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September 5, 2021
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Ninth Short Mother Mary's Rosary
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Duration 21 min.
Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

The streaming Ninth Short Mother Mary's Rosary

on September 5, 2021 at 7 a.m. CDT

Ninth Short Mother Mary's Rosary

Ninth Short Mother Mary's Rosary

The end of darkness is coming, and only Light is ahead of you! [1]

1. I AM Mother Mary, having come to you today. Today my arrival will not be as joyful as before because I am sad. And my sadness is associated with all the many manifestations of the opposing forces, that have fettered humanity and prevented them from seeing the perspective of the Divine Path. I am monitoring young people, and I am monitoring people of a mature age, and also the elderly. Each generation comes to this world for the implementation of its mission. And it is sad to watch people suffering without God, seeking, yet failing to find Him in the twilight that the planet has been immersed in now.

2. A more blissful course of evolution is attempting to come into your lives. All of you are in need of manifestations of the Divine energies, including the maternal energies of God that I am bringing to you. My hope is not dwindling and it cannot expire. And I am seeking to manifest my presence wherever it is possible. If you go to the forest, you will see me among the trees; if you go to the field, you will see me in the sky against the clouds; If you are staring at a candle, I am with you, and you will feel my presence in the crackle of the candlewick, and in the flicker of the flame. If you are in the habit of looking at my icon or my image, then each time my presence becomes more perceptible, and more tangible as you spend more and more time meditating upon my image.

3. I am with you in your lives, and there are no barriers between us. I manifest my presence to every aspiring person, to everyone who by his or her Love is able to create a harmonious atmosphere in which I can manifest my presence. Every time you think of me and appeal to me, we get closer to each other. And our communication becomes possible despite the external unfavorable circumstances, and despite the dominance of inferior energies in your world.

4. I am with you against all odds. In this, my Service is manifested. And every time you devote time to a prayer or a prayer vigil, I am able to multiply your efforts a thousand-fold. That is how we will be able to overcome any resistance of the dark forces. And no matter how hard it is, no matter how many manifestations of darkness and chaos furiously rage in the end, I know that all my children will sooner or later be with me.

5. I clearly behold the day when each of you, my beloved children will be saved, having broken free from the captivity of darkness and illusion. I clearly behold the day when you will be able to overcome all your inferior states of consciousness, and all the consequences of your wrong choices in the past. I clearly behold the moment when the Divine Light will illuminate your faces, and this state of the Divine bliss will never leave you.

6. I am always with you in all the most difficult situations in which you may find yourselves in your lives. And now, when I have managed to give you a particle of my love and care, I want to appeal to you once again. Beloved, do not sink into despair and grief, or give way to despondency. There is a mechanism hidden within you that will enable you to find a way out of even the worst situation. A particle of God is shining within you. You should regularly find time during the day for your communication with God. You should constantly cultivate the feeling of the Divine within yourselves.

7. You don’t need to force yourselves to pray. The prayerful state of consciousness is innate. And you just need to constantly remember our consonance, and our Oneness. Then, when you think of me, you are already taking a step closer to God. You should find more time during the day for your communication with God. When God is able to be constantly present near you, wherever you are - outside, at work, at home, in a store - everything will start changing around you, and your life will change its course and aim to follow the Divine Path of development.

8. Not much effort is required, beloved. I insist that you should constantly keep your consciousness in consonance with the Divine Reality. Use the whole range of means available to you: my images, Divine music, prayers, and Rosaries. Anything that can elevate your consciousness and raise it over the commotion reigning in your world will bring you closer to the Path of Light that is waiting for you, and will unfold itself before your very eyes immediately as soon as you prepare yourselves.

9. It is impossible for you to continue wandering in the dark. It is necessary to come out to the Path of Light, the Divine Path. Stop blaming other people, other countries and nations, your government, and state structures and institutions for your troubles and misfortune. Everything surrounding you corresponds to your level of consciousness. Change your consciousness, harmonize it with God, and everything in your lives will change, within the lifetime of one generation.

10. I am telling you that the Divine Light opportunity is within hailing distance, yet you do not see it. You need to illuminate the space around you with the Divine Light emanating from the innermost depths of your being, and then you will obtain the understanding and knowledge that are necessary for you in order to come out of the darkness into the Light. I have come to you today to remind you that everything is possible with God. And your aspirations for the Common Weal and Good will be supported by all the Heavens and the energies of the coming New Age. You need not grieve and inflame the passions of despair. I am telling you that the end of darkness is coming, and only Light is ahead of you!

[1] The Rosary is based on Mother Mary's dictation of June 25, 2012

[2] The text of the prayer to Mother Mary is translated in accordance with the prayer given by Mother Mary in Her dictation of January 4, 2009