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Pallas Athena
December 22, 2009

Pallas Athena
About Pallas Athena

I AM Pallas Athena, coming to you. A few years have passed since our last meeting. I communicate with non-ascended humankind extremely rarely.

Now the time has come when I can talk to you, not because it is necessary and my turn has come but because I have something to tell you. I serve Divine Truth, and I hope to give you a particle of my devotion to the Divine Truth.

There is something more important in your life than what surrounds you in the physical plane. Both the degree of the development of society and the level of its collective consciousness are determined, ultimately, by the attitude of this society toward eternal and imperishable values. There are some things in your lives that are eternal — for example, beauty, Love, harmony, and peace — and Divine Truth is also in the list of these timeless values.

At all times people perceived and treated Divine Truth differently. There were times of decline, similar to the time you are experiencing now, when people forgot about God and enduring values. There were times of prosperity when the arts were revived, and again people regained the greatness of the spirit residing within them.

It was the same way in the country where I was worshipped as Goddess many thousands of years ago. I saw the flourishing time of that country. Temples were erected for me at that time, and I was genuinely worshipped. Later on, everything began to decline.

Those few people who continued to keep their devotion to Divine Truth ceased to be respected in society. Society started following worst behavior patterns. And the guidelines that began to prevail in society resulted in the demise of a once-powerful country.

It is the same way in your world. But the situation is complicated because, due to rapid communications and great progress in relations between countries, the patterns that are attracting the consciousness of people in one or more countries are spread all over the world after some time.

It is very sad that such great achievements in the field of communication development are not used by human society for the development of the spirit but for the development of the flesh and the entire industry that indulges the flesh.

A society that does not honor the prophets and does not follow Eternal Truth is doomed to gradual decline and extinction.

I know what I am talking about, and as a member of the Karmic Board, I am very concerned about the current situation on the planet. As we can see, for each eternal and Divine pattern in any area of human activity, whatever you touch on, there are a hundred non-divine patterns and manifestations.

I am sad. And my sorrow knows no bounds. There are methods that allow us to regulate the processes taking place in society. And we use them. However, it is sad that there things that lower the level of consciousness in your society, and it is also sad that many bright souls with burning hearts, who are striving to fulfill the tasks of the Light, meet so many temptations on their path that they cannot overcome. I grieve for many souls whom I have known personally and whom I have patronized. I saw them off into embodiment with parting words. And how sad I am when I learned that these souls are either lost forever from evolution, or they are at the very bottom of their lives and have no opportunity to get out of the quagmire surrounding them. That is what makes me sad.

I have come today to address those souls who follow Divine Truth, for Divine Truth has neither religious obstacles nor national barriers. The people who follow Divine Truth in their hearts are scattered across many countries of the globe. I appeal to you today.

There is some time, and you can do something so that as many light-souls as possible can be saved from the stormy waters of life and from the flames of hell that flare up here and there on Earth and consume innocent souls.

I ask you to impregnate the world with perfect Divine patterns that belong to different kinds of art. I ask you to do everything you can so that young people obtain an idea of beauty.

Oh I, the Goddess of Truth, I kneel before you. I cannot do what you, those who are in embodiment now, can do. I am imploring you to do everything in your power.


Now, when the time and energy planned for the transmission of my Message is coming to an end, I consider it my duty to tell you that the current session of the Karmic Board was very difficult. We could not convince the Supreme Council of the Universe of the need to give more energy, enough to maintain the balance on the planet. Please take the trouble to dedicate the time remaining until the end of this year to your prayer practice. We need the energy in order to fill the holes that are formed here and there on the subtle plane of planet Earth. We need your help.

I rarely come with my Messages. I am doing it now because I must use this last chance.

I AM Pallas Athena with Hope for you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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