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Without restoring the cosmic Hierarchy on Earth, without respecting the Divine Law, humankind of Earth has no future

January 3, 2010


I am Moses. I have come on this day in order to reinforce the priority of the Divine Law in your hearts once again.

You need to understand that there is nothing more important in your lives than your relationship with God — your personal relationship with God.

God does not belong to any religion, faith, or nationality. God is great! He is everything that surrounds you: everything that you see and that you do not see.

Therefore, now, when humankind is transitioning from the Fifth Root Race to the Sixth Root Race, the topic of Faith is of primary importance.

I have come to tell you that because many of you understand faith as a completely different thing that does not have anything to do with God. I know what I am talking about.

I talked with God during my incarnation as Moses. Nobody, not even my brother Aaron, could communicate directly with God. And all those people whom I led across the desert for 40 years were able to survive and pass that test only because I had something within me that allowed me to communicate with God.

It was a great mercy of Heaven. It was a Divine gift that I thought I had not deserved. But God decided differently. Despite all my personal weaknesses and imperfections, God had decided that there was something in me that would give me the opportunity to accept this Divine mercy.

I carried that Divine gift in my heart until the end of my life. And thanks to that, people who trusted me were able to come out of darkness into the Promised Land.

Nobody else had that gift. And, just in those 40 days when I went to the mountain to talk to God and was away, the people who thought that they were devoted to me and to God turned away from God and began to worship the golden calf.

I had to stay with those people at all times and could not step away for even a day. Every time I left, people lost their level of their consciousness and then regained it when I came back.

God cannot maintain the level of consciousness of all people on Earth. He can be present only in certain chosen ones.

He could be present in Jesus. However, the fall of humankind was so great at that time that the crowd shouted: Crucify him!

O God! You saw all this. God’s mercy and His patience are so great that those people who crucified Jesus and danced in front of the golden calf when I was away for 40 days are still incarnating on Earth. And they have the audacity to complain about their fates.

Now the time is coming for the changing of races. And the time is coming when the mixing of nations and castes should be stopped. A Divine order should be created out of this mixture of nations.

Everything is upside down on Earth now. Those who are not from God, who do not have God in their hearts, govern the world. The only opportunity that humankind has is to restore the Divine order.

Those people in whose hearts God lives should be honored. Those who do not have Faith in their hearts should take the position that corresponds to their levels of consciousness. Without restoring the cosmic Hierarchy on Earth, without respecting the Divine Law, humankind of Earth has no future.

God’s mercy knows no bounds. Earth is given one chance after another.

I see that many souls are in a state of ignorance; many of them do not have the knowledge to become free from the darkness of illusion. There are also those who openly mock God and His Law. They mistake the Divine mercy for a Divine weakness.

Earth is presently undergoing very difficult and dark times — the times when everything has become mixed up. Impudence and vulgarity are playing the main roles in society.

I will return to Earth when the time comes. Again I will call those devoted and faithful people on whom I could rely when the rest of the people danced in front of the golden calf. And only the devoted and faithful ones will be able to withstand what Earth will have to undergo.

Impudence, vulgarity, heresy, and ignorance will be defeated in the shortest possible time.

You are not able to foresee all of God’s plans. And no matter how much you try with your human consciousness to prevent what is approaching, no matter how many bomb shelters you build and how much food supplies you stock, all these are nothing more than childish barriers on the way of God.

There is no place in your world where you can escape and feel safe from the return of your own karma that is now being held back by God.

The only way out that God is leaving for you is strong Faith, unconditional Love, and Divine Wisdom that are coming from your hearts.

It will be difficult for you because the golden calves are gleaming on every corner. The time is given to you so that you yourselves will overthrow the golden calves from the pedestals and restore the pyramid of Divine reality in your world.

The terms are known. And even the Divine mercy has an end that is determined by cosmic terms.

I AM Moses. I came with the mission to bring reason to humankind of Earth.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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