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December 19, 2021
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Rosary of Love
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Duration 50 min.
Language: Russian. Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

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Rosary of Love[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Symbol of Creed

I believe in One God - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
Who is present in the whole Life.
I believe in the justice of His Law
and with humility I submit to the Wisdom of His Law.
I believe in the Kingdom of God, manifested on the Earth, as it is in the Heavens.
I believe in the Oneness of God - the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Open your hearts to Love, Divine Love and you will change this world.

1. The quality of Love is the greatest of all the Divine qualities. The aspiration to love, the desire to love and to be loved is characteristic of all living creatures.

2. It is due however to the breach of the Divine Law, which happened through the misuse of free will in the times of ancient Lemuria and Atlantis that the greatest distortions were brought into this quality.

3. If we manage to completely restore this quality in the souls of just a few people embodied now, we could disseminate it around the world very quickly.

4. This quality of Divine Love is impossible to oppose. This is the quality that allows you to tune into the Divine Reality immediately.

5. Very often this quality is mixed up with the sexual instinct. Hence, different sexual perversions take place. The ability of man to do creative work, his creative power is manifested through Love. The creative power that is the basis in the conception of a child, is at the same time the basis of everything created by man in his life.

6. Man is inherently similar to God. The keynote quality of God is Love. Thus, it is impossible for Man not to create.

7. But the creative power can be manifested only in as much as it is not limited by blocks of anti-love imbedded into mans consciousness from outside, and supported by his imperfect consciousness from within.

8. The Perfect Flame of Love comes to this world through your I AM Presence. But the filters of your imperfect thoughts and feelings are in the path of this stream of Love. As a result, the stream is distorted.

9. You are constantly manifesting the quality of Divine Love. It is impossible for you not to manifest this quality, as it is inherent in all creation. But you should simply purge the filters from both your consciousness, and your perception of the Divine Reality.

10. Open your hearts to Love, Divine Love and you will change this world.

Constantly guard your love against any manifestation of anti-love.

1. There is no force mightier than Love in this world. Therefore, those forces that have decided to separate from God live off the distortions of the quality of Divine Love.

2. The entire industry of sex and pornography, stereotypes of interrelations between the sexes, propagandized and circulated by mass media is aimed precisely at keeping you from any manifestation of Divine Love.

3. It seems harmless if you watch a film cultivating your desire to satisfy your sexual instinct. It seems to be an innocent amusement to look at a naked female body, advertising objects that are absolutely unnecessary for your spiritual development. As a result, hatred for Divine Love settles in your consciousness. You voluntarily strengthen the filters that are embedded in your consciousness, and are preventing you from manifesting the quality of true Love in your life.

4. It is impossible to draw a comparison, but there is a huge difference between the primordial Divine manifestation of Love, and the understanding of love that has settled into peoples consciousness since the days of the fallen civilizations. It is like life and death.

5. One of the qualities of the saints is their ability to absorb the nectar of Divine Grace into their hearts. There is no pleasure in this physical world that can be compared to receiving this Divine Grace.

6. Only pure hearts are capable of obtaining this Grace. A stream of Divine energy and Divine Love passes through all your bodies and caresses you. You experience ecstasy in every chakra, every energetic center.

7. The greatest sexual satisfaction that you can have in the physical life cannot be compared with the experience of Grace sent to you by God.

8. Think whether it is harmless for you to watch pornographic films, to tolerate foul language, to be in the company of people allowing dirty thoughts and actions in their attitude toward women and sexual interrelations. Each of these negative vibrations contributes to your separation from the quality of Divine Love.

9. Contemplate flowers, nature, childrens smiles. Constantly guard your love against any manifestation of anti-love.

10. Guard your relatives and your children. The future of your planet depends on the conception of Love which will be obtained by the new generation.

Cultivate the feeling of Love in your heart

1. Love is the most essential of all the Divine qualities. Whole worlds are created by Love. And if you do not feel joyfulness in your life, if you are weighed down by heavy thoughts and feelings, you are simply lacking Love within your being.

2. It does not matter whether you are loved or not. Love is a power that lives deep inside of you. And it is always with you as long as you receive the Divine Energy from its Source. That is why a mere deficiency of this feeling of Love brings you into a discordant state of consciousness.

3. The quality of Love runs through all of Creation and is inherently involved in your life and the lives of all living creatures. Many of the problems in the world, if not to say all the problems of the world are directly connected with this deficiency of Love.

4. I have come to give you advice on how to anchor the focus of Love within your heart. Promise me that you will perform this exercise every day as whenever you have a free minute.

5. This exercise requires neither special preparation nor additional conditions. You may perform this exercise at home or at work, even among people in the busiest places.

6. Thus, you should always see in your minds eye the image of a person you love. I understand very well that many of you may say that you do not feel love towards anybody in this world. This is a delusion. You must love.

7. You must find in your consciousness an image towards which you feel love. I do not mean by this that it must be an image of your beloved. But search in the depth of your heart attentively and try to find that image towards which you are able to feel love. This can be your mother, your father, your spouse, or your children. This can be an Ascended Master with whom you have an inner link.

8. If your heart suffers from a trauma so severe that the very reminder of your beloved causes self-pity and tears in your eyes, you should still look for an image towards which you could aspire with your consciousness, and towards which you could feel Love. It could even be your pet or favorite plants.

9. Cultivate the feeling of Love in your heart. Your foremost task in life is to regain the feeling of Love at any price. If you are surrounded by people, try to feel love towards the people around you. Love people not for something they have done, or can do for you; just feel Love that is unconditional.

10. Maybe you will not be able to concentrate on your feeling of Love for long. But you should find at least two or three minutes a day to experience this feeling of Love. Cultivate this feeling inside of you.

New energies have come to the Earth the energies of Love and Unity

1. The day will come when you will be able to experience a strong, all-consuming and causeless feeling of Love for everything surrounding you, for all people living on Earth, for the very Earth, for nature, clouds, sky, rain, sun. You will be overwhelmed with the feeling of Love and Oneness with everything surrounding you. But you are all this simultaneously.

2. Understand that your consciousness, your human consciousness separates you from everything surrounding you, but your real nature and the nature of everything around you are the same.

3. All is God. And your separation from the Oneness with God is only in your consciousness.

4. Lets talk about something else. I want to make use of this opportunity in order to give you certain knowledge or information that will be valuable for you exactly at this period of time. You have been embodied on Earth at this difficult time when a division is taking place in your world.

5. Space cycles have changed, and new energies have come to Earth the energies of Love and Unity. These energies are being brought to Earth due to the influence of planet Venus, which is my native planet. There is no living creature in the world that does not experience the influence of these energies.

6. However, these energies do not have a beneficial influence on all people. In your world, there are beings that have broken their link with the Divine Source so much that their being is already unable to perceive these energies. They are dead.

7. Just as the sun shines on all plants and exerts a beneficial influence upon them helping them to develop and to be active, in the same way the sun also shines on withered plants that are already dead. But under the suns influence, these plants fade even more and become fit only for stoking stoves.

8. That is why everything moribund will soon be collected and burned in the cosmic furnace. A good gardener keeps an eye on his garden and burns withered trees, preventing mold from spreading onto healthy plants.

9. The words I am telling you now are very sad. But it is the truth you face in life.

10. Losses are inevitable and each of you chooses his own path by himself. You make a choice every minute of your time on Earth. You make a choice either in favor of God and Life, or you choose death.

You love and it means you are alive!

1. You have heard so many times that the time to separate the grain from the weeds is approaching. You have heard many times that the weeds must be separated and burned.

2. Not even those who are very far from God can say they have not heard this phrase at least once in their life. Then what are you wondering about? The time has come.

3. Those people who cannot assimilate the new vibrations, and are not able to transition to the new level of consciousness will find themselves in the hands of the gardener, who will care only about their further plight. And the gardener of our Universe is God Himself.

4. That is why you have nothing to worry about. Everything takes place due to Gods Will and all the deadlines and the work connected with these deadlines will be observed on time and in strict accordance with Gods plan.

5. What are you to do at this time? Learn from nature. Go out to the woods and look at the things happening there. There are dried up trees and decomposing stumps. But there are young sprouts as well. And life goes on. Bees buzz, birds sing, flowers are in full bloom. Harmony reigns there in all its richness.

6. Each of you is a unique flower in these woods. Thus, you should be in full bloom and feel Love towards everything around you.

7. Follow natures example. A flower simply blooms. It fights neither with dried up trees nor with a decomposing stump. Everything submits to the Divine Law and everything takes place in accordance with the Divine Law.

8. Believe me, there are such servants in the Universe whose job is to cleanse the Universe from impurities, and from everything that is dead, or does not wish to observe the established Law.

9. You have heard about the time for the harvest. You thought that the harvest time was drawing near, but due to various reasons, none of you were concerned when the time for reaping came. Now an extensive reaping is taking place. Everything takes place so naturally that people do not even notice this reaping. Everything takes place according to the terms fixed by and in full accordance with the Higher Law.

10. I have given you much valuable information today. And regardless of the fact that this information has been given by me in a very soft manner, many of you will still be sad to hear about the events happening on Earth now. Nevertheless, I still encourage you to experience more often the feeling of Love for all the living. It is only Love that is capable of performing miracles in your life and in the lives of the people surrounding you. You love and it means you are alive! And this is the most important thing.

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

[1] The Rosary is compiled from the following dictations:
The Presence of Unconditional Love, March 7, 2005,
Beloved Djwal Kul, April 18, 2005

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer The Hail Mary impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.