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I have come to prompt you forward!

Beloved Babaji
December 28, 2008

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji, having come to you today as usual for a heart-to-heart talk and in the hope to find understanding and readiness for cooperation in your hearts.

Since I left your world, I have been trying to do my best so that mankind of Earth can overcome the obstacles that exist so that the time when you do not have to suffer so much comes as soon as possible. The cause of suffering and its depth depend on you yourselves. That is why it is important to discern the moments in your life when you create the causes of future suffering for you and for your children. Therefore, it is necessary for you to be very careful and cautious in your lives. In fact, sometimes you are ready to go against your conscience and do many misdeeds only in order to take your own way and in order that your point of view wins. Is it worth it? Is there any use in your efforts and in wasting the precious Divine energy in order to stroke your ego?

It is not worth it! I am telling you that this is the period of your development when you have to approach every one of your actions consciously because the actions that you perform to please your ego will very soon manifest themselves as rotten fruits in your lives. So, be wiser, be brave. Do not be afraid to assert your views and beliefs, even if they are contrary to the views of the people who live near you.

You should be guided by the highest wisdom in your lives and go along the supreme path!

Even if it seems to you that no one understands you and that there is nobody around you with whom you can share your discoveries cognizing in the field of Divine Truth, do not get sad. I am always with you. And the other Ascended Masters are always with you. You just need to create a mental image and appeal to us, and we can hear you instantly. Do not think that you are alone in your world because all of the Ascended Hosts are staying beside you exactly at that place where you are right now. There are no space obstacles for us. We hasten to your call at the speed of a thought, and we are ready to support you in those endeavors that you take in the name of Christ, in the name of Buddha, in the name of Moses, in the name of Mohammed, in the name of many Beings of Light who came into your world and taught Divine Truth.

There are no contradictions between us. We belong to one family, to one Community. What prevents you from doing the same in the physical plane?

Your contradictions on religious grounds are contrived and created by the people who are trying to go their own way and who are ready to do any misdeeds for this. Go along the Supreme Path! Always try to see some common things that are present in different religions and different confessions, and you will see that there are more common things than differences.

All of us represent one family. There is nothing now that separated us formerly. All of this leaves your world and is to be burnt in the garbage heap of history.

The period of new thinking is coming when it will be a shame to accuse people of heresy if they do not have your point of view. The period is coming when a lot of people belonging to different religious movements realize that there is not anything that has been separating them for centuries. Their level of consciousness will allow them to rise above any contradictions and see the common things.

Those religious leaders, who will defend the old and cling to the church dogmas, will be forced to change their consciousness. Otherwise, they will be alone, and they will preach in the desert because people will leave the temples where there is no God.

The sensitivity of people will allow them to find the places on Earth where the vibrations are consonant with our vibrations. The settlements and communities that you will soon create at these places will allow me and my other brothers to visit these places, first for a little while and then for longer and longer.

You need to understand that your vibrations and your thinking are now the obstacles that prevent you from rising to the next evolutionary stage of development. I am asking you to try and rise higher.

Imagine that you are sitting behind the fence and you cannot see what surrounds you. It takes very little effort to overcome the barrier. You can come out into the open and be surprised to see that the world is much more diverse, interesting, and there is something to live for!

Now your consciousness is very limited and driven into persistent stereotypes by you yourselves. You need to overcome this state of your consciousness. Do peck through your shell and come out to the Light. You are like nestlings for which the time has come to hatch and take a step into the unknown world.

The old world with its limitations and contradictions becomes a thing of the past. I count on you; I count on your courage and endurance, on your bravery and your ability to act in any situation.

I have already told you several times that the period has come when the world must enter the new time. Do not delay; do not follow your neighbors. You have your personal relationship with God, and you should never be guided by your neighbors and friends in your spiritual advancement. There is a mechanism that exists in your hearts, and this mechanism always knows in which direction you are moving. When you move toward the Light, you have no doubts. You begin to doubt when you start looking back, comparing your course with your old friends hidden in their burrows, not wishing to come out to the Light.

The New Time has come, the Time for those who are daring, who are open, energetic, and hard-working.

Hurry up so that you do not miss the Divine opportunity! Hurry up and take your step into the New World!

I have come to give you the impulse, to encourage you, and to speed you up because I see that many of you lack courage and determination. Many of you are exposed to the environment and are not inclined to act independently.

I have come to prompt you forward!

Go ahead!

I AM Babaji. Om

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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