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August 23, 2022
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Work with Karma
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Duration 1 hour 30 min.
Language: Russian. Narrator: T.N. Mickushina

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Rosary “Work with Karma”[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Symbol of Creed

I believe in One God - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
Who is present in the whole Life.
I believe in the justice of His Law
and with humility I submit to the Wisdom of His Law.
I believe in the Kingdom of God, manifested on the Earth, as it is in the Heavens.
I believe in the Oneness of God - the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The manifestation of the Law of Karma in the physical world

1. When you come into embodiment, a veil is drawn behind you and you forget about the events you lived through before this embodiment; you forget your previous embodiments. Such a state of affairs has not been forever. But this measure is rather more humane than restricting with respect to your life-streams. The point is that in the course of your numerous lives, you performed actions that were not the best ones. And if you remembered all your past grave actions and abuses, you would not be able to function in your current life. Therefore, the veil of your memory is drawn just after you are born.

2. However, this veil is not thick for those, who due to their merits, have woven the way for obtaining the gift of seeing the past and the future. You know that many prophets and saints embodied on Earth in the past and in the present, had the gift of second sight. The veil rises slightly when your four lower bodies obtain a certain level of purity, and your consciousness rises up to the level at which it is not frightened by some phenomena taking place at the moment of the interaction of the worlds.

3. In reality, human consciousness is very limited. It is limited by the role you perform in your current life and by the karma you created during your previous lives. It is your karma, in fact, that causes an obstruction between you and the higher planes. Your karma is energy, a thick energetic substance with a very low frequency of vibrations. And these low frequency vibrations are the veil that separates you from our world.

4. Therefore, beloved, there is no difference between you and me except the difference in our vibrations. And when an opportunity comes for you to get rid of your karma and imperfections due to your efforts and merits, you are able to communicate with our world and to dwell in it. Your range of world perception is broadened and you acquire many abilities called the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That is why the target of my talk today is to give you a more correct understanding of the fact that only you yourselves, by your actions in the past and the present have created this veil separating you from the Real World of God. But, as is God’s plan, everything in this world develops in an evolutionary way, then the next stage you inevitably reach will be the stage of liberating yourself from the karma of your earthly embodiments.

5. You get rid of your karma and rise to a higher energetic level. In reality, you can get rid of your karma in a few ways. You can make the right choices. Your life is nothing else but a chain of situations in which you are always given a chance to select one of two choices. One of them advances you toward God, while the other one estranges you from God. Everything is very simple. And all the multiplicity of life’s situations can be reduced down to just these two choices. This path is the only one followed by all people embodied on Earth. All the other paths are just supporting ones.

6. You know the path as a prayer practice, when with the momentum of your heart you attract additional Divine Energy into your life, and with the help of this Energy you further dissolve your karmic burdens. You have been told recently about a higher practice for dissolving karma with the help of chakras’ pulsation.[3] But unfortunately, this practice becomes accessible only when your level of spiritual merit is high enough. The main task for you now is still your aspiration to overcome the limited state in which you are dwelling because of your karma. If you know the diagnosis, it is easier for you to find the correct treatment and apply it to your life. That is why everything you do in life is a way of overcoming your limited karmic state. This is the very purpose of your coming into embodiment.

7. Such is the Law of this world. There was a time when you made a choice to test yourselves in embodiment as individuals. You were granted freedom to perform your experiments. And you started to use the Divine Energy on your own. For this purpose, you were endowed with a personality. Your personality was given a mind at a certain stage of evolutionary development. But the mind has a quality of duality. It has the opportunity to choose how to use its abilities. As a result of your experiments with your mind, you began shrouding yourselves with thicker and thicker energies, creating karma, i.e. using the Divine Energy not in harmony with the plan of God but in accordance with the plan of your own mind.

8. Your activities in the dense physical world over millions of years has created the surrounding reality you are living in now. You know that the world surrounding you is just a mirror reflecting your imperfect consciousness. This was the stage when, in accordance with the plan of God for this Universe, you were allowed to experiment with the Divine Energy in accordance with your own free will. Now a new stage is approaching. During the first stage you plunged into the illusion, but now the stage of your return to the Real World of God has come.

9. In accordance with Creator’s plan, those same souls who took part in the creation of the illusion, now have to overcome this illusory manifestation through their actions. First of all, you must give up the imperfect creation in your consciousness. During the first stage, you plunge into matter deeper and deeper and thus separate yourself from God more and more. At the second stage, with the awareness of your Oneness with God, you must return to the real part of yourself by abandoning the illusion and turning to Reality. While overcoming your imperfect state and working off your karma you raise your vibrations, and simultaneously the raising of your vibrations causes a rise in the vibrations of the surrounding world.

10. You overcome yourselves, overcome your human nature and obtain more and more Divine qualities, returning step by step to the Divine Reality from where your souls have come into the physical world to experiment. The Rosaries given by us are destined for the awakening of the memory of your souls and for giving your aspirations the proper direction. In the course of your evolution, you gradually receive clearer and clearer vision, and you recognize the Divine Truth and at a certain stage, you become one with this Truth.

The Earth needs general cleaning

1. You know that on the 23rd day of each month you are provided with an opportunity to transmute your karma of the following month with the help of reading prayers, decrees, Rosaries, or mantras. Read your usual prayers and decrees. The most important thing is the attunement of your consciousness. You should aspire with all your being to join your personal efforts together with the efforts of thousands of light-bearers from all over the world. Just imagine how much Light will be released on these days, and all this Light will be used in accordance with your calls and will be intensified proportionally to the number of people who take part in the vigil on the 23rd of each month.

2. If you are not used to the prayer practice, you can find an hour and devote it especially to the ritual described above. In the process of the ritual, you can do your everyday chores, for example: Clean your apartment, work on your grounds, or just be at your work place, but you should constantly maintain the highest available level of consciousness and direct all the energy that comes to your bodies from the Divine reality at this moment onto the transmutation of the karma of the following month.

3. Do your usual and habitual work during the day, and at the same time, constantly visualize the energy coming into your heart along the crystal string and to concentrate on directing it onto those situations in your and the planet’s life that require transformation.

4. You may even be unaware of how to solve the problems you face in your life. Just send the Divine energy into such a situation and ask to use this energy for its Divine solution. If your living circumstances allow it, you can devote more than an hour to this vigil — as much as is not burdensome for you. The Earth needs a spring-cleaning. Let us direct our efforts together onto this spring-cleaning until the end of this year.

5. Remember that the flow of the Divine energy that you will be able to send and that will be multiplied depends on the purity of your motives and hearts. So, if you try to use this dispensation with a mercenary motive or in order to settle old scores, you will create karma that will also be multiplied in proportion with the number of people participating in the vigil. Consequently, if your motive is not pure enough, it would be better for you to refrain from taking part in the vigil. Such is the peculiarity of your world, unfortunately. And any dispensation, any Divine mercy in your world is something that cuts both ways. Because your world is a place where the grain is separated from the chaff. And it is you with your actions who separate within yourselves the things that are from God from those that are not from God. For some people, this dispensation will result in an unprecedented growth of their consciousness, while for others the time will come to make a final choice whom to serve.

6. You do not even need to concentrate on where your energy is directed. The energy will be made the best of. Just express a desire on this day to give your Divine energy for the transmutation of your personal karma, your country’s karma, or the planet’s karma. And the more disinterestedly you sacrifice your energy, the faster and more correctly will all the karmic situations in your life be resolved.

7. Allow the Supreme Law to use your energy. Do not make it a condition that God should help you to resolve your situation as you think proper. God grants each of you an opportunity to redeem errors. Just wish always to obey the Will of God. Even if you are bedridden or wheelchair-bound due to a disease and can neither read prayers nor work, just send your Love to that Master to whom you feel a special affinity. It can be Mother Mary, or Jesus, or Saint Germain. Your Love is the best and the purest energy that will be multiplied without fail.

8. Each of you has an opportunity to take advantage of this dispensation. Each of you has a chance to rise in his consciousness onto a higher level and to free yourself from a huge part of your karma. But you should endeavor with the best efforts of your heart for that. You should do it sincerely and open-heartedly. It is your own purity and sincerity that determine whether you will receive your reward in the form of ascension onto a new stage of the Divine consciousness at the end of the year. Try not to slip down, giving in to bad thoughts and motives.

9. You can use the given dispensation to help work off planetary karma and the karma of your country. You can also use that opportunity to work off your personal karma and the karma of your nearest relatives who have karmic connections with you. So, if on the 23rd you perform the praying practice one hour per day and make the proper call, all the energy will be multiplied by the number of participants taking part in the dispensation of that day. And that energy will, first of all, be directed to transmute the karma that impedes the steady evolutionary development on planet Earth. The rest of the energy will be directed to solve your personal karmic problems, which you will ask for.

10. This is an opportunity for you to lighten the karmic burden. So use it, ask and you will be given according to the efforts that you apply, not only in the form of a prayer but also in everything that you do on that day. Any activity of yours may be devoted to working off the karma of the following month. Let Divine energy flow through you and direct it to dissolve your karmic problems, whether they are connected with your husband, wife, children, parents, or your colleagues at work.

About the opportunity to unburden your karma of the next month

1. The 23rd of each month is the day when you can put in your prayerful efforts and direct the energy of your prayer onto the transmutation of the karma of the next month. Your request will be granted precisely to the extent of the purity and sincerity of your hearts, and as much as the Law of karma will allow it. That is why I recommend you not to be lazy, but to work on this day. You can even dedicate all your actions during this day to the transmutation of karma.

2. While washing up and tidying up your apartments, just imagine that you are washing away all the karmic layers of the past from everything your hands touch. The water is your helper. You may expand your experiment and transfer it to the mental plane. You may imagine yourself taking a duster and washing away all the dark thoughts which have ever come into your mind. After that you can move to the astral plane and wash away all the layers of your negative feelings.

3. Imagine yourself spring-cleaning all your bodies. You can visualize yourself taking off your mental body or your astral body like clothes and dusting your imperfect thoughts and feelings out of them. The air is your helper.

4. You can place your bodies under the sun and expose them to the rays of the bright summer sun in order for the sun to transmute the traces of your karma. The sun is your helper.

5. You may visualize the violet flame penetrating all your bodies and burning everything not from God in your four lower bodies. The flame is your helper.

6. The burden of karma hanging over mankind is too heavy, and the Ascended Hosts use literally every chance to help you, the people of Earth who are in embodiment now. Do not neglect the mercies and the opportunities granted to you. The Cosmic Law does not allow us to intervene into your karma if you do not ask us about our intervention. But as soon as an appeal has been pronounced and heard, the Ascended Hosts are ready to render you all the possible help.

7. However, you should not rely entirely on the Ascended Hosts. If a human asks once for help with getting rid of some heavily loaded karma, such as the karma of an abortion, we help. But if some time later, this human commits the same action again and creates the same karma, the Ascended Hosts find it much more difficult to help in this case. Therefore, every time you ask for help in the deliverance of the consequences of your wrong actions in the past, you must consciously take upon yourself the duty never to repeat in your life such actions that lead to the creation of karma.

8. And if it is difficult for you to constantly bear in mind your obligation not to create karma, take a clean sheet of paper and list the qualities in you that you think are negative and that you want to get rid of. Every time you start your devotional ritual, direct the energy of your prayer onto the dissolution of the energies contained in your four lower bodies that are burdening them greatly due to the heavy deeds committed by you in the past.

9. Every one of you, who wishes to, can direct his own energy for the transmutation of karma of those people who have slowed down the pace of their development, and are not able to understand many Divine Truths. This can relate to your loved ones, your relatives, and even entirely unknown people for whom you feel a special affinity. On the 23rd day of each month of next year, you can make a call to transmute the karma that is preventing the person you have chosen from achieving the next level of consciousness.

10. Each of you can use this dispensation only for one person. For instance: your spouse, your child, or one of your parents, or any person you decide to help. We sincerely hope that this new Divine opportunity will allow both us and you to raise the level of consciousness of mankind of the Earth even quicker.

Gird yourself for everyday labor

1. If the knowledge of the Law of karma or the Law of retribution were widespread among the people of Earth and especially among the youth, it would be possible to prevent many actions committed by humans due to their ignorance.

2. To know the Law of karma is the first step necessary for every individual in order not to sin but to act in life according to the Divine principles. Therefore, the major task for each of you in the near future is to acquaint as many people as possible with the Law of karma, or retribution. The best example will be your own that you can show to your child, your family, and your colleagues at work.

3. The negative energy cannot evaporate by itself, but the energy of your prayers can dissolve the negative karma, just as it can be dissolved by your visualizations. And the energy of the good karma created by your right actions can be directed at your request onto the unburdening of the karmic loads and on providing you with the easiest path to work off your karma. You must work off the karma of your wrong actions, but you can work off this karma, for example, either by falling and having a fracture or by getting off easily with a light bruise or a livid spot.

4. Your task is not as first to sin, and then to atone for your sins. Your task is not to create new karma. You will still have to work off your old karma in one form or another. For that reason, be careful not to create new karma.

5. You have been creating your karma for millions of years, during your countless earthly embodiments. And do you really wish to get rid of your karma in a moment? If the Law allowed you to experience the consequences of an instantaneous return of karma, no human would endure even for a split second the negative energy he would be snowed under. Your bodies would be literally torn asunder. For that reason, the Law of karma returns your karmic debts for performance to you gradually, during a significant period of time.

6. Consequently, you should gird yourselves for everyday labor. Miracles are possible in your life, but you create the conditions for these miracles in your life yourselves.

7. First of all, the quality of Divine Freedom is determined for you by Liberation from your karma, from the energies you distorted in the past by your actions not corresponding to God’s Will. These energies tie you down to the physical plane and to other dense layers of planet Earth. So, your main task is to liberate yourselves from these ties. The process of liberation cannot be instantaneous. If all the energies distorted by you during many thousands of incarnations were activated in your aura all of a sudden, you would not be able to endure such a load.

8. Therefore, in accordance with the humane Law of Cosmic Cycles, your life is divided into time intervals, during which one or another energy distorted by you earlier, is activated. These time intervals are a multiple of the 12 basic rays of the Cosmic clock.

9. These time cycles are divided into annual cycles, so-called 12-year cycles, in accordance with the Zodiac signs, and into monthly cycles within every year. These are the cycles, in agreement with which you get into such karmic situations that you need to pass in order to balance energies distorted by you earlier and still contained in your aura.

10. Everything in the Universe takes place in accordance with the cosmic cycles, and these cycles were written by God in the language of stars. A person who manages to master the language of stars will get access to the details of God’s plan for the entire Universe, and for a concrete planet or a star.

The best sermon will be your personal example

1. At the moment of your birth, the Cosmic clock of your life-stream is initiated. The spring of your individual clock is wound up. Knowing the plan of your life, which is also determined by stars at the moment of your birth, you may know which energies from your previous karmic records become accessible for working off, and what time periods are assigned for that. If you scrutinize your life attentively you may notice that exactly the same problems, connected with your state of mind and your perception of yourself and the surrounding world, crop up in front of you with unfailing periodicity.

2. The spring keeps unwinding, and with each of its circles the same problems return to you with unfailing regularity. And again, you have to return to the qualities you have not worked off to solve life problems cropping up in front of you each time at a new level.

3. All this resembles ocean waves lapping against the shore. A wave runs over the shore and then recedes. While moving, a wave embroils stones lying on the shore of the ocean and carries them away. After thousands of years, the stones become smooth. Any roughness is polished by the ocean.

4. In the very same way God polishes your imperfect qualities day after day, year after year, in accordance with the Law of Cosmic Cycles, until you become smooth and your aura acquires the right oval form, the transparency and the tints that were inherent in your soul primordially before you undertook your embodiment in the physical world. This process of polishing your qualities and transforming them into the Divine ones lasts for many lives.

5. A wise man understands that it is impossible to pass by the force of the Cosmic Law, but the result to which this Law directs you may be achieved during a shorter period of time if you do not resist the Law but help to observe it. In this case, you may achieve results during fewer cosmic cycles. All this explains the meaning of the saying that the days will be shortened for the chosen people. You have an opportunity to shorten the days of your life on Earth only if you speed up the returning of your karma. While an ordinary person will need tens of years to work off his karma, you will be able to do it in a year. You will just transform the distorted energy faster owing to your own wish and the Divine mercy which enables you to do it. Therefore, don’t close your eyes to the 23rd date of each month. If your intentions are good, you can transmute your karma of the following month during this day not only by making correct choices but also with the help of the prayer practice.

6. I would like you to know the right motive with which you should start reading prayers on such a day:
· You earnestly realize all your sins committed in the past and try to do your best not to commit them in the future.
· With the help of the momentum of your hearts, filled with love towards the entire Creation and every living creature, you are ready to attract to your world such an amount of the Divine Energy which will let you completely transform the energy distorted by you.
In this way, if you, with help of the achieved impetus, are able to transform into Light all the distorted energy, which is open for transformation in accordance with the Law at this cosmic term, then when the next period comes to transform this energy, you will have nothing to transform.

7. Yet, you will continue your service, because as long as you are in embodiment, you must use every minute of your stay on Earth for helping all the living creatures that are not as successful in their movement on the Path as you. In order for a human to realize his position in this world, to see his imperfection and to aspire to God, he needs initial energy, enabling him to do this. Imagine that you came up to a person so heavily overburdened with karma that he does not realize his connection with God and all the other creatures on Earth. He is like a sooty pot, too sooty. Why not use a part of your energy to rub this pot? Why not clean it with a duster, to help it get at least a little particle of the Divine energy, a tiny ray of Light capable of awakening the sleeping consciousness of this person?

8. If you can remember, each of you was in such a sooty state in the past. And there always happened to be a person beside you who glanced at you tenderly or expressed compassion towards your soul. And you received the portion of energy you were lacking at that moment so you could raise your consciousness up to the level of comprehension of a higher Reality. Each of you needs help and each of you can offer such help. You can give help unconsciously, with your glance, with your reaction to some stirred up critical situation. The best sermon will be your personal example, your behavior in life, your attitude to life situations and tests.

9. Your final exam at the primary School of Initiations will be the day when you see how many people around you need your help. And your greatest achievement will be the moment when you are sincerely happy with the achievements of your fellow-brothers. When you are genuinely happy with the success of the people around you, you receive the achievements of each person for whose success you sincerely rejoice as a momentum of your own gains.

10. In this way, you can multiply your treasures in Heaven, the treasures of your causal body. You may do nothing at all but only help others and be sincerely happy with the achievements of others. And you will make much more merit and good karma, then even when you apply all your efforts fighting with your own personal weaknesses. Be able to be happy with the achievements of other people and to admire their merits.

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

You can find out more about the dispensation of the 23rd date in the Messages of the Masters

[1] The Rosary is composed from the dictations given by El Morya on 27th June, 2005 and 19th July, 2006; The Goddess of Freedom on 22nd April, 2005; Surya on 23rd June, 2005; Gautama Buddha on 25th December, 2006; and Pallas Athena on 17th April, 2005.

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer “The Hail Mary” impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.

[3] See the dictations given by Beloved Vairochana on 16th April, 2005 "The greatest among you is that one who serves others most of all" and by Lord Lanto on 12th April, 2005 "You must find all the warriors of Light who are incarnated now and remind them about their mission".