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Rosary of Lord Maitreya - 2

Rosary of Lord Maitreya - 2

You should treat your children as if I, Lord Maitreya, have come to you as your child[1]

In the name of the Father and of the Mother and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

1. I AM Maitreya. I am so happy that I have this opportunity to come into your world again. I am happy like a child because it is my big dream to look into your world. I always wish to come. But the Cosmic Law does not allow me to do it, because your level of consciousness is not able to recognize me when I come. You expect to see God the Almighty, but I am only a little child who possesses Great Wisdom.

2. Look at your children. The faces of many of them resemble the faces of great wise men. Look into their eyes. A newborn baby comes from our world. He remembers our world. And what does he see around him? He sees fuss. He sees a mess and a lot of noise. But he does not see that you wish to accept him as God, and that you want to know the secret that he came to tell the world.

3. In the first months of his life, a child is dwelling within our world half, or even most of the time. During this period, you have a lot to learn from him. Of course, he cannot teach you with words or actions, but he can convey to you the state of our world. This state is in his aura. And many people intuitively try to touch a child, pick him up in their arms, or pat him on his head. These automatic actions certainly allow you to come in touch with our world through the child.

4. But you have forgotten that your child is a messenger from our world; you indulge in your usual activities. You watch TV, talk on the phone, and listen to music. You wonder why your child is restless, why he often cries and is capricious. But what you do differs so much from our world that a child is under continual stress. He cannot tell you to turn off the music or TV, and he cannot ask you to stop talking on the phone. He shows his displeasure with all this behavior by crying, and thereby shows you that he does not want all this commotion. But you think the child wants to eat, or drink, or he has just gotten tired and wants to sleep.

5. Your attitude toward your children needs to be reconsidered. You should treat your children as if I, Lord Maitreya, have come to you as your child. Would you do in my presence all the things that you do in the presence of your child, thinking that he understands nothing? Would you behave in the way that you behave? I will come into incarnation, I do wish that, but I cannot do this until you change your attitude toward your children.

6. In the first months of life, a child’s aura can be as large as a whole city. You truly meet the messenger of Heaven. But are you doing what is necessary to meet the messenger of Heaven? You think that your children understand nothing. You think they are silly and cannot perceive reality as you see it. Children come into your world bearing the image of another world. Many of them are wise souls who have passed the earth-school of initiations. And what do they see? They see parents and relatives using baby talk. And no one in the whole world treats them as wise souls who already know everything since their birth.

7. The aura of a baby gradually absorbs the environment of the family, the city, and the country in which he was born, and by the age of three, a child loses the memory of our world. He absorbs your habits, your attachments, and the stereotypes of your behavior. By the age of three, a child’s aura is burdened with all the negative states that you have had and you still have. And if he watches TV or listens to the radio when you think he is asleep, or understanding nothing, then a child is imbued with the whole nightmare that flows like a river from your mass media. And who you see in front of you when he is three years old is already not an angel, having come into your world but a soul burdened with all the sins of the world, a soul who will have to work off the karma of the family, the karma of the kin, the karma of the country, and the karma of the world until the end of his earthly life.

8. I cannot come into your world until the world is ready to accept me. And if you think that the things that I am telling you are not true, that I am dramatizing or exaggerating, then you further postpone the time of my arrival in your world. As long as ignorance reigns in your world, as long as you perceive the simple truths as fairy tales, I will have nothing to do in your world.

9. I do aspire to come into embodiment as quickly as possible. It is you, yourselves who can speed up my arrival. You must have careful attitudes and not only to children. Every person living in the physical world has a right to be loved. “Love thy neighbor as thyself,” - it was so long ago that this commandment was given by beloved Jesus. So many events have taken place on Earth since the time of this commandment. How busy you are in your lives. You are constantly busy with something. Is it not the time to stop and hear Jesus’ words addressed to you?

10. How many times is it necessary to repeat the commandments so that they are followed? How many times is it necessary to come with the Messages that you learn, not only to read or listen to them, but also to follow the received Teaching in your lives? And I do hope that there will be at least a hundred incarnated people on the globe who will not only read my Messages, but will also use them in life. I AM Maitreya.

[1] Short Rosary based on the Dictation of Lord Maitreya of December 6, 2009.

[2] The most important thing while praying the Rosaries, just as any other prayers, is your complete devotion to the Will of God, the achieving of that prayerful state of consciousness, which allows you to forget about yourself, to dissolve in God. If the Orthodox variant of the prayer “The Hail Mary” impedes your consciousness from being concentrated on God, please use the variant of the prayer, which is the most acceptable to your consciousness.