SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Rosary of Distinction[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

Symbol of Creed

I believe in One God - Creator of the Heavens and the Earth,
Who is present in the whole Life.
I believe in the justice of His Law
and with humility I submit to the Wisdom of His Law.
I believe in the Kingdom of God, manifested on the Earth, as it is in the Heavens.
I believe in the Oneness of God - the Father, the Mother, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Develop the gift of distinction

1. The gift of distinction is needed by you as never before. And together with this gift, you will receive the knowledge of how you should behave at this stage of your evolutionary development, where to aspire, and what principles to follow.

2. We can make a long list of the imperfections of one or another religious teachers and religious movements. But in this way, we will learn what one should not do and how one should not behave.

3. We have chosen the other way. We are giving the right patterns, and we are giving the right direction. And as always, it is up to your free will which path to choose and to follow.

4. You are making your choice and you are deciding. Our work is to offer you the right patterns and to show you the right direction.

5. The whole point is that you are so captured by the illusion that you can differentiate neither what sources contain the Truth, nor the vibrations that are inherent in the true source.

6. Therefore, all your practices and all your actions should be directed at learning to make this distinction.

7. In reality, your staying in the illusion will come to an end only when you learn to make the distinction between events that belong to the plane of illusion, and events that belong to the real Divine world.

8. Your task is to acquire the clear vision in order to properly evaluate all of the events and circumstances that you face in life.

9. Wise people do not hurry to adopt the information that comes from an unfamiliar source. And this is right. If you absorb everything indiscriminately, you may get indigestion in your mind.

10. You should very carefully select that information which deserves your attention in the reality surrounding you and to separate it from that rubbish which is allocated on the shelves of your shops and in the Internet in abundant supply.

Recommendations on attaining distinction

1. And from this moment on, our task is not simply to give you the information, but also to give you the knowledge of how to distinguish between the genuine information and the false.

2. You know that there are no distinct criteria. And always, when it comes to distinction we suggest that you enter your heart and entrust your Higher Self with evaluating and making a choice.

3. Because your Higher Self always knows the Truth. However, the thought of the necessity to appeal to your Higher Self does not always come to your mind.

4. Not to mention the fact that the purity of your lower bodies can be insufficient in order to feel and distinguish the voice of your Higher Self.

5. That is why it will be appropriate to present external criteria on the basis of which you will be able to make a distinction in the flow of information surrounding you.

6. First, pay attention not to the quality of the binding or the cover of the book, but primarily pay attention to the quality of the presentation of the material. And if the information is not given at a level understandable to you, then stop reading.

7. The fact of the matter is that there are many levels of presentation of information. And what is accessible to the consciousness of one, may not be accessible to the consciousness of another.

8. There is not always Truth behind complex text. However, if you have achieved a high degree in initiations, you will always find on the shelves of the shops those keys that will allow you to recognize the Truth in the most intricate of texts.

9. We intentionally resorted to making our Messages complex in the past. In that situation, we tried to scare away those who might attempt to use our information for their selfish purposes.

10. Now we are not inclined to such complication. It is always possible to make the given information more complicated, but as a rule, the essence of the information given is very simple, and it is understandable even to a child.

Some criteria for distinguishing

1. No matter how long you wander through the wilds of the so-called esoteric literature, we advise you to look at the essence of what is given and answer a simple question: ?ow do the things that you are reading help you in your real life?

2. Does that information that you receive help you free yourself from the unreal part of yourself and strive for the eternal, everlasting reality?

3. What does the information that you read give for the development of your soul? How does this information help you in your life?

4. You can obtain pieces of advice concerning many very skillful practices, but these practices lead you either to the multiplication of the illusion surrounding you, or lead you away from your predestination and create the illusion that you are a very significant being on the cosmic scale.

5. In both cases, you lose the point of support in your consciousness. You either go deeper into matter, or soar to sky-high heights.

6. As a result, the common thing is that you only generate illusion and create this illusion either on the physical plane or on the astral plane.

7. Your task is to constantly maintain a realistic viewpoint regarding your position in this world.

8. And your real position is to stand with your feet firmly on the Earth, and at the same time remember your cosmic origins and aspire to God.

9. The aspiration to God should not be confused with the desire to occupy a high position in the Cosmic Hierarchy.

10. Yes, it is possible that within many of you there are Higher Cosmic Beings who have come to Earth and are using every opportunity to help the civilizations of Earth. However, you should never forget that your soul is going through Earth’s evolution. And that evolution is very gradual.

Your Ego obstructs your Distinction

1. You cannot become a Great Cosmic Being at once, during one lifetime. You can offer for a Higher Cosmic Being to act through you, but it is more often that you give an opportunity to an astral plane being to act through you. What is the criterion? How can one understand and make a distinction?

2. You know that in order for the Higher Cosmic Beings to act through you, you must say goodbye to the greater part of your ego, and undertake devoted service to the Cosmic Hierarchy.

3. In order to give yourself away as a slave to a being of the astral plane, none of your achievements are required at all, except for the desire of your ego to exalt itself.

4. Having read various kinds of superficial literature, many people consider themselves great beings who occupy a high position in the Cosmic Hierarchy.

5. These very people have been playing their games for so long that they are already incapable of making a distinction. Moreover, they do not even worry about making any distinction because they are confident in their exclusiveness and greatness.

6. However, after several minutes of a conversation, it already becomes clear to people around whom they are dealing with. Therefore, we are asking you to develop the gift of distinction within yourselves.

7. That is why we are telling you first and foremost to get rid of your ego. It is your ego that obstructs your distinction, your vision, and your service.

8. We feel sorry for those individuals who have gone along the path of self-exaltation. However, it is their choice. And they have made the choice they wanted to make.

9. Your world of illusion is different due to the fact that everyone gets what they strive for. And if you want to become a Higher Cosmic Being, you will definitely become one. And you will receive all the signs from the subtle plane that you are in fact this Higher Cosmic Being.

10. The whole problem is that your motive was wrong from the very beginning. You desired to become a powerful being. But the true motive would be to become a most humble being, a servant to all living beings on Earth. The true motive would be to liberate yourself from your ego, and help all living beings.

The key to Distinction is the motive which drives you

1. It is not necessary for you to turn to other people for confirmation of your, as you believe, cosmic achievements.

2. You simply need to answer the question of what your motive was when you started studying esoteric literature.

3. Did you desire to get something for yourself, or did you wish to give everything for serving life?

4. The Divine science seems to be very simple at first sight, but many go so deep into the labyrinths of false concepts and knowledge that it becomes problematic for them to receive our very help.

5. Therefore, here is my advice to you: Before going deeply into any teaching or following any practice or an external teacher, always analyze attentively the motive that drives you.

6. For you will be attracted according to your vibrations and inner desires that are driving you, to that group of people and to that teacher who will simply supply you with that which is necessary for you in order to achieve your goals.

7. And never blame anyone outside of you that you have gotten into a cult, or under someone's influence.

8. Because you and only you are responsible for everything that happens to you.

9. You have come to this world in order to learn the lesson of distinction: the distinction between Good and Evil, between illusion and reality.

10. Learn your lessons by yourselves. And remember that we can help you only when you ask us for help.

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

[1] The Rosary is based on Lord Shiva's dictations of the 1st and 23rd of January, 2006, and Master Morya's dictation of 21st of December, 2005. It is suggested that when listening to the Rosary or when reading in groups the Lord’s prayer and the prayer Hail Mary are read together.

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer “The Hail Mary” impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.