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I have come to warn you that this Dictation may be the last

Beloved Serapis Bey
December 23, 2005

Beloved Serapis Bey

I AM Serapis Bey. I have come to you again through our Messenger on this day.

I have come to bring to your perception some information that is useful to you. As you can notice, all of our Dictations are imbued with our caring about you. We are trying to reach your hearts and minds. Sadly we haven’t yet succeeded. Our appeals resemble more of a monologue than a dialogue. We are making attempts for you to get imbued with our concerns and problems, but you cannot or do not want to understand us.

I will tell you a secret: During the session of the Karmic Board that is taking place now, among other questions, the question of whether to continue or stop the transfer of our Messages through this Messenger is being decided. We spend a lot of energy in order to transfer our Messages, and we do not yet feel that our energy expenditures have produced any positive effect. In other words, we have made a certain investment of funds, and we would like to receive some energy gain in return. Agree that it is unreasonable to spend energy and funds without getting any positive effect from our investments.

At the present moment, all those efforts that you make trying to carry out our requests do not cover our energy input. And today we are giving this Dictation from a lower energy level because we have exceeded the energy limit that was allowed for giving this cycle of Dictations.

Therefore, I have come to warn you that this Dictation may be the last. And in this cycle of Dictations, we have not given even one-fifth of what we were going to provide. So, no matter how sad it is, I am giving you this information and informing you with regret that probably today or tomorrow, the decision about the termination of this dispensation will be made. We cannot waste the precious Divine energy unreasonably.

Think it over. Consider everything one more time.

You can't use the grace of Heavens endlessly.

The only thing that can extend the given dispensation is your letters of request to the Karmic Board and the responsibilities that you can assume.

Understand that everything has to be balanced in this world. And we create karma in the same way exactly when we pour our energy into leaky bellows.

I should note that we do not have any complaints about Tatyana as our Messenger. She has performed and continues to perform her part of the work impeccably. However, the effect that we were counting on when starting this new cycle of Dictations has not been received by us. Too few people are following our recommendations and are ready to join the implementation of the Divine opportunities given by us.

I cannot say what today’s decision of the Karmic Board will be but it is probable that starting tomorrow we will have to stop our Dictations through the given Messenger.

The purpose of my visit today has been to notify you about that possibility so the untimely termination of our Messages won’t be sudden to you.

I say goodbye to you now. I AM Serapis Bey.

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