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Rosary of Lord Maitreya

August 1, 2021
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Rosary of Lord Maitreya
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Duration 20 min.
Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

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Rosary of Lord Maitreya

Rosary of Lord Maitreya

I am showing you the Path out of the labyrinth of the illusion[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

1. I AM Maitreya, having come to you today in order to experience the sense of commune with humanity of Earth again. How delightful it is to come to you and to believe that each of my arrivals brings closer the New Time, when humankind will finally be able to come out onto the bright path of its development. Sooner or later, the dark streak will be left behind. Sooner or later, the joyous time will come when you will be able to look back and realize that humanity has been living in a whole abyss of delusions for many thousands of years. It is time. It is time to wake up. You are dreaming, and you do not want to rush to wake from your sweet dream in the illusion. It is time to awaken to the new reality! Just one step forward separates this reality from your current state of consciousness. One step. You will surely take this step!

2. Today I have come to support you at a difficult part of your Path. I have come to tell you about you yourselves, and about your position in the world. I have also come to remind you that all of you have to make your final choice in the nearest future. This choice is connected with your wish to follow the path of evolution further, or your preference to stay in the past and follow the path of unsuccessful civilizations of the past. Yes, beloved, there were many civilizations in the past that wished to go their own way. It was not only on your planet, but also in other planetary systems.

3. The entire process of evolution consists of choices that you make by yourselves, because you possess free will. If you did not have free will, you would act according to the Masters’ will. But in that case, you would not be able to develop, because you would be destined to obey the will of another. When a baby is born, it is completely dependent on its parents for some period of time. It cannot move by itself and cannot get food. But then the time comes when children grow older, leave their parent’s home, and act on their own, assuming full responsibility for their lives. However, wise children keep a connection with their family and with their parents, and accept their advice and help. To some extent, you are our children, the children of the Ascended Masters. There is our particle in each of you as the embryo of your future Divinity.

4. There are some disobedient children, who have forgotten their family and their heavenly patrons, and who are so deeply playing in the illusion that it is very difficult, being in their position, to remember who they really are, how they have come to such a miserable state of being orphans, and what they need to do to return to their Fatherly Home. Unlike many orphaned souls who are lost in your world, there are a number of souls who remember their Divine mission and their Divine origin. To these souls, I am appealing today, and I am taking these souls under my guidance on their Path of Initiations. There are very few of you, and I know each of you very well and have been working with you for many, many of your incarnations.

5. The current situation in the world creates additional difficulties for our communication and our connection with you. Many of you have forgotten about me, but I remember you — each of you. Therefore, I come from time to time, in order to resume our commune and our connection that has been continuing for thousands of years. Even when you are so deep in the illusion that you forget God and the Masters, our connection continues to exist in the subtle planes of being.

6. Many of you take your tests on your Path again. Many of you do not even understand that everything that happens to you in your lives represents just tests that you pass through again and again, from incarnation to incarnation. The main test is the test of non-attachment to anything material. If you are too attached to your children, your parents, your loved ones, or to your things, then the circumstances of your life will deprive you of the object of your attachment. The whole major choice that you are making in your life, and from one life to another, is the choice either in favor of the Divine world, or in favor of the illusory world. When you choose the illusory world, you attach yourselves to the illusory world and continue to incarnate in it. If you choose the Higher world, then you move into the Higher world.

7. The characteristic of our Universe is such that each person occupies a place on the evolutionary ladder that corresponds to his level of development of consciousness. Thus, the fact that you are still dwelling in your world, means that due to your attachment to your world, you have always made your choice in favor of your world. As your Initiator, my task is to explain to you your attachments and difficulties on your Path. Only when you overcome any attachments and imperfections of your being within yourselves, only in this case do you have an opportunity to transit to another world, a more perfect one.

8. The energy boundary between the worlds can only be overcome through the rise of your vibrations. However, your world does everything to attach you to it. You believe in your illusion, and the illusion becomes reality for you. With your every new incarnation, the game becomes more complicated, and you are forced to stay in worse conditions in order to show your aspiration and determination to finally break out of the trap of the illusion.

9. Now your illusion offers you the most sophisticated ways to keep your consciousness constantly at a low vibrational level. Everything that surrounds you in your life creates the barriers on your Path towards the Higher worlds. Any modern industry makes you lower your vibrations and literally separates you from the Higher worlds by force. Therefore, your task is not to follow the traps of the illusion, but rather to train your spiritual muscles by means of spiritual practices and methods to such an extent that you can keep your independence from the illusory forces in the most difficult life situations.

10. You are in the pyramid of initiations. I am showing you the Path out of the labyrinth of the illusion. How many of you can hear me? I know that my devoted Bodhisattvas can hear me and follow me no matter what illusion they are staying in. Where one will go, millions of souls will pass. I AM Maitreya.

[1] Short Rosary based on the Dictation of Lord Maitreya of December 23, 2013.

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer “The Hail Mary” impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.