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Beloved Jesus
January 3, 2009

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus, who has come to give you spiritual instructions.

I have come this day to dispel some of your views and beliefs about me and the Teaching that I brought to the world 2000 years ago.

By cosmic measures, it has been a very short time since the time that my Teaching was given. However, misrepresentations made by many people distorted the original sense so much that even I can hardly guess the correct meaning of the phrases recorded in the Gospels.

My Message was much broader than the interpretation my disciples were able to grasp and record. Subsequent editors kept distorting the text continuously. Many of them sincerely intended to convey the contents in a better way, naturally, to their understanding. Many provisions of the Teaching given by me totally did not fit with other peoples’ concepts, and they were silently deleted. That is why just three hundred years after my leaving the physical plane you received the Teaching only remotely resembling the true Teaching given by me. For comparison I can provide an example of a candle and the sun. That is the proportion of the essence of my Teaching in the present Christianity.

But the foundation was laid. And the Divine opportunity, provided through me, contributed the viability of the Teaching, in which many seeking hearts for many hundreds of years found soothing and peaceful for themselves. Goodness of the Teaching was passed not so much through the Gospel texts as through those objects and images that we saturated with our presence. Then my and Mother Mary’s images in icons were revived.

Through our images, many seekers could directly connect to our presence and get the Divine Grace directly by using our images as conductors on the physical plane.

The elders who left for hermitages to look for God found Him in the quietness of their hearts. And Grace, an invariable accompaniment of Divine Revelations, visited them in the darkest winter evenings and nights.

The dawn of their consciousness made it possible to keep fundamentals of our Teaching in people’s minds for many centuries. These fundamentals were passed on directly from the elders’ hearts to the hearts of those who came to them seeking soothing for their souls.

Many people in the world were sick in their hearts. And now many people are yearning for a genuine Faith, and many need help.

We are using any focus on the physical plane to show our presence and to provide soothing for hearts grieving so much and feeling deprivation and misery in the absence of the true Faith so sharply, that the Divine opportunity opens up for them in Mother Mary’s smile or in the crackle of a candle in church.

When we are able, we give the maximum of possibilities to the curious ones. We are not disturbed by either Teaching distortions or church rites. We can stretch out a helping hand to hearts needing our help through all of it.

Many people come to church and we sooth them. Other people are looking for a special path of their own beyond the church, and we are also soothing them.

No matter which path people follow, what matters is the quality of their hearts and the degree of their Faith. They will find us even in a desert.

The worst thing is when people lose faith or begin to use the Divine aspiration of others to receive something for themselves or to attain private goals.

When I came to Earth, I spoke exactly about that. I spoke about the hypocrisy of scribes and Pharisees who were involved in shady deeds under the cover of noble appearance and sly terms from scriptures, and who rubbed their hands in the evenings with joy because they had managed to snatch another large sum from innocent sheep.

I, along with all Messengers of God, rose against hypocrisy at all times. The Divine Truth is simple. Divine Love is open to all. Everything is on the surface, and you do not need to pay money for the Divine Wisdom. God gives everything to everybody for free.

You just need to find a narrow path leading you to the Divine Summit among thousands of roads and highways leading to dead ends.

You need to realize that the true faith has nothing to do with rites and ceremonies. True Faith is in your hearts. And God lives in your hearts. For people who perceive the true God dwelling in their hearts, it makes no difference what temple they go to for prayer.

It does not matter whether you go to a Buddhist pagoda, to a Christian church, to a synagogue, to a mosque, or to a prayer house. If you go there to find God, you will find God everywhere.

If you are going there with an empty heart, you will not find God anywhere.

The mechanical repetition of rituals and prayers without sincerity and inner Faith will not do any good for you. You can pray for a thousand years, but if while doing so you continue to seek harm for your neighbor, then your prayers and your efforts are not worth ten cents.

No Faith can justify the crime you commit in the name of God.

I ask you to consider my words today. I am compassionate to those who are seeking God and are unable to find Him. And there are quite a number of people who use their sincere impulses for their own good.

The whole root of the problem of faith resides within your hearts. You can find absolutely faithful and devoted votaries of God in any religion of the world. You can also find those who under the pretense of serving God, serve their egos, the devil who took hold of their hearts, in any religion too.

I have come to remind you that Truth, God, and Love abide not beyond you — they abide inside of you. We will help you to discover these riches in your hearts. Ask us for help. Turn to us with calls and prayers. A sincere call can reach any Master, and we cannot fail to respond to you since we regard answering a call as our duty, and this duty is sacred for us.

I AM Jesus.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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This book contains selected Messages from Jesus, a Great Divine Being. In the chaos that exists in the world now, the only regulator and guarantor of stability is the inner governor, the human conscience, or God, who resides in every human being. We come to you in the hope that many of you can understand the truths being given by us at this stage of human development. We sincerely hope that these truths will germinate in your hearts and you will become one with the Teaching that we are giving. (Jesus).

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