October 14, 2018

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Rosary of Serapis Bey - 2


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Duration 28 min.

Language: Russian. Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

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Rosary of Serapis Bey - 2

Rosary of Serapis Bey - 2

A Teaching on the correct use of sexual energy[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!


1. I AM Serapis Bey. You know me. You may also know that I serve on the Ray of the lowest chakra, the Muladhara. Your Kundalini energy is dormant in this chakra. At the time of your Ascension into the Light, an intense white light comes out of this chakra, and the Divine energy literally lifts you off the physical plane, and raises you up into the Higher octaves. That is why I am the Master who teaches disciples on the Path how to treat the energy of the Divine Mother in the correct way.

2. I am aware that the morals of humanity have degenerated greatly over the last several hundred years. This concerns the attitude toward sexual energy as well. Today I have to give a Teaching that will make many of you take another look at your sexual desires. And the purpose of my instruction is to protect those souls who are able to hear me from falling lower by misusing their sexual energy. What new things can I say and how can I instruct you on what was already known to humankind many hundreds and thousands of years ago? Your culture ignores many things that are so natural and have been passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years. This is a Teaching on the correct use of sexual energy.

3. It is exactly your attitude toward your inner power, your sexual potential that determines your further evolutionary path. When you are able to use your sexual energy intelligently, you overcome the animal part of yourself and approach becoming a Divine human. The subject of my talk may appall many of you, because your actions in the past were not so perfect. Every time you thoughtlessly and unnecessarily waste your Divine potential, you create karma. Your creative power, your creative ability, and your health depend directly on your ability to control your sexual energy. Society does not provide an adequate explanation of this subject in school or in the education of future parents. However, this important subject must occupy your mind, and when you begin to think about this topic, there is the possibility that you will be able to properly control your sexual energy in future.

4. Sexual energy is directly related to your creative power, the ability to create in any sphere of human activity. Your sexual energy is used as fuel during your Ascension. Hence, the conclusion is that a careful, extremely careful attitude toward this type of energy is required. You may not agree with me and state the fact that the energy is given by God, and so the source of this energy is unlimited. This is true, but only on the condition that you have mastered the right attitude toward this type of energy.

5. Why do you think so many miracles of materialization, teleportation, and others are impossible in your time? One reason is that the flow of Divine energy into your body is closed to a great degree. You do not have access to the Divine energy even to the extent that was possible just a few thousand years ago. The flow of Divine energy is being restricted even more as humanity increasingly falls into ignorance.

6. You think ignorance means that you cannot use a TV, a computer, or a cell phone. No, ignorance is that you do not follow the Divine Law that exists in this Universe. And one of the points of this Law states the need to carefully use our sexual energy. Each person possesses a certain potential. And this potential can be depleted prematurely. In such a case, you will not be able to fulfill your Divine plan and your Divine mission, and you will become a hollow person, a person without God within himself or herself. Your eyes are dying, so you become the living dead, even in the course of your earthly life.

7. Sexual culture must be part of the general culture of society. What we witness now is the stage of dissolution of morals in society as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. You may have heard what happened to these cities. All people are at different stages of evolutionary development. There are a very small percentage of people who are capable of using the Divine energy in the right way since their birth. These are the virgins of Sanat Kumara. In essence, these people are very great incarnations or they are partial incarnations.

8. Other people are able to control their sexual energy and keep it within certain bounds. But for this they must be aware of what the consequences are for the unnecessary waste of sexual energy. All the stereotypes of behavior in your society and mass culture are not conducive to the creation of the right patterns in this field. Therefore, it is necessary to have internal and conscious resistance to your temptations. In any case, this precious energy must not be used for pleasure. It would be perfect to use this energy only for conceiving children.

9. I have talked about two categories of people who can fully or partially control their sexual energy. Unfortunately, the rest of the people have fallen even lower than animals in this matter because what is allowed in mass media and on the Internet cannot be described by any other words but absolute dissolution of morals. The lightest energy that makes you similar to Gods has been associated in the minds of humanity with debauchery and something unclean.

10. Your minds must be put in order. You must separate the Divine from what is evil regarding this subject. You must separate the wheat from the chaff in this matter, primarily because the greatest distortion of the Divine energy in the world is connected exactly with all kinds of sexual distortions. I am glad that I have managed to conduct a talk on this important topic. And I will be even happier if there are a sufficient number of individuals among those people who will read this talk of mine and who will manifest firmness and persistence, and will find the strength to restrain their desires and raise their Kundalini energy as a sign of their devotion to the Will of God. I AM Serapis Bey.

[1]Short Rosary based on the Dictation of Serapis Bey of December 15, 2009..

[2]The text of the prayer to Mother Mary is translated in accordance with the prayer given by Mother Mary in Her dictation of January 4, 2009.