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Sanat Kumara, November 28, 2005

Sanat Kumara

I AM Sanat Kumara. I have come in order to give recommendations concerning the reading of the Rosaries given by me.

There are no particular recommendations and no particular requirements connected with the reading of these Rosaries. You can read them all together or you may read one Rosary during the first week, the second one during the second week, and the third Rosary during the third week. Then repeat the whole cycle of reading the Rosaries.

All in all, you can decide this independently and stick to those recommendations that you receive from your Higher Self.

At the same time there is one very important moment that I must remind you of, one that you should never forget. It concerns a reminder about constant maintenance of a reverential state of consciousness during the reading of the Rosaries and during any spiritual work of yours. Try to keep your thoughts concentrated on the Higher Reality. Never forget that at the moment of reading the Rosaries your communication with God takes place. And you must constantly feel solemn awe and keep in check any carnal thoughts and feelings. If you are in an irritated state after an unpleasant talk or a fight, put off the reading of a Rosary. First harmonize yourself by walking in the nature or by listening to calm music or simply meditate in silence. But never start spiritual work in an irritated state or any misbalance.

Always remember that you color your actions with your inner state. And if you start reading the Rosaries in any disharmonious state, then instead of sending the energy to the Higher spheres, you precipitate the Divine energy into your physical world and consequently contribute to multiplication of the illusion.

Therefore, start reading the Rosaries only in a harmonious state of consciousness and the more selfless your serving will be, the bigger spiritual work you will be able to fulfill.

Everything that you send to this world returns to you. Therefore, give generously, sparing neither yourself nor your time for reading the Rosaries. All the energy that you unselfishly give to God will return to you.

And everything will occur in the best way.

God loves you and always gives you an opportunity to go your way through life following the best Path.

I have given you the recommendations that I have considered necessary to be given. Yet, you can always receive more detailed instructions from your Higher Self. Just make that wish, show aspiration, and listen to your heart.

I AM Sanat Kumara, with Love for you.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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