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I have come today to remind you that I am always with you like a loving and caring Mother

Mother Mary
December 8, 2007

Mother Mary
About Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, having come to you this day through Tatyana.

I have come to remind you once again of the opportunity that is given to you each year. 

I repeat to you that every year on the 8th of December from noon to 1 p.m. local time, you can devote your time to communicate with me. I will accept any manifestation of your Love and gratitude. I will be with you throughout this Hour of Grace. 

You can communicate with me and see me. 

It would be as if I were beside you. I use the energy given by you in order to manifest my presence everywhere on Earth simultaneously. The purer your aspiration is, the stronger my presence beside you will be. And that is how we will be able to raise the vibrations of the physical plane every year. 

In turn, God gives you an opportunity to ask me about manifesting your wishes concerning you or your relatives. 

You can ask about the manifestation of all your desires, even those that seem impossible to be realized. I will accept all your wishes in my heart and will ask God to grant your requests. 

No matter what religion you belong to, you are all my children. And I will take care of you and will try to satisfy your needs and meet your requirements. 

You only need to spare me one hour a year of your time. 

You can listen to or sing songs dedicated to me; you can read Rosaries and prayers dedicated to me.

The impulse of your hearts, directed to me, will induce me to hear you, and I will make every effort to realize your requests. The energy of prayer and Love given by you is not always enough to realize your request. 

That is why I will be highly grateful to you if you can think about me more often and send me your energy of Love and prayer. 

When a difficult situation occurs in your life, it is a signal that you haven't turned to me in a long time, and I was not able to resolve the situation and direct its course to the easiest way. 

Always remember that God does not want to punish you. He wants you to follow the Path of Love. If you do bad things like small children, do not forget to repent of them sincerely and ask me for help so that the mistakes you have made do not cause a severe retribution, because the Law requires that all your deeds and their energy should be returned to you. Then you will be able to see your own mistakes and take measures to correct them. 

No matter how many times you make mistakes, it is important that you constantly strive for righteousness and correct the mistakes that you made. 

With your human consciousness you cannot estimate to what extent the things that you do are bad or good in God's eyes; therefore, ask the Heavens for help more often. Ask for the atonement of your sins. 

Sometimes a person performs a terrible deed in the eyes of society; however, in God's eyes, this deed is not a sin because the person is being used by God as a tool so that someone can expiate his karma. 

That is why it is said that you do not judge. Judge not and you will not be judged. 

However, you should never tolerate the actions of those individuals who have forgotten themselves in play and have committed unseemly deeds expecting that God will forgive them for everything. 

God is perfectly merciful and patient, but when a person doesn't want to learn lessons from his own behavior, then he creates a very difficult situation for himself. According to the extent that a person can be humble under the circumstances he has gotten himself into, God judges the sincerity and repentance of the person. 

Remember, every time you face a heavy and unfair situation in your life, from your point of view, in 100 percent of the cases you alone were the reason for creating this situation, thanks to your wrong choices and bad deeds. 

Everything in your life is determined by your past choices and deeds. 

But there isn't any predetermination in your destiny, because sometimes one correct choice of yours and a righteous deed expiates the karma of many sins, including the most terrible ones, committed by you in the past. 

I have come today to remind you that I am always with you like a loving and caring Mother. 

I love all of you, my children, and I care about you.

Live in peace and Love.

I AM Mother Mary.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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