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A Teaching on Maha Kranti

Beloved Babaji
July 3, 2009

Beloved Babaji

I AM Babaji, having come to you today.

I have come today in order for you to get insight into the stage where humanity is now and what you can expect in the near future.

When I was incarnated,[1] I gave a Teaching on the great revolution, the great transformation that is to come — Maha Kranti.

Not all people who listened to that Teaching understood it. But everyone was afraid of the coming massacre. I frightened them. However, the event that humanity is going to go through is not related to a revolution that could happen according to the will of people, a group of people, a political party, or a country.

This revolution or transformation will happen by the will of the Higher forces. And its extent and the number of human losses that are inevitable in the coming change are determined by the level of consciousness that humanity is able to achieve now. Your level of consciousness is the only crucial factor. You will either go through the coming changes or not. And those of you who are able to understand our Teaching and to follow it in your lives will be able to go through all the coming changes, and nothing will impede you.

You should only understand the Teaching, pass it through yourselves, apply it in your lives, and your consciousness will change.

You cannot enter the future with the level of consciousness that most of humanity has now. And this is not just my whim; this is the law that exists.

When cosmic terms are nearing, the great transition, the great change inevitably happens. Humanity, which is not ready for the transition in its mass, will not be able to go through it. However, later the conditions will be created on Earth when new races of people will be able to inhabit the planet and continue the earthly evolution.

These changes always take place during the change of races. And these changes will unavoidably happen on the planet. However, you will not be told about the terms of these changes. The fixed dates are never given. The events that are inevitably coming are always spoken about. Each of you knows that the change is inevitable. And you all have a chance to change. You all have an opportunity to change your consciousness and follow the evolutionary path.

The previous great changes are described in the sacred books of the past. You have read about the Flood in the Bible; you have read about the great battle at Kurukshetra[2] in the Vedas.

Many historical documents of the past contain records of the changes that happened on planet Earth.

A large number of souls are living on the planet now. And these souls, many of them, have the last chance to enter the evolutionary path of development. The Teaching given by us will not be comprehensible for many of them. However, the question is not even in the understanding of the Divine Wisdom with the outer consciousness; the question is in following the inner law of purity and righteousness.

Your soul can be disgusting, and from the outside you seem unusable for the evolution. However, the Karmic Board looks into the bottom of your soul and can discern under any layer of mud and many imperfections the golden glow that is impossible to hide from the experienced look of wise men.

It seems to you that some man is unusable for further evolution because he is dirty, untidy, and cannot settle in your life. But his soul is ready for further evolution. Another man has all the human dignity and honorable distinctions; he is surrounded by respect, glory, and admirers, but he is not ready for further evolution because his soul is mired in vice. Among the glorious of the world and the poor of the world, there are those who will continue the evolution and those who will not.

There is no defining feature that will tell the outer consciousness who is ready and who is not ready. Neither nationality, nor race, nor religious denomination, nor social status, nor age, nothing can be indicative of the ability to evolve or the inability to evolve.

There is no such criterion that would meet the human level of consciousness. However, for God the immortal spirit of some and the decay and stench of others is revealed under all human imperfections and faults.

That is why it is a very hard time that you live in. Everything is jumbled up and it is a difficult job to discern and determine who is a valuable seed and who is a weed.

That is why there are so many temptations and so many things around at your time that do not conform to the Divine models.

If a soul is capable of further evolution, no temptations of the outer world can lead that soul away from the Path. And those souls that are not ready, there is a chance for them to reject the surrounding temptations and follow the righteousness.

One cannot say that God is unjust. Everyone makes his choice on his own. And at the subconscious level everyone is aware of the choice he makes.

You judge yourself and make your own choice. God does not impede you. And together with all the Ascended Masters, I have an opportunity only to give these instructions, but these instructions are for those who are ready to hear them.

I AM Babaji. Om.

[1] Shri Haidakhan Wale Baba (Babaji) was a great spiritual teacher who lived from 1970 until 1984 in the Kumaon foothills of the Himalayas, the birthplace and home of many of India's great saints. He materialized in a cave near the village Haidakhan in the body of a young man. He devoted all fourteen years of his stay on Earth to the service of the people in the Ashram.

[2] Kurukshetra is the place in India, where the greatest battle in the history of mankind took place between the Pandavas and the Kauravas. This battle is described in the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata. Kurukshetra is a sacred place of pilgrimage in Hinduism because it is believed that Krishna told Bhagavad-gita to Arjuna there before the beginning of the battle in Kurukshetra.

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