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You must devote your whole life to Service

Sanat Kumara, December 20, 2007

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara, having come to you again through our Messenger.

I have come, and I have tears of joy in my eyes!

You cannot even imagine how Heaven rejoices not only because we have the opportunity to work through our Messenger again but also because there are a lot of sympathetic hearts who are willing to accept our vibrations and follow our guidance!

You know that not so long ago, a few years ago, we were confused because we did not have an opportunity to work through our Messengers and did not have this opportunity to reach out to those individuals who are incarnated and seeking contact with us but cannot find it.

So many people are ready, and I give today's Message for these people.

Have you ever noticed how much harder it becomes during these days of December? And it is not that you do not feel well. You justify your malaise by excessive overload at work and at home.

The fact is that the decision has been made on the transfer of Earth to a new vibrational level, and I have come to tell you that there has been one more step taken in the endless series of steps aiming at the approachment of our worlds.

Once you have read this Message of mine, do not rush to share this news with your acquaintances and colleagues. I am telling this personally to each of you. While reading this Message, each of you will get for himself the meaning and the vibration that is given to him personally.

Our worlds are closer to each other, and this has become possible thanks to your efforts, thanks to your Faith and your Love. And I am sure that you will be able to fix yourselves at the level that you have reached by now.

There were other people on whom we pinned our hopes and who gladly and enthusiastically took up the implementation of our affairs. Where are they now? Each of them has made his choice and each of them in accordance with the Law of free will has plunged their development many incarnations backwards.

Therefore, I have come to you today to remind you that every attainment you have reached in your illusory reality requires continuous efforts to master the achieved success.

You cannot afford to sit back and relax in the company of your former friends, and you cannot afford to rest in your favorite places. You have to continue your hard work if you wish your development to go on rising right to the top of Divine consciousness.

Once you allow yourself to relax a little, you slide down to the foot of the mountain.

This is not news, what I urge you to do. We have always been teaching about this noble effort through different teachers. You have to be able to combine leisure and work, and in your hearts you should always be prepared to carry out the tasks of the Hierarchy.

Many are ready, many have achieved great heights in their spiritual advancement, but for some unknown reason, when help is required to perform our affairs, they go away and start dealing with important matters as they believe. You do not have more important things to do than to help the Hierarchy, to help the evolutions of planet Earth. Your carnal mind will find thousands of arguments for you at the particular moment when the time comes for you to do what you came into this incarnation to do. Then, when you have to offer your shoulder and carry the burden on a dangerous and difficult section of the Path, you suddenly rush with enviable vigor in the opposite direction. And any signs and even the words that we send to you through our Messenger are not perceived by your consciousness.

You are to develop your feature of Service. You must devote your whole life to Service.

My words seem to be very difficult and confusing for those who are not ready to accept them. Therefore, as I said at the beginning, I am referring to those who are ready, to my children who I have worked with for many incarnations.

A crucial section of the Path has begun for you. And you will have to apply the maximum effort, all your strength, and all your abilities accrued by your previous incarnations.

I come to you again, my beloved, my nestlings from my eagle's nest. I have nurtured you with the wisdom of the ages, and I have given you the Divine Energy of Light to drink. I have the right to ask you for help, and I have the right to count on you at this difficult time.

I hope that you will respond to my appeal — even those of you who have made big and small mistakes, do not persist. Come back under my paternal wing. There are no such misconducts that cannot be corrected by selfless Service and devotion to the Masters.

I hope that today's Message will give you cheerfulness and will not make you deal with endless soul-searching or lead you into inharmonious states.

All that was in the past is left in the past. You must think about the present and about what you are to do now and how you can carry out your Service.

Now it is not enough to get together in groups for your prayer vigils. You must provide tangible assistance to many souls who still cannot come to the realization of the Divine Law existing in this Universe. We are concerned about many people who still continue to indulge in the illusion and cannot get out of the web that they have gotten themselves into due to mass culture, or rather the lack of culture prevailing in your society.

Each of you should worry about many of the lost souls. Many cannot even see the glimmer of Light in the environment of their lives because the karma that they have created for themselves is very heavy. Each of you, my people, can give them a particle of the Light in order for these lost souls to see another world and other examples that exist. There is something that is Real and that is worth living for.

Sometimes you lack Love and confidence in the correctness of your chosen Path.

Therefore, whenever doubts overtake you and the fog of illusion thickens, keep my image in front of you. I am putting my presence on this image,[1] and every time that you look at it in difficult moments of your life, I will be able to provide you with effective assistance. In your world it is just my image; in my world, on the other side of my image, it is my hand stretched out to you, and by holding it you can get out of a difficult life situation or a bad state of consciousness.

I have come to you on this day, and now I am leaving you. See you later!

I AM Sanat Kumara. OM.

[1] Image of Sanat Kumara published in Words of Wisdom Volume 1

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