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A Teaching on the liberation from karma

Beloved Kuthumi
January 7, 2008

Beloved Kuthumi
About Beloved Kuthumi

I AM Kuthumi, who has come to instruct your souls. I have come today to give a small Teaching that I hope will be very useful for you and will lead you to a better understanding of many things. I am keeping the immaculate concept of each of you. This makes it easy for me to talk to you and to see how my attitude toward you affects your lives.

Have you ever noticed what impact you have on other people, those who are known to you (friends, relatives, and children) or strangers? Have you ever watched yourself as if from the outside?

Now, you are not in a good mood. You are imbued with suspicion and hostility. You think that everybody deceives you and treats you badly. After all, you have experienced such states in your lives, haven’t you? Now let us carefully analyze how this state of yours affects everything that surrounds you.

So, you come to your work place and you begin to shift this state onto the people around you. You think not very good things of them. Gradually, people automatically read your vibrations and turn to you the side that you see in them. Do you know what I mean by that? Initially, there is low-quality energy within you that leads to your inferior inner state. Your mental and emotional bodies begin to vibrate at the frequency that corresponds to the low energy that is activated within you at this moment.

You know that your energy bodies contain all the records of the deeds you have previously performed. Then the moment comes when this or that karmic record is activated. Thus, you find yourself in the state of consciousness that you previously created by your own wrong choices in the past.

So, there comes the moment again when you are faced with that low-quality energy that you have created yourself and that lives in your energy bodies. Now it depends only on you whether you will be able to work off this energy, to balance and neutralize it, or you will worsen your karmic state.

When you are equipped with the knowledge about the work of the Law of Karma, you can learn to capture all the inferior states that begin to manifest within you. You will gradually master the art of observing how a particular inferior state arises, becomes activated, and penetrates into your mental and emotional bodies. Then, when you know your enemy, you can overcome it.

If you know your disease, you can take the medicine in time and the attack will be prevented. Your subtle bodies are also sick and contain the wounds from your past wrong actions; and you just need to find an antidote or a remedy against your inferior states of consciousness. You should learn to capture the moment when the inferior state of consciousness is just beginning to take hold of you. You must be alert, and exactly at that point you must stop any manifestations of your past negative energies.

If you try to cope with your inferior state by force of will or by using some psychological techniques, it will be unlikely to help you. You need to understand that you yourselves created this state in the past, and now you intend to get rid of this imperfection and let it go.

When you manage to come into a higher state of consciousness and turn the flow of the Divine energy within you in the right direction, you will be able to neutralize your past negative karmic deposits.

The whole mechanism of correcting your inner imperfections lies within you. You only need to acknowledge that these imperfections are present inside of you and wish to become free from them.

Everything depends on the severity of your karma and on the strength of this negative energy settling within you. If you deal with a small karmic problem, it is enough for you to fix your attention on this problem once, and it will leave you.

If you encounter a big karmic problem, the quality or trait that you have come into incarnation to work off, you will have to repeat your experience over and over again, sometimes for several years.

There is no such negative quality or fault that cannot be surmounted with the help of God.

God always gives you an opportunity to cope with any of your faults independently.

When you feel that the recommendations being given to you by me work flawlessly, you will gradually get rid of all your imperfections.

The day will come and you will no longer be offended, if previously resentment was inherent in you.

The day will come and you will no longer be envious, if you were envious.

The day will come and you will no longer be jealous, if jealousy was inherent in you.

Similarly, you can get rid of depression, irritability, irascibility, anger, and many other non-divine qualities.

Then, when you are able to manifest only Divine qualities, the whole world will turn its Divine side toward you.

Each one of you needs to deal only with yourself, only with your own inner state, and the world around you will change by itself.

I was a little bit cunning when I was giving you this Teaching. Actually, all of you are interconnected in your world. There are very strong karmic bonds that bind you to your family, your country, and the whole planet. Therefore, simultaneously with the process of purifying yourself from the karmic deposits and layers, you should show concern for other people so that they can also become aware of the Law of Karma and how they can work off their karma.

After the knowledge of the Law of Karma and the methods of working off the karma penetrate into the consciousness of a critical percentage of the people on Earth, the situation on the planet will begin to change right before your eyes.

Your ignorance and laziness often impede you. All the mechanisms and all the knowledge were given to you long ago, both in the Dictations that we give through this Messenger and through many other people who have served us as our Messengers at different times.

Now the time has come for us to part. It is a pity.

I look forward to our new meetings in the future.

I AM Kuthumi, the instructor of your souls.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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