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A Teaching on changing of vibrations

Beloved Kuthumi
January 2, 2009

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, who has come to you on this day in order to give a Teaching that may seem new to you; however, we taught this subject to our disciples back in the temples of ancient Lemuria.

This Teaching is related to how you lose the attunement with the Divinity in your lives and how you can regain the attunement with the Divine world.

The entire mechanism of how it happens is hidden within you. Therefore, you do not need to go to any priests, witchdoctors, healers, and especially physicians in order to find this mechanism in you — the ability to instantly raise the level of your vibrations within minutes and to rise to the level of etheric octaves. I have probably intrigued you very much.

Nevertheless, I insist that each of you is able to elevate your consciousness during the day by yourself, without any outside help, even when you are in the unfavorable environment of a city or a smaller town.

There have always been temples, separate halls where one could abstract oneself from the hustle and tune into the Eternity.

Now, even the temples are filled with the same hustle as there is in the streets. That is why the only place where you can feel comfortable and where you can come in contact with the Eternity is inside your heart.

There, inside of you, the worlds come together. There, inside of you, you are able to gain peace even when the storms of your time are knocking you down.

You should acquire this skill. This skill is developed. First of all, you should understand that your being is multilateral and multidimensional. You have come into the physical world in order to gain experience. For that, you are given the armor — your physical body. When you understand that your physical body is not your real part, you instantly rise in your consciousness to the level of the Higher etheric octaves.

This is a very simple practice that does not require any additional actions or preparations from you. All you need to do in order to learn this practice is to constantly exercise it. When you are an athlete and you want to achieve a record, even a world-record result in your sport, you devote all your life to attaining that.

Therefore, in order for you to learn how to elevate your consciousness in minutes, you also should practice this science, and the result will not be long in coming.

It may seem to you that it is a very abstract practice and that, most likely, it will not be of any use to you in your reality.

Do not jump to conclusions. Imagine that you find yourselves in an environment that is burning with human passions and that you are also getting involved in this process. While you are still maintaining control over yourself, you remember about your practice of quick elevation of vibrations, and you begin to concentrate on your real part. What happens outside of you? All the storms and negative energies are left below the level of your consciousness and do not touch you. You become invisible to those people who have just ranted and raved against you. It becomes uninteresting for them to continue their exercises and they either calm down or turn their attention to another subject.

Of course, I have slightly exaggerated the description of the situation regarding the leap of consciousness. In reality, in order to constantly change the level of your consciousness, you need a very serious preparation of all your bodies. All of your bodies must be able to withstand the pressure in a very wide range of vibrations. Then the leap will become a reality for you. The majority of people are vibrating within a very limited range of frequencies. Many of them do not even notice what is happening literally under their noses if it belongs to higher vibrations.

For a person who is able to broaden his or her consciousness and capture several adjacent vibrational octaves, both the physical and the subtle worlds become available. The practice of acquiring spatial vibrations was one of the main practices in the schools of initiations of the past. When the disciples were able to withstand totally opposite vibrations within a short period of time, it was considered that they had achieved the level of initiations where they themselves could teach such a method to others.

The fact is that in order to achieve an instant switch of vibrations of all bodies from the lowest level to the highest, and vice versa, all bodies must be prepared for it. None of the bodies must be burdened with an extra load. Then all the bodies will run down the mountain in seconds and climb the mountain also in seconds. I am saying that none of the bodies — the physical, astral, mental and etheric — should be burdened with karma.

You should have no extraneous thoughts, no foul feelings, and no toxins in the physical body.

When the bodies are ready for such overstrain, a person becomes initiated.

Of course, a long time is necessary in order for people to be able to control themselves at different vibrational levels and to consciously switch between these levels.

Your time gives you the ability to master the practice of instantly changing vibrations without stepping away from your regular life.

Only do not forget that in order to acquire this method, you will have to change all your lifestyle and devote your life to only one task: the Service to all living beings. That is because if your motive for acquiring this method is, for example, to achieve personal superiority, a block will appear in your mental body and in the body of desire, and it will not allow you to travel to different vibrational levels.

The next stage is the stage of instant repositioning in space. However, it seems to me that it will be enough for you for now to acquire a more simple method that I have described in today’s talk.

I will be happy to meet in the etheric octaves of Light with those who achieve success.

I AM Kuthumi.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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