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January 8, 2008


I AM THAT I AM, I AM the Existing, who spoke to Moses from the bush that was burning, yet it was not consumed.[1]

I AM now speaking to you who are incarnated on Earth. 

I AM coming in order to give you a Covenant and to update the Testament that had been given to you during the time of Moses. 

You know that there have always been people who adhered to the true Faith, and God Himself spoke through those people. God speaks when there is a necessity to correct the evolution and when unwise children do not listen to the directives from above. 

Now I have come to give you the understanding that you can no longer abuse your Divine flame, the flame and the energy that is in your hearts. 

How much longer is it possible to wait? 

No, I am telling you that the waiting time is over, and now you all have to revise your views on your lives and determine the main reason why you exist. 

Stop being distracted by daily trappings. I have come to speak with you seriously. 

I AM the consuming Flame,[2] and I AM telling you that from now on every deed of yours that is not being performed according to the Divine Law will return to you tenfold. 

Hence, starting today, your karma for the unrighteous deeds that you perform will be multiplied tenfold. 

I will remind you of how you should behave: 

God and the adherence to His Law should be in the first place in your life. 

You should not have any idols in your life that you worship more than God. 

You should not treat others in any way that you do not want them to treat you. 

You should not perform any deeds that contradict the Divine Law that exists in this Universe. 

The first and main commandment is love for your neighbors and not only for those who are dear to you but also the love for the whole creation, for everything created by God: for a stone, for a plant, for any beast and animal. You should not do harm to nature. You should not do harm to Earth. 

You should love the whole creation. 

Most of all, you should treasure the Moral Law in your hearts: Do not commit adultery, do not covet your neighbor's goods,[3] do not lie, do not envy, be sincere and truthful. 

I forbid you to commit sins such as the murder of a human being or an animal on all occasions. One must not kill what is alive for any reason. 

Remember, karma starting from this day, after my warning, will increase tenfold. 

However, your good karma and your good deeds will also be multiplied tenfold. 

I have come to remind you about the Covenant given by Me to Moses and all of the prophets of the past. 

I am now speaking My Word to you so that you can better understand what was written and rewritten in the scriptures, and what was distorted by copyists. 

Now is a new time, and your responsibilities before God and to the whole Creation are increasing many times. 

Do not forget what I have said. Keep the text of this Message in a prominent location and reread it. 

You should know My Commandments by heart. 

One can no longer perform ungodly deeds. My patience has come to an end.


[1] Exodus 3:1-4

[2] …for our God is a consuming fire. Hebrews 12:29

[3] Meaning not to desire anything that belongs to another person, including everything he owned by right of ownership, his personal belongings, property, as well as any human dignity, such as luck in business, and so on.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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