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The severity of the moment obliges me to warn you about what is happening

Master Morya
December 29, 2008

Master Morya
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I AM El Morya having come to you again!

I have come on one of these final days of the year, and there are certain reasons for this — reasons of a planetary nature. I would like to remind you that last year the decision was made that the vibrations of the physical plane of the planet Earth should be raised.[1] This decision may have completely slipped your minds.

It is very strange to hear about some decisions of the Higher Cosmic Council among the holiday fuss and bustle. It is not clear how this decision will affect the lives of each of you.

As a matter of fact, at that time two years ago this news did not manifest itself and you decided that something must have been confused up there.

Many of you may have expected that raising the vibrations of the physical plane would remind you of something festive, noisy, and joyful.

Let me explain to you the situation the way I see it and the Ascended Masters interpret it.

Your world as a community of incarnated individuals had failed to climb the next step of evolutionary development on your own. Each of you preferred hiding and enjoying your lives in your snug holes.

Therefore, a decision was made to hurry you along a little bit, and the vibrations of the physical plane of the planet Earth rose slightly. A year passed, and this change of vibrations started affecting your lives. It doesn’t concern a certain country, and it doesn’t concern a certain individual or a group of people. It is a global event that will affect the lives of all people living on the planet Earth.

Some people will not tolerate the rising vibrations, and they will make a transition; somebody will be ailing, and somebody’s psychological problems will worsen due to the rising of vibrations. The worst thing happens when the fates of states get into the hands of people with an unbalanced psychic set-up — people who we will be unable to influence because they have chosen to be influenced by forces opposing us. That is why there is a danger of wars, of acts of terror, and of any actions of people trying to settle matters in old fashioned ways and not realizing that the time has changed.

That is why balancing these actions are necessary and essential. We are trying to do it, but we need your help. Your hands should be stretched outward, and they will be met and something will be put into them.

The world financial system does not correspond to the new time, and if it does not change its approaches in the nearest future and does not try to adjust to new requirements, then the world economy is in for a crisis that mankind has not come across yet throughout all its observable and described history.

You have things to consider in these last days of the departing year. I can prompt you what to undertake. You need to find a point of quietness and tranquility, of calm and peace inside of you in which God abides. From this point you should try to realize that there is nothing in your physical world that can harm you or harm your soul unless you wish to succumb to panic and rush to escape and save yourself.

You have no place to run to. You cannot collect your belongings and evacuate from the planet. You will have to tolerate everything up to the end. You will have to put up with what can happen and is happening already. On my part, I can tell that you are given a chance and everything is going very slowly. That is why practically each of you can influence global processes in progress. The more people who are capable of preserving imperturbability and peace of mind, the stronger their faith is and everything will develop and occur in an easier way.

You must believe now that no forces can harm your souls until you are sure of your invulnerability.

It is time for your active actions. You cannot pretend that nothing is happening. You will find all your former pastimes and toys absolutely useless, and you will be amazed at the time you wasted. You must make up the leeway. Those of you who are ready to act for the benefit of planet Earth’s evolutions, those of you who are ready to wake up the sleeping ones and to rescue them from the burning house, my appeal is namely to you today.

Hurry up. Little time is left. We are waking those who still can be wakened. We are doing everything we can. Are you doing everything you can?

Are you capable of waking up and directing at least one soul in your surroundings?

Many of you are sleeping so soundly that you are aware of nothing. It is a pity because the time of cosmic opportunity is coming to the end. The question is in the number of souls that can be saved. Every soul counts.

Time has never been so short.

I have come on this day so that you might realize the complexity of the situation. Try to realize that your invulnerability is directly connected with your Faith and devotion, with how much you can obey the Divine Law in effect in this universe.

I do not frighten, but the severity of the moment obliges me to warn you about what is happening and to give into your hands a lifeline of opportunity.

I AM El Morya.

[1] See the Dictation The Presence of the One, December 28, 2007, in Words of Wisdom Volume 3 available from

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