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It is time to carry out the grandiose changes in your consciousness

Lord Shiva
December 27, 2008

Lord Shiva
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I AM Shiva!

I have come!

I have come on this day to destroy some stereotypes in your consciousness that have firmly anchored there for the last thousands of years.

The main stereotype that I have come to destroy today concerns the fact that you yourselves can make decisions in your lives, and you are free to act the way you like. Yes, there is the law of free will in your world. We cannot interfere in your decisions until the moment when your decisions, your behavior, and your way of living threaten the civilization that exists on your planet.

But the moment comes when your free will leads you into a karmic deadlock. Everything you do begets the bacchanalia of permissiveness, a feast during the plague.

This must be stopped. Now I have come in order to remind your souls of other times that were on Earth. There was the supremacy of the Cosmic Law in those times. Mankind of Earth submitted to their preceptors who were standing at a higher stage of evolutionary development. The misuse of free will led to the fact that the veil became too dense, and the preceptors of mankind could not stay present among the people any longer.

The current period is called the Kali Yuga, the age of darkness and ignorance.

That is why we come now in order to say that your stay in the mode of ignorance is coming to an end. The time comes when your preceptors are to come back and walk among you. But for this you have to create the proper conditions on Earth. These conditions should come back to your world by means of changing your consciousness. When humanity persists and tries to defend the position of its ego, there comes a time of great disasters that sweep away entire cities and even continents.

Therefore, I am not trying to scare you, but I say that the time is short. Your humility before the Supreme Law is needed now more than ever.

Stop playing gods. Just be gods. Become equal among us, but for this you need to sacrifice something. You have to sacrifice your unreal part, your ego which is used to running the show in the physical plane of planet Earth.

I am telling you: The period of the Kali Yuga is coming to an end. It is time to carry out the grandiose changes in your consciousness.

You should establish humility before the Supreme Law.

Your ego makes you rush about, doubt, and search for something in order to satisfy its whims and desires.

You should understand that the life of the unreal part of you comes to an end. Hard times come to those individuals who are not willing to adapt to new conditions, who stick together with their unreal part. Your karma that you continue to create because of your thoughtlessness or ignorance exceeds all reasonable limits. Even all the might of the Ascended Hosts is not enough to hold your karma within certain limits so that it cannot overflow its banks and wipe out most of the continents.

I AM Shiva, the destroyer of illusion. My might cannot be compared to the might of all book sorcerers who considered themselves gods in the flesh.

Do come to your senses. In your age, when the Divine power descending into your being through the crystal cord is reasonably reduced, you cannot implement any serious actions and cause any significant opposition to the Divine might. You are only able to aggravate your karma and make it huge.

I come in order for you to understand that the resistance of your unreal part comes to an end.

There is still a short period of time when you are given the opportunity to change your view of evolution.

It is unreasonable, extremely unreasonable, to separate yourself from God and from the Divine Hierarchy that exists in the Universe. It seems that you have been told about this many times, and I am surprised to see that most of the information that we give is not mastered by you. You seize the top line but you do not move deeper into the given Teaching.

It seems so simple to be reconciled with the Supreme Law and to stop resisting, but your ego rises again and again and continues its struggle. Who are you struggling with?

Doesn’t it seem strange to you that you are struggling against true God and that you are fencing yourselves from us by worshiping gods invented by you that you created in your own image?

Hasn’t the time come to turn to the One, to God of this Universe and stop praying to gods invented by your imperfect consciousness?

I have come today to instruct you once again on the Path of cognizing the Divine Truth and to draw your attention to what impedes you on the Path of cognizing this Truth.


© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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