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Rosary of Lord Maitreya - 2

August 29, 2021
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School Education
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Narrator: Tatyana Mickushina

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School Education[1]

XI School Education


1. The schools must be a stronghold of learning in all fullness. Each school, from the very primary up to the highest institution, must be a living link among all schools. Study must be continued during one's entire life. Applied knowledge must be taught, without breaking away from historic and philosophic science. The art of thinking must be developed in each worker. Only then will he grasp the joy of perfectionment and know how to make use of his leisure. (103)[2]

2. Each school must be a complete educational unit. In schools there must be a useful museum in which the pupils themselves take part. There must be a cooperative, and the pupils must also be taught such cooperation. All phases of art must be included. Without the paths of beauty there can be no education. (104)

3. The study period will be a most agreeable hour when the teacher justly appraises the aptitudes of the pupils. Only discernment of capabilities makes for a just relationship toward the future workers. Often the students themselves do not understand their destination. The teacher, as a friend, prepares them in the best direction. No compulsion is applicable in schools. Only persuasion can be suitable for stimulating learning. More experiments, more discourses—what a joy there is in the application of one's forces! Little ones love the work of the “grown-ups.” (105)

4. When the family does not know how, let the school teach cleanliness in all ways of life. Dirt comes not from poverty but from ignorance. Cleanliness in life is the gateway to purity of heart. Who then is unwilling that people be pure? One should equip schools in such a way that they will be conservatories for the adornment of life. Each object can be considered from the standpoint of love. Each thing must be made a participant in the happy life. Cooperation will help to find a way for each household. Where one person alone does not find the solution, there the community will be of assistance. Not prizefighters but creators will be the pride of the country. (106)

5. The school must not only instill a love for the book but teach how to read—and the latter is not easier than the former. It is necessary to know how to concentrate thought in order to penetrate into a book. Not the eye but the brain and the heart do the reading. The book does not occupy a place of honor in many homes. (107)

6. It is the duty of the community to affirm the book as a friend of the home. The cooperative, first of all, has a book-shelf whose contents are very extensive. There will be accounts of the treasures of the motherland and of her links with the world. The heroes, the creators and the toilers will be revealed; and the concepts of honor, duty, and obligation to one's neighbor, as well as mercy will be affirmed. There will be many examples prompting learning and discoveries. (107)

7. Among the school subjects let there be taught the fundamentals of astronomy, but let it be presented as the gateway to the far-off worlds. Thus schools will stimulate the first thoughts about life in the far-off worlds. Space will become alive, astrochemistry and rays will round out the presentation of the magnitude of the Universe. Young hearts will feel not as ants upon the earth's crust, but as bearers of spirit responsible for the planet. Let us fix our attention on schools, for from them will issue the affirmation of cooperation. There will be no construction without cooperation. There will be no security of state and union while outworn egoism holds sway. (110)

8. It is absurd to think that perspiration is only a physical manifestation. During mental work a particular emanation valuable for the saturation of space issues forth. If bodily perspiration can fertilize the earth, then that of the spirit restores prana by being chemically transformed in the rays of the Sun. Labor is the crown of Light. It is necessary that school pupils remember the significance of labor as a factor of world-creation. As a result of labor there will be steadfastness of consciousness. It is necessary to emphasize strongly the atmosphere of work. (117)

9. Let the teacher keenly discern those able to proceed swiftly. It is not necessary to praise them, but one should clear the path for them. One should create intermediate courses; the fleet ones can run up these steps. Do not conceal difficulties from them. For a certain type of consciousness every movement leading to achievement is already a light and a joy. (207)

10. The teacher must also be depended upon to determine quickly the direction of thinking of a pupil, because erroneous equipping is a heavy offense and by it the best workers may be lost. Each inflexible program is a corpse which is intolerable under the sun of knowledge. It is necessary as quickly as possible to stabilize the school by examining the consciousness of the teacher. Create for him a better situation in order to repose in him a responsibility for the consciousness of the community workers. (207)

[1] Short Rosary based on the book “Agni Yoga. Community”.

[2] The number of the paragraph, taken from the book Agni Yoga. Community, has been indicated in parenthesis, after each paragraph.