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You need to remember that God is most important in your life

Lord Shiva
January 5, 2010

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva!

I have come again! As always, the mercy of Heaven has provided another opportunity for humankind to live up to its promise.

We all are paying close attention to what is happening on the planet now. The secret is in the fact that Earth has received a new portion of the Divine energy. We are paying close attention to the effect that it will have on humankind of planet Earth. Will humanity continue its path to nowhere, or will it come to reason and finally follow the advice of the Great Masters of humankind, to which I also have the honor of belonging?

It is not often that I have the opportunity to give my Messages. That is why I always strive to include in my Messages the greatest possible impulse of energy that could prompt you to awaken and move forward along the ascending spiral of evolution.

You have noticed that this new cycle of Messages we are giving through our Messenger does not give a lot of food for the mind, the carnal mind. We have begun to act in a more subtle way in order to awaken those individuals who are capable of responding to new energies, more subtle energies.

The first layer of our Messages has awakened a certain number of individuals. Now new energies aimed at another level of people have started to come through.

We need the very best people who are incarnated now. In your past incarnations you had the experience of Service, and many of you served the Hierarchy for more than one incarnation. The surrounding physical world has changed, but you must remember your mission and, after receiving the impulse of these Messages into your hearts, overcome the outer circumstances and remove everything from yourselves that hinders your Service.

It is difficult for you, and many of you have already burdened yourselves with a karmic load that you will have to carry with you until the end of your current incarnation. However, there are those who have not burdened themselves in any way but are trying to find food for their souls in the surrounding illusion. These people either go from one teaching to another or change jobs, trying to find some satisfaction in external-world activities.

All this is vain. You have already gained experience of worldly work in many past incarnations. You need to remember that the most important thing in your life is God. And you need to devote all your life only to the fulfillment of God’s plans.

It cannot be that you serve God and simultaneously leave some external activity for yourselves in the world, trying to gain some more experience and obtain another toy. It is a big step back for you. Do not look at the people who surround you. Compared to you, they are still in kindergarten, while you have already graduated from the university. You need to understand that the most important and determining characteristic for you is your level of consciousness and not the external attributes of acknowledgement or prosperity that are currently common in your world. There are eternal values, and there are temporary illusionary pursuits.

You remind me of grown-up men and women sitting in a sandbox and trying to build sand castles and make sand sculptures.

Wake up. There are real things that you should be doing, things that correspond to your level of consciousness.

The more you try to postpone making your final decision and the more you try to hide behind different forms of activity in the illusionary world, the more painful and difficult the sobering process will be for you when one day, maybe even this year, you wake up and feel the breath of eternity.

You need to devote your entire life to Service.

Those who cannot do it have not reached your level of consciousness.

Everyone is at his or her own level of consciousness development, but if you do not take the level that is appropriate for you, then the rest will not have a model in the physical plane that they will be able to follow.

Billions of people live on planet Earth. Yet, only very few of them are brave enough to climb to the top of Chomolungma, the highest peak in the world. The rest prefer to watch entertainment shows on TV that replace real life for them.

There is always room for heroic acts in your lives. You perform a heroic act every day when you perform God’s work on Earth, despite any external circumstances, despite feeling unwell, and despite any illnesses.

In order to perform God’s work, you do not need to climb to the top of Chomolungma. You need to take on the first project — a very simple project — that is lying right in front of your nose and begin implementing it. It may seem to you that this work is not worth doing, that it is too small and inconspicuous.

Try to understand that when you perform small deeds with great love, you open an opportunity of greater Service for yourselves.

Masters cannot trust you with the work for the Brotherhood before they thoroughly test you, and that takes more than one or two years. And even if you have already been trusted by the Brotherhood in your past incarnations and performed their tasks, in this incarnation you will have to earn the trust again and prove that you are worthy of this trust.

Many of you are searching for an activity that you can do. Many are searching for people with whom you can do something. Believe me; you do not need any of that. You already have everything you need to begin your Service. God has taken care of everything already. All you need to do is to open your eyes and see the work that you need to start doing.

We are casting out our nets again and waiting to see what kind of catch we will have this time.

I AM Shiva!

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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