October 13, 2019

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Rosary of Serapis Bey


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Duration 28 min.

Language: Russian. Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

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Rosary of Serapis Bey

Rosary of Serapis Bey

Your task is to learn how to triumph in the subtle plane[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!


1. I AM Serapis Bey. With every passing day, it is more and more difficult for us to evoke a response from your hearts. Mankind is inevitably heading towards a precipice. Yet we do not give up hope! Because it is when the situation seems hopeless and there is no way out of the existing situation, exactly at this moment something comes that can be called a Divine miracle and the situation changes.

2. How often there were moments in the history of mankind when it seemed that there was just impenetrable gloom ahead. However, each time at the very last moment, just on the edge of doom, self-sacrificing souls appeared during these critical moments and took responsibility for mankind, for the further course of Earthly evolution.

3. I know that among those who are reading my Message now, there are many light souls. You came into embodiment many times at the most critical moments in the history of Earth. And now your all-out efforts and resources are required again. You just need to have courage and raise your eyes above the illusion surrounding you.

4. Imagine that you are in a bad dream. The night will pass, and the sun will shine again, and in broad daylight all your night fears and nightmares will seem unreal. You are in a dream. You are in a deep dream of illusion. Now the time has come when you need to gather all your strength and abilities and take a step forward. You are knights. You are warriors. And many things depend on your efforts now. But it does not mean you must take a sword and put on a suit of heavy armor on the physical plane. You must clothe yourselves in the armor of your spirit. And you must raise your sword of the Spirit — your sword of Kundalini — which is the only thing capable of separating the real from the unreal, both within you and in the reality around you.

5. You are warriors, but your task is not to battle constantly on the physical plane. Your task is to learn how to triumph in the subtle plane — the plane of your emotions and thoughts. At the exact moment when you achieve victory over your thoughts, feelings, and the negative states you experience, you will win on the physical plane of being because your achievements in the subtle planes will inevitably transform the physical plane.

6. You do not need to look for bands of warriors that you need to join, because on the subtle plane you are all a mighty army of Light. You are invincible and invulnerable as long as you keep your consciousness at the Divine level. All that is required from you now is to clothe yourselves in real Divine consciousness, and to not give up this level of consciousness throughout the day, and from day to day.

7. Imagine that you are a perfect model on the physical plane. At the cost of incredible effort and inner work, you maintain your consciousness at the highest possible level. And it is quite difficult to do that while being in the imperfect manifestation. Yet, if you manage to maintain the highest level of consciousness, your vibrations rise to such an extent that every imperfection you meet in your world is forced to manifest itself.

8. You are our warriors, and you are the torches that highlight for us the imperfection within the illusion. All God wants is to have the wheat separated from the chaff in your world as quickly as possible. It is only when the good grains are harvested, and the weeds are burned in a bonfire, that the time will come when the Ascended Masters will be able to come into your world. Therefore, do not despair and never say that everything is bad. Everything is proceeding exactly according to the Divine plan. And each of you who summon up courage to carry the burden of Light at this time — each of you — will be ensured the protection of the angelic hosts.

9. You are staring at the world around you in consternation, and the situation seems hopeless to you. Do not be sad about the things that are not suitable for further evolution. Have your feet firmly on the ground and make your calls to Heaven. Your mission and your role at this difficult time is to withstand the strain of the battle, and to survive in combat. Only this battle is taking place on the subtle plane, in the dense layers of the astral plane closest to the physical. That is why you feel the battle. You go to bed and wake up with a strong feeling that you were in a fierce battle all night. And that is actually true. The best warriors of Light know no rest day or night, because you cannot lose any precious time when there is so very little time left. But then you will remember your deeds of valor.

10. The time that you live in now is unforgettable! No matter how hard it is for you, you need to realize that it is necessary to hold out, and it is necessary to withstand. You cannot fall into despondency! Love the pressure, love the battle! It is said that only the bravest and the most devoted will be able to continue their evolution. I have been happy to give you this exhortation today! I AM Serapis Bey.

[1]Short Rosary based on the Dictation of Serapis Bey of June 23, 2009..

[2]The text of the prayer to Mother Mary is translated in accordance with the prayer given by Mother Mary in Her dictation of January 4, 2009.