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February 21, 2021
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Rosary of Peace
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Duration 58 min.
Narrator: T.N.Mickushina

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Rosary of Peace[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Symbol of Creed

I believe in One God - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
Who is present in the whole Life.
I believe in the justice of His Law
and with humility I submit to the Wisdom of His Law.
I believe in the Kingdom of God, manifested on the Earth, as it is in the Heavens.
I believe in the Oneness of God - the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

A Teaching about non-violence

1. The entire history of mankind’s evolution represents by itself continuing wars and fights for power and the riches of this world; a continued sequence of assassinations, violence, wars, disasters, and suffering.

2. Now a new cycle has begun. The consciousness of mankind is to be raised to the next level of evolutionary development. And yet continued hatred and wars are being waged, just as it was at the times when the Fourth Race was being replaced by the Fifth one.

3. But the character of the wars is now even more destructive. Tens of millions of people became the victims of the last World War, and due to the modern means of communication, all the countries find themselves involved in any new conflict almost immediately.

4. The world is like a powder keg now, when one spark is enough to blow up the entire planet. In such conditions the necessity to refuse any manifestation of violence becomes vital. But, first of all, you must give up the violence within your own consciousness.

5. Just as the night is very dark before the dawn, likewise the last global wars with their multimillions of victims must sink into oblivion. The Earth is not capable of enduring any more global war. That is why I have come to give you this Teaching about non-violence, and about the non-application of violence.

6. For many hundreds of thousands of years, there was a certain cycle in mankind’s evolution during which violence was allowed to be applied. And even the karmic responsibility for the murders in those wars and conflicts was not as heavy as it is nowadays.

7. I have to tell you now that in accordance with the new stage of cosmic evolution, your planet is entering a new period when you acquire karmic debt not only when committing a physical murder, but even when you mentally wish in your consciousness to do away with your enemies.

8. The time for a new Exodus has come - an Exodus for a new human Race, having already come and still coming into incarnation, to take the place of the Fifth Root Race. The time has come to perform an Exodus within your consciousness, to separate yourselves within your consciousness from all that is obsolete and old.

9. The refusal of any manifestation of violence will be characteristic of the people of the new Race. It does not mean that violence will disappear from the Earth’s surface in the near future. It will take many generations for people to replace each other before mankind is able to give up violence and the feeling of conflict, primarily, in its consciousness. There will appear whole territories inhabited by people gifted with the new consciousness. And there will also be territories with predominantly obsolete consciousness and thinking.

10. These territories, where the obsolete thinking will prevail, will be gradually covered by water. New territories will emerge, on which the people belonging to the new Race will settle. And the only difference between these people and the Race living on Earth now – will be the absolutely new level of consciousness of this Race, and the absolute refusal of this Race to accept any feeling of conflict and violence.

The feeling of conflict is not a divine feeling

1. This world represents a battlefield between two opposing forces. And until the feeling of conflict is blotted out of the consciousness of the last embodied individual, the conflict will go on.

2. Imagine two armies ready for a battle. The files of the warriors are deployed in battle order. Their faces are stiff. Every warrior is only waiting for a command to join battle. Your position in the world is like that of those warriors.

3. And now imagine that a miracle takes place. A sunburst appears through the sinister clouds hanging over the battlefield, and shines brightly on both the battlefield and the severe and frowning faces of the warriors.

4. Can you imagine at least for a moment that a miracle can happen, and the soft sun’s rays penetrating the clouds can dissolve any hostile feelings in the hearts of the warriors? Can you imagine that the inner state of the warriors can be transformed?

5. One thought, one impulse from the heart of every warrior is enough to endow the consciousness and the external mind of every combatant with a more elevated character.

6. When you are able to rise to the other - a higher level in your consciousness, you will notice that everything separating you from your enemies and rivals loses its significance. It is because you are struck by the beauty and the omnipotence of the Divine Truth suddenly bursting upon your view.

7. And you are no longer able to feel any hostile feelings, as you feel your oneness with every particle of life. And you feel the pain of every particle of life. You realize that any feeling of conflict, any feelings of hatred or dislike are not Divine.

8. And the people that have come under the influence of such negative feelings are just to be pitied. And you understand that you can help these people. You can endow them with your feeling of Love and understanding and give them a particle of the Divine energy that will enable your rivals to feel your Love.

9. Just as the Sun bursting through the clouds is capable of sending you a ray of hope and endowing you with a feeling of love and compassion, at times likewise you can endow every person that you meet in your life with the Love from your heart.

10. Believe me, it is only Love that is able to oust all the negative manifestations from your world.

Stop looking for enemies outside yourself

1. All of you are warriors of the Spirit. You come to this physical world to fight with the illusion. This is the plan of God for the present time.

2. At the beginning you absorb this illusion; you can even identify yourself with the illusion. But the moment comes when you have to part with this illusion, and ascend to a higher level in the development of your consciousness.

3. And you become an arena of conflict between the opposite forces: one that is defending the illusion, and the other force which is aspiring to overcome it. It may seem to you that this fight takes place in your world. In fact, this battle takes place within each of you.

4. Until this fight takes place inside of you, you will come into embodiment in the physical world time and again and find yourselves among similar people experiencing the same conflict within them. You will be fighting your passions, weaknesses, and imperfections until you have done away with them completely.

5. This is the sense of the fight being waged by the forces of Light against the forces of evil. But I provide you with this sense at the current moment, and this understanding of the fight is given for your level of consciousness. As soon as your consciousness becomes pure and your mind is crystal clear, we will give you more advanced knowledge, and a new understanding of the fight.

6. Therefore, I advise you to stop waging this external war and looking for enemies outside yourself. Every person approaching you in the physical plane does so precisely because your vibrations allowed him to do it.

7. If such a person does you harm or insults you, you should not take him for your personal enemy or a fallen angel. He approaches you in order to give you a chance to repay your karmic debt to him, or he may approach you to give you a lesson, and to check whether the lessons you have received from us through our Teaching have been mastered by you sufficiently.

8. Every time you want to take vengeance on this person for the harm he has done, or to punish him, you must understand that it was I, Maitreya who came to you in the image of that person in order to examine whether you have mastered our lessons well enough.

9. There is nothing outside you to fight with. If you want me to reveal to you your real enemy, just come up to the mirror and look into it. This is your real enemy with all his carnal wishes, egoism, self-sufficiency and self-confidence in the opinion that he has already known all the Truth and is able to teach others this truth.

10. You must go through this fight with the unreal part of yourself, and you must slay your dweller-on-the-threshold, your ego. You must win the victory in your own consciousness. You must be the winner of your fight.

Love your enemies

1. Every source of Light in your dense world irritates and provokes the dark forces to take active actions against such a source of Light.

2. And when the dark forces start attacking you from everywhere, do call to mind the Teaching I gave you 2000 years ago, and just use the mightiest weapon of all times and peoples: Whosoever shall smite thee on the left cheek, turn to him the other also.

3. You should love your enemies. You should bless your enemies. Your enemies give you a chance to get out of your karmic debts, and your enemies give you an opportunity to learn your lesson and to pass your test.

4. I understand that in many situations it will be difficult for you to accept with humility and gratitude all the reproaches, attacks and threats aimed at you. But you must learn to take everything that falls to your lot with humility and submissiveness.

5. You and only you can decide how to protect yourself with the help of the authorities and the structures called on to settle disputes in conflict situations. But you must learn not to experience any negative feelings against your enemies.

6. People who attack you, offend you, insult you, humiliate you are unhappy in their essence. A man whose heart is in the abode of God will never allow himself to do harm to another man.

7. Thus, all you can do when your enemies attack you is to forgive them and to pray for them, for they know not what they do. Their consciousness is clouded and sometimes completely seized by the forces of darkness, so that they are really not aware of their actions. Only a person clouded in ignorance can give the dark forces a chance to act through him and perform wicked actions, and to harm the blessed innocent ones.

8. It sometimes happens that God chooses you to draw the fire upon yourself and become a target for the forces of darkness that act through other people, and use them for their assaults and malicious attacks. God chooses you to give you a test, and simultaneously He contributes to the manifestation of the forces that in such a situation take off their masks of hypocrisy and piety, and reveal their bestial grin.

9. Entrust yourself to the care of God. God cares for all His sheep. Be ready to sacrifice your body but to save your soul. The Truth is always in the places where the most elevated feelings reside among the wickedness of this world. Remember that you are responsible only for yourself and for your own reactions. No matter how unjust the treatment of other people can seem to you, forgive them.

10. Love your enemies. Only your love and intercession, can at times save the lives of these souls, possessed by ignorance and not knowing what they are doing. Sometimes your prayer for your enemies allows the prevention of Divine justice, and gives the soul one more chance to continue Life.

You are warriors of Spirit

1. You are warriors in this world — warriors of the Spirit, and you fight a continual battle. This battle started at the moment of the beginning of the illusory manifestation, and will end only after the universe has finished this cycle of its existence and the manifested worlds have been contracted. Before that moment, the battle between the forces of Light and darkness will continue and they will always oppose each other and pass into each other.

2. This is an eternal movement, eternal aspiration and eternal opposition to evolution. Incarnated mankind has different levels of consciousness. These different levels comprehend this battle differently and try to take part in it in different ways.

3. Actually, everything is determined by the consciousness of man. Just try to tell a knight in the middle ages, going to take part in a crusade to protect the Holy Sepulcher, that his understanding of the battle taking place in this world is incorrect. Try to tell suicide terrorists nowadays that they understand the present battle erroneously. You can easily imagine the result of your attempts to convince all these people of their wrongness.

4. This is their level of comprehension of Divine Reality. They are sincerely ready to sacrifice much in their lives, even sacrifice their lives for the victory of those forces they actually support. The problem lies in the fact that the level of consciousness of these people determines which forces they actually make a stand for.

5. But if they were endowed with Buddha Consciousness or Christ Consciousness, they would understand that any manifestation of the fight in the physical, or the higher planes of thought and feelings only contributes to the multiplication of the illusion.

6. These two forces, constantly fighting within the framework of creation, represent by themselves just illusory forces aimed at the multiplication of the illusion, and the forces of the Real Divine world aimed at the contraction of the illusion. This is a battle taking place in Heaven, and it will last as long as the entire manifested universe and the manifested worlds exist.

7. This is a battle relegated to the consciousness of living people, and it is understood by them in proportion to the development of their consciousness. Their activities in this battle fully correspond to those energetic, karmic loads they acquired in the past. And those knights, who were ready to kill the heretics in their seemingly honest battle for Christ, now fight verbally and continue to immobilize the forces of darkness, and fight against them in other ways.

8. If you tell them that they are acting incorrectly from the point of view of the Teaching of Buddha and Christ, they will never believe you. Such is their level of consciousness. Therefore, the energy contained in their electronic belt must exhaust itself. It will return to them again and again, in new embodiments, until their consciousness rises to such a level that it will understand the true sense of the battle taking place in this world.

9. And the battle will continue as long as the consciousness of mankind allows this battle to exist inside human consciousness.

10. The world is just a reflection of human consciousness. The individual who reaches Buddha Consciousness, the individual who reaches the state called nirvana in his meditations, understands that there is no fight in this state. In this state, there can only be love, harmony, bliss, and joy — all the Divine qualities that have not been distorted by the low state of human consciousness.

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

[1] The Rosary is compiled from the following dictations:
Moses, April 1, 2005,
Beloved El Morya, June 21, 2005,
Lord Maitreya, March 28, 2005,
Beloved Jesus, June 5, 2005,
Beloved Surya, March 14, 2005

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer “The Hail Mary” impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.