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Uranus in Aries

On the 12th of March 2011 Uranus entered Aries for the following 7 years until 2018.

Let us know what astrologers think about this astrological situation and try to understand what is in store for us.

It takes 84 years for Uranus to go through the whole Zodiac. Entering the Aries it starts the new cycle. Regeneration and development of the world rapidly accelerate. The Aries, the beginning of the Zodiac, is a fiery, initiative, effective, impatient and warlike sign. Uranus is an unpredictable planet. Both the sign and the planet are connected with individual self-assertion. Their key word is "I". But the sign of Libra is opposite the Aries and in reality it seeks partnership. Uranus manages Aquarius, the sign of teams.

Uranus is connected both with individualism and team projects directed to the future where an individual aspires to the common goal. The goal may be abstract and fantastic or quite real. Uranus is connected with new technologies, individual and team creativity. Speaking about an individual, his creativity is seldom artistic (though it happens sometimes: cubists, futurists, most works of Picasso), it is more scientific. Scientific discoveries and inventions are connected with Uranus. It gives the courage of thought, originality and independence of thinking and actions. Test pilots, pioneers, explorers, geologists and futurists, astrologers and astronomers, human rights advocates and nonconformists are all under the patronage of Uranus. New, unusual, courageous and original things are connected with this planet.

From the point of view of a team, creativity of Uranus means the building of new forms of human communities, technological, industrial and scientific areas of the future.

But there is also the other side of Uranus. It can be manifested as the planet of extremism, abstraction, rigidness and inhumanity. An abstract goal may seize an individual or a team to such an extent that reality stops having any meaning for them. A man with great enthusiasm follows some doctrine, an idea or a project and like a sail follows the wind of abstraction. It may truly be an advanced project based on real analysis, but it happens sometimes that an individual gives himself to a demon revolting against God.

Uranus is connected with unexpected wreckages, calamities and shocking events. But of course, we cannot blame Uranus for all the above mentioned, usually it acts in different combinations with other planets.

As we can see Uranus is truly a revolutionary planet that leads to changes both in society and science. These changes may be global and positive as well as negative, it all depends on the state of consciousness of the society that falls under the influence of the energies of this planet.

Let us look at the last two transits of Uranus through Aries.

A little bit of History

If you look at the last two periods of Uranus in Aries, you can clearly see that it brings global metamorphoses, and these revolutionary metamorphoses can carry enormous power, both creative and destructive. But in any case, a new type of society appears. Let's look at a couple of events.

1843-1851 – Uranus in Aries


The most important event of these years is the Communist Manifest of 1848 and social revolutions in almost all European countries, the Revolutions of 1848-49. This brings state reaction and encroachment on freedom of citizens (which usually falls on Uranus in Taurus)


Fundamentals of thermodynamics were laid in the middle of the XIX century by William Thomson (Lord Kelvin) and Clausius. They formulated the two laws of thermodynamics, however the first law was familiar to Hermann Helmholtz. Rankin and Thomson introduced the general concept of energy (1852), not only the kinetic energy, both Mayer and Joule formulated a universal law of conservation of energy. "(Wikipedia, History of Physics)

1927-1934 – Uranus in Aries


The most important event was the worldwide economic crisis of 1929. The collapse of the economy, the new reorganization of society. The disappearance of the policy of a free actions of citizens in favour of totalitarianism. The beginning of massive repression in Russia. The coming of Hitler in 1933. Strengthening of the state reaction, the destruction of civil liberties.


1920 had more than one significant quantum phenomena, inexplicable from the point of view of classical positions ...

... Louis de Broglie suggested that wave-particle duality is characteristic of not only light, but also the substance ...

Bohr summed it up to the "principle of subsidiarity": the description of corpuscular and wave phenomena are complementary, and if we are interested in a causal relationship, it is the corpuscular description is convenient, but if we are interested in the space and time, then the wave description is convenient. In fact, the micro-object is neither a particle nor a wave, and these classical concepts appear only because our tools can measure the classical values. The School of Bohr generally believed that all the attributes of an atom do not exist objectively but appear in the interaction with the observer. "There is no reality that is independent on the method of observation" (Bohr) ... 1928: Paul Dirac gave a relativistic version of quantum mechanics (Dirac equation), and predicted the existence of the positron, ushering in quantum electrodynamics.

So, the last time Uranus entered Aries in March 31, 1927. About seven years before this event, the Masters made another attempt to reach the hearts of people in incarnation. This is understandable, since, knowing the powerful influence of Uranus, it was necessary to provide an easier way to humanity.

Do you remember the first message of the Masters from "Agni Yoga"?

London, March 24, 1920

I am — your Bliss
I am — your Smile
I am — your Joy
I am — your Rest
I am — your Strength
I am — your Valor
I am — your Wisdom

By holiness in life, guard the precious Gem of Gems.
Aum Tat Sat Aum!
I am thou, thou art I — parts of the Divine Self.
My Warriors! Life thunders — be watchful.
Danger! The soul hearkens to its warning!
The world is in turmoil — strive for salvation.
I invoke blessings unto you.
Salvation will be yours!
Life nourishes the soul.
Strive for the life glorified,
and for the realization of purity.
Put aside all prejudices — think freely.
Be not downcast but full of hope.
Flee not from life, but walk the path of salvation.

You and We — here together in spirit.
One Temple for all — for all, One God.
Manifold worlds dwell in the Abode of the Almighty,
And the Holy Spirit soars throughout.

In 1926 Nicholas Roerich arrived in Moscow on behalf of the Masters. Nicholas Roerich, using his relations met with the leaders of Soviet Union. He brought them the Letter from the Masters. Roerich arrived in Moscow as an ambassador of the Masters of the East. The guidance of the Himalayan teachers who had signed the Messages was offered in the letter.

Unfortunately, the Soviet leadership did not accept the proposals of cooperation with the Masters. And in March 1927 Uranus entered the active sign of Aries. And as the Path proposed by the Masters was rejected, we had to go the other path.

And then forced collectivization began in the Soviet Union. Mother Earth responded with crop failure in the late 20s - early 30s. In 1932-1933 about 4 million people died of hunger in Ukraine. Personality cult of Stalin and repressions began.

And as the cycle of Uranus is 84 years, Russia and former Soviet republics are still reaping the fruits of the karma.

On the 12th of March 2011 Uranus entered the Aries again. Exactly 7 years ago, on the 12th of March 2004, Lord Surya laid the Mantle of the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood on my shoulders. And I have been bearing this Mantle on my shoulders for more than 8 years and doing the work that the Masters ask me to do for Them.

More than 400 messages of the Masters have been received and published for this period of time. This time the Masters have chosen the other tactics – to act not through the government of the country but through the Internet and to come directly to each home where people are waiting for the news from the Masters.

They expected that the people's consciousness will rise to the necessary level. Then the influence of Uranus would lead to a truly revolutionary leap and revolutionary transformations in all spheres of life. Uranus would reveal its positive aspects, and the hope of the Masters for rapid transformations first in Russia and then in the rest of the world would be realized. For the spiritual element, inner moral law inherent in the people determines the life in all the other spheres: politics, economics, science, education and etc. If the majority of people do not follow the moral law (and the dictations of the Masters are nothing more than the explanation of the moral law and its inextricable link with the Law of Karma), it is only possible to manage such people from the position of strength and totalitarianism, as there is no inner manager within a person – his conscience.

According to the Masters' opinion, in order for the positive changes to take place, it is necessary that 1 per cent of the population adopted the Teaching of the Masters. It is about 1,5 million of people in Russia and about 60 million of people of the world. So, if such a country like Russia turns towards the moral law, the cosmic law of this universe, the changes in all the other countries can occur more rapidly.

However, you can see yourself how people accept the Teaching given by the Masters. Are there any changes in the society? Are the recommendations of the Masters for education, TV, radio and other spheres taken into account? And how each of you who is reading these lines is applying the Teaching in your own life? Have you managed to get rid of at least one bad habit, attachment or negative feature of your character? Do you follow the moral law in your life?

It's the second time that the help and the guidance of the Masters have been rejected for the last 84 years. The first time it was from the side of the government, the second time by the people themselves. And all that energy that is contained in the dictations of the Masters that has not been adopted by humanity can lie as a karmic burden on this and the next generations of people.

We are making our choice ourselves.

We wish to follow a better and higher path without wandering in the darkness. But if people refuse the guidance of the Higher Forces, the Law of Karma will inevitably come into effect. And humanity will have to learn in the school of severe lessons of life.

Tatiana Mickushina


Beloved Lanello (Mark Prophet)
June 27, 2012

"…But for the help of the Ascended Hosts, none of our missions would be able to exist more than several months. All missions of Light require tremendous resources and energetic consumptions granted by the Karmic Board and the Great Central Sun.

Therefore, your efforts, your diligence and your abilities are also required for our missions to be more successful.

Imagine a person who invests money in business located in the other part of the globe. At each accounting period a businessman must be sure that his investments make profit, otherwise he will have to relocate his activity to another place on the globe. And if people in the country wherein the investment of the money energy is made do not facilitate the activity or even hinder it, then an entrepreneur with a hundred per cent probability will relocate his work and business to another country, wherein the conditions of greater favorability will be created.

It is the full analogy with apostleship. We invest energy in implementation of the mission of Light. And with certain periodicity we exercise control over the extent to which our investments are reasonable.

If to refer the above-mentioned reasoning to the mission of our Messenger, what will we see?

Within eight years by the decision of the supreme cosmic councils the energy for maintaining the mission of our Messenger was being granted. The Divine energy is accompanied by the stream of purely material energy which is automatically acquired by the country wherein our mission is being implemented. And if you review the very last years, you will see that in the most miraculous way Russia has scrambled out of the hard times to a relative financial welfare.

What do we see next? Is this financial welfare spent on providing a certain educational level for the upcoming generation to be able to get a notion about God and the Divine Law, effective in this world, as soon as possible?

How much attention is paid to the work with the low-income and destitute people? How are social policy and public healthcare changing for the better?

I must tell you that we see nothing of the kind. The entire stream of Divine energy manifested as money energy is being spent on building entertainment houses, shops, propaganda of wrong behavioral patterns, free way of life and sexual promiscuity.

How do you think: will the Divine Law permit to continue the Divine opportunity for Russia, the country wherein our Messenger was living all this time?

I cannot say which decision will be made this time by the Karmic Board which is still in session. But even if to speak at the human level of consciousness, we see a waste of energy.

Granting an opportunity to transmit the Messages is a great Divine Mercy. And one has to be surprised at the devaluation of true values which takes place in your world. The Mercy of the Heavens you consider as a weakness. The stream of Divine abundance you take for granted.

Until you re-consider your inner and outer guidelines, you will be receiving lessons in form of the returning of karma of your wrong choices.

Can you imagine: what karma is created by the nation which uses the Divine energy not for affirmation of the Divine patterns, yet for affirmation of the patterns totally opposite to the Divine?

Boosting the desires by means of advertising and mass media leads to wrong actions in the physical plane which generate karma. And the karma must be worked off, for so is the Law.

And in this case God grants an opportunity and manifests mercy. Through repentance, through becoming conscious of the wrong actions and sins it is possible to atone for the wrong deeds. Yet the consciousness of the nation must rise to repentance.

If we recollect the very recent past of this country associated with the assassination of the royal family and the following decades of wandering without God in the dark, we can note that the majority of people in incarnation now also feel no repentance and no remorse in their souls.

God will reward you thousandfold for any righteous deed. But why do you not do it?"


On the 27th of June 2012 inspired from above, I wrote a letter to President of Russia. If I take out unimportant details from the letter related to the physical plane which are not so important for the Higher planes of Being, the essence of the letter will be the following:

To President of Russian Federation
Vladimir V. Putin
From Tatiana N. Mickushina

Dear Mr.President, I am asking for your help and support.

... I am sure that the Teaching that is contained in my books is necessary for the people of Russia and the whole world right now. I am asking you to render your personal help to me and my mission.

With big Respect to you personally,
Tatiana Mickushina
July 27, 2012

The esoteric sense of the letter is the appeal for help to the head of the state in which my mission as the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood is being realized.

Recognition and patronage of the Messenger's mission at the state level will open the new Divine opportunity for the country, and Heavens will send their help to this country.

The lack of recognition and help means losing the last chance given by the Masters, and the only problem on the agenda will be the following: to be ready for karma descending and to pray for the karma to be lightened.

Tatyana Mickushina
Light and Love!