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You share the entire responsibility with the Hierarchy for what takes place on the planet

Beloved Alpha
December 29, 2009

Beloved Alpha

I AM Alpha. I have come.

My coming today is a very important event. It is important not because I am going to give food for thought to your external consciousness but because I came to release Light for planet Earth. During the transmission of this Message, I am releasing as much Light as the physical and the finer bodies of this Messenger are able to endure.

Yes, humankind still cannot come to reason. And it is necessary for me to come in person to release the necessary and almost sufficient amount of energy to stabilize the situation on the planet.

My children, do come to reason. I appeal to you today, to those who can hear and understand me.

The whole situation on the planet is in your hands. You share the entire responsibility with the Hierarchy for what takes place on your planet. You are part of the Hierarchy. And even when you forget that you belong to the cosmic chain and represent its links, you are still the links of the cosmic chain.

Every link should take upon itself a share of the burden. When you stray from your duties, we have to apply emergency precautions. In this case, I am using the bodies of the Messenger to send Light that is so necessary at this critical time on Earth.

There is also the other side to this process. When great Light is transmitted by some person, he is thrown to the wolves, our adversaries. Therefore, when you do not think respectfully about our Messenger, when you send imperfect thoughts and feelings to her, then on the one hand, it will be a natural phenomenon: great Light arouses great dark forces. On the other hand, every awakening of negative energy against our Messenger is very closely watched by us. And we have a chance to take action.

It was always like that. This is one of the principles that the Hierarchy of the Forces of Light is guided by. Our representatives have been the conductors of Light for your dense world, and therefore, they have experienced all the hardships. On the one hand, our representatives have experienced the whole burden of the impact of the higher energies that their bodies are capable of transmitting, and on the other hand, they have borne the impact of the lowest and most evil, savage manifestations of human nature.

Our Messengers are the axis of the connection between the worlds. And by applying our efforts from one side of the axis, we cause a rotational movement in your world. We do everything so that the rotational movement can turn into a movement along the spiral, directed upward rather than downward.

Therefore, when you read this Message of mine, think about the reactions it arouses in you. Be honest with yourself. All your reactions are forever saved in the Akashic Records. But after a while you forget what thoughts and feelings you had.

Then, when you appear at the Karmic Board session in your finer bodies and you are given the last word, many of you, after watching the Akashic Records, are horrified by everything that you did, because you are shown not only your thoughts and states but also what has been caused by those imperfect states of your consciousness.

One imperfect thought or feeling attracts the same according to the vibration. And after a while, a hurricane of negative energy is formed that is manifested later in the physical plane in the form of real hurricanes and cataclysms.

At first, there was only one thought that caused a horrible cataclysm. Then, when you see this while you are facing the Karmic Board, you are horrified by the number of human lives that have been carried away because of you.

In order to become reasonable and to move to the next step of evolutionary development, humanity must be very careful in the manifestation of its thoughts and feelings because further evolution will be more dependent on your inner states.

Therefore, when you do not show any negative reactions but you have negative thoughts and feelings inside of you, it is just as destructive to the world as if you were throwing nuclear bombs.

With more refinement taking place on the planet, your thoughts and feelings gain larger influences — a much larger influence than your words and actions.

Prudence and caution are the qualities that you have to acquire. But you acquire these qualities automatically if devotion to the Will of God and a desire to serve your neighbor based on the feeling of unconditional Love are present inside of you.

Ignorance is the main quality you have to get rid of in the near future. It is incompatible with the next step of evolutionary development onto which humankind has to step due to the efforts of thousands of beings of Light who care about you.

I AM Alpha. I have come in order to do my duty for the humankind of Earth.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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