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September 12, 2021
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Spiritual Mission of Russia
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Duration 23 min.
Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

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Spiritual Mission of Russia[1]

1. I AM Mother Mary. I cannot wait to bring such joyous news to you! You know that I am the patron of Russia, and you also know that the people of this country have been giving their attention to me in their prayers since the oldest of times. I help to heal. My icons have miracle-working power; they protect and heal those who need to be protected and healed. I put my presence in many of my icons, and you can always obtain answers to the questions that are troubling you by looking at my facial expression and into my eyes. I strive to communicate with you and I help you as much as I can, my beloved children.

2. That joyous news that I would like to convey to you concerns my beloved Russia. You know that a great mission is in store for this country — the mission to lead people along the spiritual Path. And now the path has finally opened up, and Russia has come to a point in its path where its future mission is already visible, the point that presupposes the uncovering of this mission. You know that many prophets of the past spoke about the great role and mission of this country. We carefully observed the development of those individuals whose fates are connected with Russia and who have been incarnating in Russia for many centuries. You know, we came to the conclusion that thanks to its best representatives, Russia has earned the right to step on the Path as the spiritual leader of the world.

3. Russia is now being called upon to become a highly spiritual country. It is at this very time, despite a seeming lack of spirituality, that the foundation for this future spiritual country is being created. It is at this time that the people of Russia who are tired of despair and lack of faith, are ready to turn to the source of Divine goodness, to get down on their knees and say inside their hearts: "Lord, forgive me, Lord, forgive us, Heavenly Father. We did not know what we were doing. We relied on our flesh, and we created many woes due to our foolishness. Lord, please, answer our prayer. Forgive us, O Lord, for everything that we have done, for all the woes and misfortunes that we have brought to the world. Lord, if it be Your Will, come to our country, enlighten us, and help us follow Your Path."

4. It is only after the people of Russia, represented by its best sons and daughters, repent in their hearts that an unprecedented Divine opportunity will open up for that country. You will soon face a tremendous explosion of spirituality in Russia. It will not matter to you which temple you visit, or at which temple you kneel. That is because in your consciousness you will rise to the Divine peak from which you will no longer see the former contradictions between different faiths and religions. Your hearts will become filled with such Divine goodness that you will stop experiencing any negative reactions toward your neighbors who are different than you.

5. You should unite in the longing of your hearts. You should unite in the motto calling for spiritual unity in the nation. Only after repentance, is spiritual unity possible. And only after spiritual unity will Russia become capable of bringing to the physical plane the models of spiritual creations of the best representatives of mankind, which are now established in the subtle plane and are ready to be precipitated on to the physical plane.

6. I need to tell you that the future of Russia is not related to the adherence to a certain faith, but to the tolerance of any true manifestation of the worship of God. I am not talking about the manifestations of religious intolerance that took place in the past. I am talking about a new level of consciousness of a different quality that will embrace the Divinity, and reduce all the contradictions that the cunning human mind has been purposefully intensifying over the past millennia.

7. I have come to you on this day to bring to your consciousness the need to understand the mission of Russia. I have not come for you to be proud, but for you to lift your spirits and be able to rise to the new stage of development. The dark night is over for Russia. Come outside at dawn and watch the sunrise. In the same way, the sun of the Divine consciousness has started to rise in the people of Russia.

8. Stop looking back at the West. Stop accepting models that are not only useless, but also harmful. Your mission is to bring in new models. Very soon the people of the entire world will be surprised when they hear about, and see all the changes that will be taking place in Russia. The changes in this country will not come from those in power, from politicians or economists; the changes will come from the people’s hearts, and those changes will be impossible to miss.

9. Every time you look into the eyes of those little human beings who have come into incarnation again, try to understand the message that those eyes contain. Your responsibility is not only to help the new generation to receive everything necessary on the material plane. Your task is also to provide assistance to each of the newly incarnated people to fulfill their Divine mission. It is at this time that the individuals who will make Russia the spiritual capital of the world, have begun to incarnate. Do not miss your opportunity to serve the world. Help these children of Earth, the representatives of the new Race.

10. Now I am ready to begin the Blessing. I have come on this day to give you a part of my heart, to give Heavenly goodness to those of you who are reading my Message. I have come to give you the entire momentum of my Love, Faith, and Hope. I am asking you to do one thing: Never forget your Divine origin and your Divine mission in the midst of your everyday matters. I love you with all my heart, and I am ready to come at your first call to help those who are in need.

[1] The Rosary is based on Mother Mary's dictation of June 25, 2007

[2] The text of the prayer to Mother Mary is translated in accordance with the prayer given by Mother Mary in Her dictation of January 4, 2009