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Keys to Freedom

Practical recommendations of the Masters of Wisdom

The Masters give their recommendations that are to be applied in your daily life in order to continue the evolutionary path of development together with the planet.

These recommendations represent the keys to Freedom from the attachment to the material world which the Teachers call the world of illusion.

In the dictations of the Masters you can find new approaches to self-consciousness and the way of living. There are recommendations concerning food, living conditions, contact with Nature, giving up bad habits and etc.

Below you can find several recommendations from the dictations of the Ascended Masters.

What do you choose: Divine patterns or temptations of this world?

Lord Shiva
April 2, 2005

Look at everything surrounding you at home, in the street. Pay attention to those images which you are staring at when looking at advertisements filling up your TV programmes. Do you think all this resembles the Divine reality?

I offer you the cheapest way to become God. You simply have to guard yourself against imperfect images and to surround yourself with perfect Divine images. It does not matter to which religion or faith these images belong.

These must be images raising your consciousness and enabling you to dwell in a more perfect state of consciousness, and maximising your approximation to the perfect Divine vibrations as much as possible.

The Great Divine Director
April 27, 2006

We are waiting for your actions of transformation of the physical plane. All non-divine things should leave your TV and radio airtime, shelves of shops and the Internet.

You cannot struggle against non-divine manifestations but you can substitute Divine models for those non-divine manifestations. You are acting even if you refuse watching non-divine programmes and films or taking part in any negative manifestations which are still characteristic of your world. Thereby you stop creating karma, and by your right choices you work off your past karma, and by your right choices you also give an example to the people around, especially to the youth.

Do not worry about somebody doing something wrong. Show how to act correctly.

Beloved El Morya
July 21, 2006

Do not force us to remind you again and again about the fact that you bear a great responsibility of transfiguration of the physical plane of planet Earth. Remember that you have come in this embodiment in order to implement concrete deeds in the physical plane. But in order to make your deeds perfect and accordant to Divine plans, you have to, first of all, take concern about your conductors. Tirelessly purify your higher bodies by saying prayers and keeping the fast, by having strolls in nature and communicating with children and animals. Contemplate the beauty, and under the influence of the beauty you will change your inner state. Nothing exerts such influence on a human as beauty and nature do. Cherish and cultivate the right patterns in your lives. Try to make it so that everything surrounding you would fill you with harmony and beauty. Do not feel shy to direct other people, remind them about the fact that everything around them exerts constant influence on their consciousness and their inner world. And this also refers to watching television and uncontrolled listening to the radio. Guard yourselves from any negative vibrations which you are able to guard yourselves from. There are plenty of ways to guard yourself from negative energies, and many of these ways do not require any financial investment.

Therefore, I have come to remind you that everything is in your power. You can count on the help of the Masters and make your calls, yet in the physical plane you are to act yourselves. And all the miracles which take place have been thoroughly planned. And the miracle of transfiguration of the physical plane will unavoidably take place but you have to prepare this miracle in your hearts for it to happen.

Methods of harmonization

Lord Lanto
June 22, 2008

…Make it a rule to seclude yourself at least once a day to try to raise your consciousness to the highest possible level when all the vain thoughts disappear, when all the imperfect feelings go away, and you feel the Breathing of the Eternity, peace and conciliation. It will be very hard for you to attain such a state at the beginning, because everything that surrounds you contrasts with the Divine state of consciousness sharply. Everything that surrounds you will try to interfere your contacts with the Eternity. However, you can keep the following image in your mind: as you raise your consciousness and your vibrations become higher, you manage to transmit perfect Divine vibrations to your world. That is why your work is not the work for you only or for your perfection, that is the work for the whole Universe. You work for God.

Beloved Helios
December 23, 2008

When you lack joy, cheerfulness, sunlight, you can appeal to me for help, because I am capable of filling your being with extra amount of energy and vitality.

You should come out in the sun or imagine that you stand in the rays of the sun, which is shining on you from Heaven. And when you feel the warmth and energy that come from the Sun with your whole being, you need to ask me:

"In the name of I AM THAT I AM, beloved Helios, I ask you to clean my aura and my chakras from everything which is not from God, I ask you to fill my being with your energy, the energy of the Sun."

You can make this appeal every day, regardless of the time of day, but the appeal is the most efficient when the Sun is at its highest point and when you stand turning your whole being towards the Sun.

I can and I am able to help you and respond to your call when you appeal to me.

Meditation on the winter sun