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Beloved Jesus
December 31, 2007

Beloved Jesus
About Beloved Jesus

I AM Jesus, beloved by you. I have come to renew our relationship based on mutual love. You love me, don’t you?

I visited Earth 2000 years ago. And one of the aims of my coming was to give the humanity of Earth an example of love — not of the love based on the fleshly desire but of the love based on a more elevated Divine feeling.

I spoke about it, and I taught my students about the relationships founded on this feeling of love. The relationships based on the mutual feelings of love are the only necessary conditions when a community — several people or families — gather to live together.

It is difficult for you to understand this feeling that one feels toward all people without exception. However, I had this gift. God gave me this ability: to Love all people. It is thanks to this ability that I was able to withstand all the ordeals that God sent to me.

Only with the feeling of unconditional, infinite Love are you able to build true relations in your world.

You are used to feeling love for your parents, for men and women, and for children. All of these are different manifestations of one and the same Divine Love. But these are only small manifestations, narrow ones. I am telling you about greater Love, about the Love that does not differentiate men, women, children, animals, and even inanimate nature.

I am telling you about the Love that expands boundlessly and includes the whole Creation, everything that surrounds you.

It is very hard to feel such Love in your world. However, if you do not learn to love in this way, you will not be able to move along the Path of evolutionary development that we are teaching you.

The Ascended Masters, who direct the evolutions of the planet Earth, all possess this quality of Love in varying degrees. Believe me, if we did not feel tremendous all-embracing Love toward you, we simply could not have managed to endure those millions of years during which we have been working with the humankind of planet Earth. We feel Love toward you not because you are so good but because you are part of God. There is an undeveloped particle of God in every one of you, and the task for each of you is to manifest God and to give God the opportunity to act through you.

Now you are too preoccupied and anxious about your worldly affairs. You are constantly in a hurry, and you are toiling over the fulfillment of large and small tasks of life. The time will come when you will be able to discern a more global picture of the development of human civilization behind the whole fuss of life. You will learn to watch and see how every life situation that arises before your sight has causes that come into action from what you alone have created earlier. You will learn to distinguish causes from effects. Gradually you will be able to unravel the tapestry of Life and to see the reality that exists behind it. You will be able to discern the real world of God.

For now, you have much to learn and a lot that you have yet to understand.

The only thing I would insist on is not to stop aspiring upward in your development to the Divine reality. You should not forget that there are bigger tasks behind all small things in life. The more successfully you fulfill all the tasks facing you during the day, the sooner you will learn to see and to know familiar situations behind the whole complexity of life. You will be able to see the cause of troubles and misfortunes, to see it yourselves and tell others about it.

You have everything in front of you. You will be capable of assuming more responsible service when you fully master life in your physical octave. We cannot entrust you with many practices and techniques, and we cannot assign to you the management of the energy in the matter until we are sure that you have reached the age when you can have a responsible attitude toward the errands given to you, and that you can use the knowledge correctly.

Until then, you will continue staying in illusion. You yourselves determine all of your own development and its pace. For some, this development goes very quickly and successfully, accomplishing everything in one lifetime, while others cannot work off a single quality or a single shortcoming during their whole lives. It seems sometimes that many animals are much quicker-witted than some representatives of the so-called reasonable humanity. Indeed, your reliance on the arm of flesh, your desire to control hurricanes and earthquakes makes us smile. You will not be able to pacify the elements outside of yourselves until you learn to confine the storm of emotions inside of you.

When you lose your temper and experience a state of utmost imbalance, remember then that as recently as last week, you were trying to balance a particular situation on planet Earth. God shows you the level of your achievements.

Only the person who has reached complete humility is able to remember God in the most undesirable and unfavorable situations, and only such a person gets our attention and we are ready to work with him or her.

Keep the correct state of consciousness during the whole day, day after day, year after year, and you will reap an unprecedented harvest of your spiritual attainments.

I have visited you to give you some instructions. I hope that these instructions of mine will not drive you into despair. You should not reproach and reprimand yourselves for the past mistakes. It is very important to give an appraisal of every deed in your consciousness — even the most terrible one — to repent in your heart, to make a decision never to allow such a deed again, and after this to never give thoughts to this deed again.

For when you return in your thoughts to this or that unseemly situation over and over again, you constantly feed it with your energy, and as a result you grow a frightful monster that you cannot cope with alone without our help.

I came and now I leave. It is a pity for me to part with you, but the time of our talk has run out.

I AM Jesus, your brother and helper on the Path.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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