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We still have a long way to go in terms of the stages of evolution

Mighty Cosmos
December 28, 2009

Mighty Cosmos

I AM Mighty Cosmos. I AM a Cosmic Being. And I AM very glad that I can send a Message to humankind of Earth.

I am placing in this Message an energy impulse that will allow you to think much broader than everything that surrounds you in the physical life and even broader than everything that exists on your home planet.

The moment is coming when humanity must go beyond the borders of planet Earth. The cosmic community has long been ready to welcome the people of Earth.

There is something within you, a mechanism that begins to operate at a certain stage of human development. This mechanism exists in your being as a potential, as a Divine opportunity.

You know that there are human energy centers — the chakras. You know seven main chakras. However, the energy centers are much greater in number. They open up, one after another like flowers on a rose bush, when you are successfully undergoing the process of evolution.

Your development at this moment does not allow you to open these centers. However, you need to understand and realize that cosmic evolution is not limited to your current life or to life on planet Earth. You need to prepare your consciousness for the possibility of coming into contact with the entire cosmos and with all beings that inhabit it.

The issue is entirely in your consciousness and in what you are able to accept in your consciousness.

I have heard from the Karmic Board about many people who do not know how to occupy themselves. They spend countless hours and years in activities that I am unable to understand — activities that do not facilitate their development but instead lead to degradation.

The paradox is in the fact that none of the Masters force you to engage in these activities of yours. Moreover, if you carefully read the Dictations given to you by the Ascended Masters, you will find that they say the opposite: that you should give up many of your traditional behavioral stereotypes and activities.

Your level of consciousness does not allow you to understand the simplest things that we talk about. The criterion that we can use to determine if you have understood us is whether you put the knowledge into practice and follow the recommendations that you are given in your lives. However, it is not happening. I am observing how many times the same truths are being said — and not just through this Messenger. Several thousands of years ago we gave the same truths through other famous historical figures who are now honored by you as the founders of religions that exist on Earth.

I understand that it is very difficult to believe in something that cannot be seen or touched. Yet, your science provides data that scientifically proves the existence of more subtle worlds. You could be a little more alert and resourceful.

I look at humankind in the same way that you look at your flower gardens. Remember how you worry when the best flower species that you plant fail to become established and become sick. You feel frustrated and make efforts again and again so that your favorite flowers can be alive and bring you joy with their blossoms.

For me, you are such flowers. When I am looking at humanity from my level, I see only flowers that consist of your chakras. I see that there are very few good, bright blossoms. They do exist and they bring me joy, but at the same time I see many individuals who only have one chakra that is barely open. There is so much that you will have to do on your path so that all your chakras can unfold. They include the chakras that will make you free, cosmic beings.

I also see many individuals who failed to protect their chakras, and they have closed completely. There is no emptiness in nature, beloved. Those people who have lost the connection with the Divine world, immediately become prey for many beings that live on the astral plane and are not able to incarnate in the physical plane any more.

Everything wants to live. Along with the top-quality flowers in your garden, you will sometimes find weeds that grow close to your favorite plants, hoping that you will not notice them and they will be able to continue their existence. What are you doing with the weeds? We do the same. It is impossible to hide from the eyes of the great gardener of this Universe. Sooner or later, order will be imposed on your planet.

You planet will turn into a beautiful flower garden where there are no longer any weeds or sick plants.

Each being residing on Earth has the potential to become a great and mighty cosmic being. You need to always remember this.

There is beauty in your life. There is also ugliness in your life. Unfortunately, your consciousness cannot always differentiate and make a choice in favor of the beautiful.

This is a temporary phenomenon, beloved. After a while your soul will reach for the beautiful. Beautiful, harmonious models in all areas of human life will be in fashion again.

I hope very much that you will be able to strive for your beautiful selves and not wait to be prompted by various cataclysms, diseases, and disasters. Do not be lazy. You need harmony in everything, especially in music. The music of the spheres is waiting for the individuals who will be able to translate it into the language of musical notes. You need to develop sensitivity to the subtle manifestations in life. Do not think about what is imperfect. Start doing creative work.

When the vibrations of the planet rise a little more, everything that currently seems ugly and unsightly will dissolve and disappear like a dream.

We still have a long way to go in terms of the stages of evolution. See the perspective in your advancement and feel the direction in your aspirations.

I AM Mighty Cosmos.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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