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Every time I come, I feel more and more confident on Earth

Mother Mary
December 21, 2007

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, having come to you again. The fragrance of roses accompanies my visit to you.

You do not notice our presence near you or the signs that we tirelessly give you. However, there is something that becomes evident and is impossible to hide, even from the consciousness of those individuals who are far from being interested in any kind of religion, in the Teaching of the Ascended Masters, or in any other new-fashioned teachings and movements. This is manifesting in ordinary life. Suddenly you raise your head and find a sign from our world in your everyday vanity. Or you suddenly find yourself at some unknown place, and you try to remember why it is familiar to you. You have never been there before. However, this place is painfully familiar to you. And you suddenly begin to remember an article you have read about past incarnations, and it gives you the shivers because you have remembered this place, and you have even had the pictures of your previous life flash before your eyes.

Even if you do not believe in any mysticism, at times you are afraid to admit that you have had a contact with the finer world.

You see, my beloved, how close our worlds are. And you see, my beloved, how much they have approached each other over the past few years.

You know that I come to many people. It happens thanks to the infinite grace of God. He gives me this opportunity because the people of Earth need constant signs and constant reminding that there is another world, the higher one, where the souls of the best representatives of humanity aspire.

As soon as you start thinking of our world, you will certainly begin to notice our Messages that we leave here and there, even among your things.

Have you ever tried to speak with angels? Have you ever asked angels to help you find the things that you have lost? Try to get in touch with them. Now, as never before, is a very special time before Christmas when miracles become more real.

I have come to you today and brought you my mood, my lightness, and my tender Love that overfills my heart.

You cannot imagine how happy I am that at last I can come to the land of Russia through our Messenger and give my Messages through her.

You cannot imagine how significant this victory of Heavens is, to feel your recognition of our Messenger. This recognition of yours has manifested on the physical plane as the house for work and meditation; and on the finer plane your recognition has turned into a Divine opportunity that we have gotten for Russia and for the work in the land of Russia.

All the efforts you apply are never lost. Imagine the angels who gather every particle of your energy of Love and Gratitude that you send to the Heavens. They gather whole storages of your energy by the end of a year, and during the annual session at the end of the year, which has already begun, the Karmic Board has a chance to direct your energy and give new dispensations and new opportunities to humankind of Earth.

I have come to you today to thank you for the work you have done this year. I am especially grateful to those souls who have tirelessly read Rosaries for the whole year; and I thank all of you because I have an opportunity to use the energy of Love that I have received to help humankind of Earth.

Ask me for help in your prayers. I have the opportunity to help you. I do it with pleasure when your karma allows the help to be rendered. However, in especially serious cases, additional energy is needed. I am very glad that your prayers, which you have sent to me during the Hour of Mercy on the 8th of December, have allowed me to help many souls.

I thank you.

Now, at the end of the year, all the energy of your prayers and all the energy of your Love that you send to Mother Earth and to us, the Ascended Hosts, will be used for the new dispensations for the development of our mission on Earth, according to the decision of the Karmic Board. We hope that with your help and with the help of our Messenger we will manage to create a new focus of Light and to spread the effect of this focus around the whole planet Earth.

I have come at this dark period of the year in the western hemisphere. Still, I hope that as spring inevitably comes after this dark time of the year, the spring of human consciousness will also come; and the door, through which the Light of Heavens will penetrate into the world of each of you, will open in the heart of every man incarnated on Earth at this difficult time.

I hope for it; and every time I come I feel more and more confident on Earth because your Love and devotion allow me to be present among you and to give tangible help. O, there is no greater pleasure for me than to give help to those who need it when I am able to do that.

Spare no energy of your prayers and spare no Love of yours, which you send to everything around you. Every particle of the energy you send is carefully saved, and it is used for the good of the evolutions of planet Earth.

Now the time has come for us to part. However, I hope that I will be allowed to come to you again and again through Tatyana. Many Masters also wish to come in contact with you through the heart of our Messenger and to give you their instructions, their energy, and their Love!

Many Ascended Masters need contact with humankind of Earth. Thanks to that contact, the Ascended Hosts are more successful in fulfilling the tasks that must be fulfilled on Earth in the nearest future.

I am leaving you, and to say goodbye I am sending you all the Love of my heart.

Your Mother Mary, with Love toward you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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