when they are performed at maximum capacity, it is easier for the Higher Forces to get involved and to carry out their tasks through your activities. Just when you are under constant pressure — constantly working for the Common Good — at this moment your chakras open up the most and the Divine energy comes into your bodies, and then the Divine opportunity can find its realization in your world.

Therefore, continue your attempts, take action no matter what, and the result of your efforts will manifest itself in the elevation of the level of your consciousness. Do not forget that your karma is worked off most effectively during joint actions aimed at a good purpose.

Look around and see how many things can be done. One life is not enough to get everything done.

Catch the current of the Divine opportunity. Begin with the project that lies right in front of you. Your collaborative work on the physical, mental, and astral planes can transform you, and as a side effect, it will transform everything that surrounds you.

In the process of your work, you will get rid of all unnecessary coverings, of everything that hinders your progress, of any imperfections, negative traits, and habits. Be persistent in attaining your goals, and always remember that by performing collaborative work on the physical plane, you approach the blessed days when it will be possible to realize the Golden Age on Earth.

I call you to action! And believe me; I know what I am talking about. At the place where the result of collaborative work of many people is manifested in the physical plane, the surrounding area is purified in the same way as if you were praying from dawn until dusk.

I truly hope that my talk today will show you the path from which you can begin your ascension to the top of the Divine consciousness.

I AM Godfrey.

[1] Ascended Master Godfrey was incarnated as Guy Ballard, the Messenger of Saint-Germain. The teachings of the Great White Brotherhood about the Law of the I AM Presence came to the Earth through him. He was preserving the focus of the Christ consciousness for the planet until his ascension in 1939. His wife, Edna Ballard, is now the Ascended Lady Master Lotus. Guy Ballard wrote under the pseudonym of Godfrey Ray King.

[2] The movement "I AM" was founded by Master Godfrey during his last incarnation.

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