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Heart to heart talk

Mother Mary
January 4, 2009

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, coming to you again, as usual, for a heart-to-heart talk. When hearts are talking, minds are silent. And true communication between us becomes possible only when we establish contact at the level of our hearts. 

You lack for Love. You lack for Light. You are sometimes nearly out of breath due to insufficiency of Divine energy as if it were a lack of oxygen. 

You should spend more time speaking heart-to-heart with me. 

I am ready to listen to all your complaints and requests. Do not feel shy. I know that men are particularly shy to show their feelings. And when a special moment of our communication comes, in confusion they brush away a tear welled up in their eyes. 

Feel free to weep. Your soul is yearning for true communication. You are seeking for and still fail to find an ideal in your world, both men and women. You focus on your bodies, but true Love shows itself at the level of your souls and even at the level of your Higher Self. 

Do not feel embarrassed when your eyes are misted over with tears during our communication. You committed actions that were not very good toward women, your mothers, and sisters many times in your past lives and during this life. May your misdeeds get dissolved in the tears, and negative energies leave you forever. 

Your repentance, though you may not even realize that it is repentance, opens a new opportunity for you: a new view of the world. 

Do not feel embarrassed about your tears. They carry away the karma created by your ignorance or by your lack of wisdom. 

I am with you. I am always with you, and you can always turn to me for help at a hard moment of your life. 

I am nearer to the physical plane of planet Earth than all of the Masters. It is my special mission. I guard your homes and your country. I am ready to come to you at your first call. 

And it all becomes possible thanks to your efforts, thanks to that energy of Love and prayer that I receive from you. 

The Rosaries that you dedicate to me give me an opportunity to render help for many souls seeking help. 

I always know when you read the Rosary from the bottom of your heart. A stream of energy flows between us: an upward one from you and a downward one from me. That is how you get my energy of Love and Mercy. 

When you are especially sad and you do not have any energy to read a Rosary, you can just think about me, listen to melodies dedicated to me. And then the flow of energy from you reaches me as well, and I feel you, each of you. By the grace of God I feel each of His sons and daughters at the moment when they think about me or turn to me for help. 

So today you can use the opportunity granted by Heaven and ask me for help and support in your hour of need as before. 

Beloved Jesus told you yesterday that I had set my presence in many images of mine. And you can feel it yourself. Some icons of me have a miracle-working effect. And sometimes it is enough for you just to visualize one of the icons to receive my ray of support. 

When I have an opportunity to be present among you, and it is not a secret that God gives me such a mercy, you may not notice my presence beside you. But I am capable of being present exactly where you are. It is important for me that you are staying in the atmosphere of peace and tranquility. I come invisible and unnoticeable, and only by a slight fragrance of roses accompanying my appearance you can occasionally guess that I have visited you. 

I have come on this winter day with the news that, I hope, you will find useful. I would like to give you a prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God for your prayer hour: 

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, Most Holy Mother of God, beloved Mother Mary, I pray on bended knee to you. Words fail me to express the depth of Love in my heart that I feel toward you. Please accept my Love and gratitude. You know what is most important for the growth of my soul at present. I am asking for your help and support. I ask you to help me to not forget in the midst of the hustle of the day about those quiet minutes of our commune, which my soul remembers. May my unbreakable bond with you support me in my life and help me to not forget about the Higher Path that I intend to follow in this life." 

I sincerely hope that you will be able to be with me more often and to address me. Any of our communication, even a glance at my image, will help you to keep your consciousness at the level that makes impossible the attacks of those who have not found the way to my heart yet and are not aware of what they are doing.

I AM Mother Mary, having been with you on this day.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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