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I am giving an opportunity, and I am opening a perspective

Beloved Alpha
January 6, 2006

Beloved Alpha

I AM Alpha. I have come to you again today for a talk or a conversation that will direct your thoughts and create the mood for you to contemplate and make a decision in your hearts. Your intention is actually very important: what you aspire to and what state of heart you do it in, to what extent you are sincere, and to what extent you are selfless. Depending on that, you attract from space one or another opportunity or one or another perspective. If you continue living as if nothing has happened in these days at the end of the old year cycle and the beginning of the new one, as though there weren't any of these Dictations and meetings with the Masters, then with that you doom yourselves to the delay in your development. And vice versa, if you have accepted the information contained in the Masters' Dictations given through our Messenger with all your hearts and souls, then you create a window of opportunity for yourselves. You give yourselves an opportunity to act within the limits of that corridor of time and energy that we open for you.

I am giving an opportunity, and I am opening a perspective. As always, while you dwell in the matter and are subjected to time and space cycles, you choose whether to take advantage of this opportunity or continue to live in misery.

Your aspirations will be filled with energy, and your affairs will get the necessary support if you make a choice to act in accordance with the opportunity given to you. This opportunity will give you acceleration and development and will allow you to overcome all obstacles on your Path.

It is important that you, in your consciousness, are able to adjust to this opportunity, to our vibration. That is because our vibrations are not audible to your physical hearing, and they cannot be perceived with your physical senses. It is a call that rings deep within your heart, it is the longing for the Fatherly Home that you left, and it is the desire to return Home.

Listen to the call of your heart.

Stay alone in silence and listen to what your heart is whispering to you.

You can't help hearing this. Remove all unnecessary things from your life, everything that does not give you an opportunity to stay alone and listen to the voice of your heart, to hear its tender whisper, and to feel its Love.

You love. No matter how hard you hide your Love or pretend that you do not remember your Love, it is present within you all the same. Your basic quality is Love. Remove all unnecessary things from your life that prevent you from feeling the Divine Love in your heart.

You choose on your own, and you create all the circumstances of your life.

Haven't you gotten tired of giving in to those stereotypes and habits that envelop you? Hasn't the time come to give up all the fuss around you and turn with all your being to the Eternal, the everlasting?

I have come in order to remind you once again of that place from which your souls have come into this world. I have come to remind you once again of your Home and call you Home.

Can you hear me? O, my children.

I am ready to render all the care of my Fatherly heart to you. I am ready to give you the Love of my heart again and again. I just need your decision, your firm decision that you will make in your heart, and will never walk away from the taken decision anymore. And that decision is to return Home and to complete everything that is necessary in order to come back Home, the Fatherly Home that you left and where you are to return.

All of you represent the parts of the One. Your separation and wandering in your cold and uncomfortable world are coming to an end. All of you will return home. I am waiting. I am looking forward to seeing each of you, my beloved but not always obedient children.

Accept my Fatherly Love.

I am sending the gift of my Love to each of you, straight from my heart to your hearts.

Hold up a cup of your heart, and I shall fill it with my Love up to the brim!

When it gets hard for you in your world, you will remember my Love. You will be able to say a prayer-call, and I shall come to cover you with my Love and help you overcome your troubles and misfortunes and go through the most difficult part of the Path.

To do that you should simply say in your heart: "Father, I'm yours. Come, help me."

And I shall come at the most difficult moment of your tests.

I cannot leave you in trouble, and I cannot help loving you — each of you... with my Love — with the Love that does not require anything in return.

I AM Alpha, your Heavenly Father.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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Tatyana Mickushina
Omsk, Russia