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Eric McGough, President of Theosophical Society in England, London,
has given his review of the book "Good and Evil" by Tatyana N. Mickushina

The book "Good and evil" in English was given to Theosophical Society in London for a review.

The history of Theosophical Society in London has started since the time of Helena P. Blavatsky.

London Theosophical Society carries out big elucidative and social work. They regularly give classes on the Teaching given by Helena P. Blavatsky and training courses.

It seems important for us to know the opinion of that authoritative Society about whether the topics "the fall of angels", the fall of humanity and the fall of Lucifer were revealed correctly in the book by Tatyana N. Mickushina "Good and evil. An individual interpretation of the Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky."

It was quite unexpected for us that President of Theosophical Society in London Eric McGough was quite interested in the book "Good and evil" and quickly gave his review of the book via e-mail. Now the review is published in the first issue of the Esoterica magazine of 2011. "Esoterica" is published by London Theosophical Society, in English, in order to spread the fundamentals of theosophical knowledge. Below we are giving the review from "Esoterica".
Eric McGough
An individual interpretation of the Secret Doctrine by Helena P. Blavatsky
By Tatyana N. Mickushina

This book is a notable contribution to the growing library of books exploring and illuminating the astounding literary work of Helena P. Blavatsky. Tatyana Mickushina has plumbed the very depths of The Secret Doctrine to bring to light the truth about the age old question of Good and Evil. We are taken through a history of humanity's earthly evolution; through the rise and fall of the great races and continents and the spiritual beings that came to our aid, blending into and guiding our evolution. Tatyana deals expertly with the myths of the 'Fall' and the angel 'Lucifer' then goes on to examine the Book of Revelations.

This book is a must for all deep students of the Ageless Wisdom with its fascinating thread of ancient knowledge expertly pieced together for the reader's benefit. Having once started reading 'Good and Evil' I was compelled by its fast moving narrative to read every last word.

As Tatyana quotes; from a very ancient law: "There is a need of commensuration of the opposite yet equally true principles. The truth must be kept secret. The truth must be told.

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Eric McGough
President, Theosophical Society in England.

The attitude of people towards the problem of "the fall" of angels, "the fall" of humanity and "the fall" of Lucifer actually determines further development of human history. A human either looks for "someone" who is to blame for all the problems, troubles and misfortunes of this world or takes all the responsibility for what happens in this world and starts realizing that nothing happens to him in this world other than what has been created by him before as preconditions and causes of the occurring events. Both God and devil are within us. And the realization of this simple truth can change the situation on the Earth.

Tatyana N. Mickushina