December 27, 2020

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Rosary "Mystical moment"


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Duration 16 min.

Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

The streaming Rosary "Mystical moment" on December 27, 2020 at 6 a.m. CST

"Mystical moment"

Rosary Mystical moment

I am ready, Lord. Take me, Lord, take my knowledge and take my abilities.
Make use of me Lord, to implement Your plans. Here I AM, Lord.
I surrender to Your Will and Your Law. There is no longer anything in me which is not from God.
There is nothing separating us. We are united.[2]


1. I AM THAT I AM. And come from within you. Now it is time to think about the eternal. The mystical moment of the change of the epochs is coming. It does not mean that the epoch is changing right at this moment. It means that the moment of eternity, when the change of the epochs occurs, has come. At this moment it is necessary as never before to turn your eyes towards the eternal, the everlasting, the mystical, and the mysterious.

2. Now there are very few people who feel the Higher worlds. The sense of eternity is a gift that a person cannot attain within one incarnation. And the more people in embodiment who possess this gift – to feel the Higher worlds -- the more harmonious are all the events of the physical world. For, it is exactly the inner connection, a mystical connection, that opens within your being, that allows you to carry out the Divine changes in your world.

3. Neither governments nor countries nor individuals carry out the great transformations in the world. All the great transformations of the world have always taken place through the penetration of the higher energies into the world. And then, when the energies of the Higher worlds can penetrate into the physical world, everything starts changing very quickly, literally before your eyes. Now we are on the cusp of the time and the age when the integration of the worlds will take place within more and more human individuals who are in embodiment.

4. The task, the purpose, and the meaning of life for many life-streams are exactly to hold and to maintain in their consciousness the connection with the Higher worlds, the connection between the worlds. Then, when a sufficient number of human individuals are able to ascend to the Higher worlds in their consciousness, all the transformations, the Divine transformations of the world, take place.

5. Therefore, I insist that each of you finds the time in order to have your own mystical experience, your mystical experiment. You must find the time to think about the eternal and the transitory, about eternal values and momentary interests, and to feel the difference between them and understand in which direction you wish to move.

6. At present, each person who is capable of mystical experience is considered strange and not adapted to life. However, this will not last forever. More and more of human individuals, who keep the memory of the Higher worlds in their consciousness, will come into embodiment. And very soon will these individuals dominate the world. For the time has come. The time has come and space is changing. The worlds have become nearer and are ready for interpenetration.

7. When the illusion is in its last convulsions and tries to hold its positions, it is timely for me to remind you about your Divine origin and about the inner essence that is present within you that will not allow you to continue your sweet dream in the illusion. It is time to awaken to the Higher reality. The time has come. You are slow and do not wish to awaken from your sweet dreams in the illusion. However, the power and beauty of the Divine reality surpasses any of the best manifestations of your physical world. Therefore, aspire to your true nature, your Divine nature. Look for these quiet mystical signs within yourselves. And then, when you become attuned to the Higher reality, the transformation of the physical world will happen by itself.

8. Do you see many people around you who think about the Higher reality and who are attuned to the Higher reality? I think that there are not many. There are few of such people in embodiment. And this is the reason for any injustice that exists in your world, for any inharmonious manifestations of natural phenomena and mass riots in human society.

9. The reversal of your consciousness, centering on eternal values — humanity is now on the threshold of this stage of human evolution. You need to realize the simple truth that you are now standing on this threshold, and just allow the existence of the Higher reality in your consciousness. This will be the necessary and sufficient step that will enable the transformation of everything around you.

10. The Ascended Hosts are ready to help you. But in order for this help to be rendered, it is necessary for you to believe in the reality in which the Ascended Hosts exist. The Faith in the Higher reality and the aspiration to the Higher worlds can pull humanity out of sweet dreaming in the illusion. The time to awaken has come. The sun of the eternal reality is rising. I call you to this everlasting reality. Now.

I am ready, Lord. Take me, Lord, take my knowledge and take my abilities.
Make use of me Lord, to implement Your plans. Here I AM, Lord.
I surrender to Your Will and Your Law. There is no longer anything in me which is not from God.
There is nothing separating us. We are united.[2]

[1]Short Rosary based on the dictation of I AM THAT I AM on December 31, 2011.

[2]A call given in Sanat Kumara's dictation of May 7, 2005 "I am patiently waiting for each of you to be ready to join the Hierarchy of Light and to be its vanguard exactly at that place where you are right now" is used at the beginning and at the end of the Rosary.