SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Rosary of Responsibility[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Symbol of Creed

I believe in One God - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
Who is present in the whole Life.
I believe in the justice of His Law
and with humility I submit to the Wisdom of His Law.
I believe in the Kingdom of God, manifested on the Earth, as it is in the Heavens.
I believe in the Oneness of God - the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Remember the responsibilities which you accepted before the incarnation

1. We come to speak with humanity of Earth, and every visit of ours becomes more and more natural for your consciousness, like sunrises and sunsets.

2. We come, and the situation on planet Earth changes with our coming because every time, more and more individuals can get access to these Dictations and enjoy the nectar of Divine energy contained in them.

3. Now I have come to remind you once again of those transformations that should happen more and more resolutely.

4. I make no secret about the fact that the speed of these changes depends on each of you who are reading these Dictations, because everything that is connected with your physical world, and any changes in your world happen only by changing your consciousness.

5. I will give you some directions and a short Teaching that will help you in changing your consciousness. Each time I come with great excitement, and my heart trembles when I have the opportunity to talk to those of you who are incarnated now.

6. My children, you do not realize and cannot fully realize the whole responsibility that lies on your shoulders.

7. Quite recently, before you incarnated, many of you had received a great amount of training and education in the etheric retreats. The best souls were chosen for incarnation in this difficult time.

8. Therefore, it is very painful to watch these souls who having already come into incarnation, allow the illusion to take possession of their consciousness to such an extent that they have forgotten not only why they incarnated, but they have also forgotten all about God, and they have lost in their hearts not only the Divine models but also the moral landmarks.

9. It is painful to realize this, but it is more painful to watch these souls making the transition and coming again to the subtle plane. The heart bleeds profusely when you see the suffering of these souls. When the veil falls from their eyes, and the purpose for which they came into incarnation, and which they have not realized, gets revealed to them, then the stress that these souls receive is comparable to the most terrible stress a soul can pass through when being in embodiment. And this stress lies as a heavy burden upon the soul.

10. The combined efforts of a great number of angels who are called upon to heal the souls between incarnations, are necessary in order to prepare such a soul so that it is able to incarnate again on Earth. If you treated one another even with a thousandth of the love and care that your soul receives in the period between the incarnations in the etheric octaves of Light, then the world would change unrecognizably in a very short time.

Change your attitude toward the people around you.

1. What you have to do is to change your attitude toward the people around you.

2. If you are an old soul, having come into this incarnation for the enlightenment of less developed brothers and sisters, remember your duty and the responsibilities that you took upon yourself before coming into incarnation.

3. No matter how difficult it is for you, do not think about yourselves; think only about those near you who need your care.

4. Sometimes a tender look or simply a kind word is enough for the soul to become full of hope again, and to gain confidence in tomorrow and in the meaning of its life.

5. Think of all the millions of souls who need your help. Not every soul is capable of understanding the Teaching that we are giving through our Messenger. And not every person can get the book and start reading it. However, you can provide people with your help and support not by forcing them to read our Teaching. You are able to help them simply by being next to them and giving them comfort - with a kind word, a deed, or just a look.

6. Do not be disturbed by the people around you who do not appreciate your efforts. Simply give your Light, your Love, and your support to the people around you. And do not allow your external consciousness to judge anyone by saying: “God has given this person up for lost, and he or she is the height of ignorance and imperfection.”

7. We have provided this Teaching many times and I am repeating it now. Many souls of Light, before they come into incarnation, burden themselves with such large karmic obligations, and assume such huge imperfections that sometimes they are not capable in the conditions that exist now on Earth to overcome these imperfections and work off the karma they assumed.

8. Therefore, never allow yourselves to judge. Remember that when you are judging, you lower your vibrations and become unable to make the right choices, or correct assessments.

9. Be above judgments and gossip, and do not allow these negative energies to take control of you.

10. Forgive everyone, no matter how unjustly it seems they are treating you. Forgiveness, as well as humility and compassion has no limits.

Manifest Divine qualities in your lives

1. There can never be too much of any of the Divine qualities. Your world is in such need of Divine vibrations and Divine qualities that throughout the day, you can pour out your Perfection, Goodness, and Love, and the world will be grateful to you.

2. However, this gratitude is not guaranteed to manifest on the physical plane. On the contrary, you may encounter complete misunderstandings and even hostility, because every manifestation of the Divine vibrations and Divine qualities immediately clashes with the manifestation of the opposite qualities that are trying to deafen the higher vibrations, and to postpone the moment when there will no longer be any imperfection on Earth.

3. It is required of you to exhibit Divine qualities, regardless of any reaction on the side of the opposite forces. In no way should you submit to provocation on the side of these forces.

4. You can achieve much, but you have to be very firm and brave. Herein lies the complexity of the given moment, and it is this very help that we would like to receive from you.

5. It is a characteristic of the present moment that in the life of every person, there will be situations when he will clearly see what forces are acting through him, and around him. And you will consciously make the choice within yourself: which forces you will manifest, and where you will direct your energy.

6. Do not let the temporary mistakes disturb you. Do not castigate yourselves because of them. You have made a mistake, you have realized it, you have made a decision not to repeat it anymore, and you move on.

7. Do not allow your consciousness to concentrate on your mistakes for too long. Do not forget that your energy flows to where your attention is directed.

8. The most correct way is to live in the present moment. The past and the future should not take too much space in your consciousness.

9. You are living in the present moment, and in this moment you will always joyously meet all of life’s difficulties and failures, and you should always have confidence in your strength: that you can overcome anything, and you will come out victorious in every situation.

10. Remember that the greatest victory is that which you achieve over your unreal part, while all the rest is only an illusion that does not require your attention. When you stop feeding the illusion with your attention, it stops existing.

Your Divine destination

1. I have come this day to remind you once again about your duties, which your souls took upon themselves before incarnation.

2. You may not remember these duties because the veil is still very dense, and your outer consciousness forgets everything you heard and learned between incarnations. However, there is something more to you, and this something is the Higher part of yourselves. This part of you has always remembered and still remembers your destination, and your Divine plan.

3. To awaken the memory of your soul is one of the aims of the given Dictations. You recall your destination when you experience minutes of unmotivated yearning and despair. It may seem that everything is going along without any apparent troubles in your life, but your souls are worried because the time is passing and they cannot accomplish the duties they took on. Therefore, your major task is to establish a connection with your Higher part and to remember your mission.

4. When you come across something in your life that reminds you of your duties and your mission, you feel awe, and this feeling is akin to the gentle feeling of first love. It is a very tender, inviting feeling. You cannot fail to notice this state of yours.

5. You may associate this feeling and direct it toward the person who has given your soul the joyful message that reminded you about your stay in the etheric octaves. And after you have felt this gentle feeling, you will aspire to get this experience of remembering again and again. Yet this feeling does not relate to the physical plane, so this state of yours may confuse you.

6. Oh yes, it can be compared with the feeling of first love. And this really is your first love that you felt before your very birth. A sufficient number of years will pass and you will understand that this feeling is not connected with a particular person in incarnation. It is a more elevated feeling. It is a feeling of Love for the whole of Creation, for all Life.

7. Those of you who understand what I am talking about are on the threshold of a new life. Physical life continues to exist around you, and at the same time it is as though you pass to another world that is existing simultaneously with your world, yet differs from everything around you.

8. You should make the distinction in your consciousness regarding this state of yours, the state of being simultaneously among familiar people and circumstances, but at the same time understanding that you are not attached to those people and those circumstances. You continue existing in your world, and at the same time you understand that you are not of this world, for you have passed to another, Higher world in your consciousness. And you begin to realize that both worlds join inside of you. And thanks to you, the Higher world descends to the physical plane.

9. At first, these sensations are so unusual that they occupy your whole being. You enjoy, and at the same time wonder about this state of yours. However, as you continue to exist in your physical world and still have a physical body, the conditions of your world continue to affect you.

10. And as your vibrations have risen and your sense organs have become capable of perceiving the vibrations of the Higher worlds, some of the manifestations of the common world and its circumstances strike too painfully for your sensitive nature.

All of you must master the Divine science

1. You feel the difference between yourself and the people around you. And it hurts you deeply that the people who are closest to you do not understand you. They hear your words, they see you and the changes you have undergone, but their level of consciousness does not allow them to understand and to follow you.

2. This is a very difficult trial. You lose the connection with the closest people, and you are forced to make a choice. You either stay in your present environment and sacrifice your spiritual development, or continue to follow the Path and sacrifice your relationships with friends and relatives.

3. Believe me, both options are very difficult. And the choice will be different in each individual situation. Only you yourself and your soul knows what choice you must make.

4. If it is a goal of your incarnation to sacrifice yourself and your attainments for the good of the people you love and with whom you are karmically connected, then you will make your choice and will stay with your close ones. And if the goal of your incarnation is to help many, but the connections with your environment hinder you, then you will break all your ties, as a bird breaking free from the cage — and soar upward towards the sky, the clouds, and the mountain peaks.

5. However, I must warn you that if you do not fulfill your karmic duties, and do not pay off all your debts, you will very likely create more karma by taking what would seem to be the light and higher path. You cannot set out on a long journey not having taken care of the people you are karmically connected with. And no high goal can be justification for abandoning those who are around you, and who are in need of your help.

6. Therefore, we try not to give concrete recommendations, for it is impossible to give exhaustive and universal recommendations for all the situations in life. Life is too varied and karma is very tangled.

7. Sometimes a decision strongly denounced by everybody from the human point of view is the only correct one from the Divine point of view; and sometimes the correct decision from all human positions contradicts the Divine Law.

8. The Divine Science is the most complex science of all those that you encounter in your life. And while you may ignore studying all the others, and calmly pass by the shelves containing the books devoted to these sciences, yet all of you must master the Divine Science; the only difference is when each of you will master it.

9. The time to master the Divine Science has come for many of you. And it is impossible for you not to take the Path of Initiations because you yourselves planned for it prior to your incarnation. The others may calmly stay in the thick of life and continue playing their roles and playing with their toys for yet many incarnations. Their consciousness is not yet ready to part with the physical world and to rise to the mountain peaks of the cognition of the Divine Truth.

10. I can only tell you one thing: Those of you who have accepted these Dictations that we give through our Messenger with all your hearts, and wait for every Dictation with awe and hope, are most likely ready to take the Path and follow it. Therefore, check with your hearts the feelings you have from this Rosary. We cannot make anybody go, but we call you to take the Path.

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

[1] The Rosary is based on the dictations given by Sanat Kumara on the 15th and 25th of April, 2006.

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer “The Hail Mary” impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.