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I invoke your consciousness Heavenward

Beloved Mother Mary
July 9, 2009

Beloved Mother Mary

I AM Mother Mary, having come to you.

Since the time of our last meeting, events have occurred that have postponed the advent of the New Age that is still expected to come to Russia.

We have encountered resistance on the part of the opposing forces that skillfully manipulate some individuals and act through them.

I have always sought to strengthen my presence in Russia. And I am vexed by everything that is taking place.

I am not saying that everything is bad. I do hope that everything will go well. But you need to channel your energies. You need to maintain a certain level of effort every day to reach those blessed times that are to come to Russia.

I have begun my Message on a sad note. But you yourselves feel that not all is as we would like it to be, and I will add, not the way it was conceived.

However, we will not wait and let the grass grow under our feet.

If I ask you to double and triple your efforts, will you respond to my call?

For some people this will mean an intensification of their prayer efforts, and others will take up the implementation of concrete actions in the physical plane.

You can do a lot. If you regularly heed the advice that we give you and listen to the soft voice that makes its way from your heart through the hustle of your day, then we will be able to do very much and in the shortest possible time.

Now it is necessary to gather all forces for the decisive dash. Right now it is being decided whether the expected changes will come and how fast they can come, first to Russia and then to the whole world.

I will not let you in on the details, and it is not my place to show someone which steps he or she should take. Everyone should do his or her own job. And I am running my ministry day and night continually in the Higher plane.

I am as close to the earthly plane as it is possible to be. Every day I listen to all your requests and even the reproaches that you send to me.

I am ready to hear from you, even the not very pleasant things that you sometimes tell me. At times, in order for you to realize something, you must hear it yourselves. And when you are saying it to me, you hear it yourselves. The problems of many of your embodiments have stuck deep inside you.

You come up to my image and start your inner monologue. It never occurs to you that I hear every single word you are saying. And when the Divine opportunity permits, I immediately send angels to help you. The help comes immediately in the Higher plane. And a certain time is necessary for this help to materialize in your physical plane. But sometimes you do not wait long enough for this help to come and send me your reproaches and express your dissatisfaction. And immediately the flow of Divine opportunity stops. And the next time you come up to my image repenting and weeping, I render my help to you again. But then everything recurs. And when you ask about one and the same thing for the fifth or seventh time, then I do not hurry to help you, because you have not realized the whole responsibility with which you burden the angelic hosts by each of your requests.

Be consistent in your requests and actions.

Sometimes your karma does not let me intervene into your destiny, but you ask me for help every day, many times a day, for a year or even longer. And then your effort and aspiration break the invisible barrier and help flows into your being and into your life as an extensive stream.

Divine mercy does not know limits. The help will come from the Higher plane. Learn to use this help. Do not cut the Divine opportunity with your negative rushes. If you could keep attunement with the Divine world most of the time, how much easier it would be for us to render help to you and how much more successfully we could progress in the transformation of the physical plane of planet Earth.

Every time you lose equilibrium, you are like a small volcano. Everything around you begins shaking, and elemental life longs to move away from you because your vibrations do not let elemental beings come near you.

When you turn on loud music with broken rhythms, elementals and angelic beings flee headlong from the area where this awful music can be heard. The equilibrium is disrupted to such an extent that none of the beings whose responsibility it is to restore order in the Higher plane can enter the area where the music was played for a few days. Since you turn on music every day, your towns and settlements are like deserts now because all the inhabitants of the Higher plane have left these deserts and cannot help you.

We help you mostly through the elemental kingdom, through the elements of air, fire, water, and earth. With your behavior you deprive us of an opportunity to give you a helping hand.

We need to have a harmonious atmosphere in the physical plane. And in those places on Earth where an atmosphere of peace and balance still reigns, you are healed even when you simply get into such places. Thousands of beings of elemental life are ready to render healing and help to you.

So think — hasn’t the time come already to return to the harmony between all the kingdoms of nature that reigned in days gone by when people were happy and felt the joy of simply being? At that time they saw elemental life and angels, and this was as natural as it is now for you to see dogs, cats, and birds.

I invoke your consciousness Heavenward. I am trying to bring home to you the fact that you live in a cage and that you have encaged yourselves with your own hands and have put this cage in the desert of your cities.

The time is ripe to reconsider the whole system of values and all the relationships in all the spheres of life. How is it possible to convey to you that you live in inhuman conditions?

Be brave to give up your affection to the blessings of your civilization, and you will gain genuine blessings and lasting values.

Nature abhors a vacuum, and each of your negative qualities will be replaced by a Divine one, and your human affections will be replaced by a state of Divine peace, harmony, tranquility, happiness, and joy. And this is exactly what you lack in your lives.

Today I have tried to direct your eyes higher than your habitual horizon to enable you to see the heights you should be aiming for now.

I AM Mother Mary.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina

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