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How to avoid cataclysms?

Gautama Buddha
May 23, 2005

All the disharmonious manifestations in this world are caused by the disharmonious and imperfect consciousness of the earthlings. And indeed, everything that takes place and that might take place on planet earth depends on each of you.

Lord Surya
May 10, 2005

Look around yourselves. It is you and only you who are responsible for the imperfection of your world. It is you and only you who may be blamed for all the hurricanes, natural calamities, tsunamis and extreme weather conditions. These are the fruits of your hands and your consciousness.

Beloved Alpha
December 14, 2005

Do not treat your planet as something continuous and given to you once and for all. Your planet, the state in which it is now, is a reflection of your thoughts, your feelings, your level of consciousness that you have now.

That is why the future of your planet and the climate of your planet and everything that surrounds you on your native planet, your Mother, depends on you and nobody else.

Quan Yin
December 29, 2011

The more humankind will stick to the former style of life and the former behaviour stereotypes, supported by mass consciousness and by the negative impact of the majority of the mass media, including the Internet, the more severe tests humankind may undergo in the near future. And vice versa, if qualitative changes take place in the people's consciousness, the leap of the consciousness towards the Divinity, the more smoothly the changes will descend.

Beloved Alpha
December 29, 2009

One imperfect thought or feeling attracts the same according to the vibration. And after a while a hurricane of negative energy is formed, which is manifested later in the physical plane in the form of real hurricanes and cataclysms.

With the refinement that takes place on the planet, your thoughts and feelings gain bigger influence. Much bigger influence than your words and actions have.

Prudence and care are the qualities which you have to acquire. But you acquire these qualities automatically if devotion to the Will of God and a desire to serve your neighbor based on the feeling of unconditional Love are present inside of you.

Ignorance is the main quality you have to get rid of in the near future. It is incompatible with the next step of evolutionary development, onto which humankind has to step, due to the efforts of thousands of beings of Light, caring about you.

Sanat Kumara
March 22, 2005

…Any imperfect thought exerts influence upon the entire planet, spreading round the globe and coming into resonance with similar imperfect thoughts and feelings.

In the same way thoughts appealing to Weal and Good, positive thought-forms and emotions improve the stability of the whole planet and contribute to the levelling of the axis of the equator.

Meditate at Good, Weal and Love. Keep internal peace and quietness. Each of you should become a fulcrum on Earth, a conductor of Light. This Light will help you equalise the balance of your planet. This Light will help the Earth in ascending to the next level of evolution.

Quan Yin
June 24, 2011

A more balanced and successful development and your entry into the period of the Golden Age is created by the consciousness vectors of positively directed individuals. The more human individuals there are who are able to harmonise themselves, the surrounding people and conditions, and the greater efforts and aspirations they demonstrate, the sooner mankind will enter the passage of sustainable and stable development.

The feast of life is over. The time has come for hard inner work. By unfettering yourselves from low states of consciousness you save the whole world.

This is because everything is interconnected in our world. And a wing beat of a butterfly is heard as a roar in the subtle worlds. What then is the effect of your actions, thoughts and feelings?

Beloved Babaji
June 25, 2011

Everyone is given a chance to survive.
Everyone is given a helping hand.
But the Law of free will does not allow interfering if there is no call for help from your side.
Yet even when the situation is completely hopeless owing to the karma you have created, even when the utmost sinner is beseeching Heaven's help at the eleventh hour, we have no right to refuse help.
Thus, call for help, and the help will come!
Pray for salvation, and the salvation will come!
Trust in God, and God will protect and guide you!
It is only your desire to change that is required.
It is your wish to serve the evolutions of planet Earth that is required.
Do not miss the opportunity which is opening up now!
It is hard to comprehend when all is well. The realisation comes much more quickly when the situation grows so absurd that even the deaf and the blind start to realise that something is going wrong.
That is why I come tirelessly and keep thundering into your ears: "The time has come!"
The time has come for you to make a revolution in your consciousness!

St. Michael the Archangel
June 22, 2009

…The future of the planet and of millions of souls who are caught in the illusion and do not see daylight depend on your ability to keep your consciousness pure, heavenward and accordant with the Higher Worlds.

Lead by example! Be brave, be enduring and be inventive. Invent the ways that will carry millions of people to a new level of consciousness. Do sound on the top note. Do set the pattern!

I am calling you into the future!

A Talk of vital importance

Beloved Kuthumi
July 2, 2009

I AM Kuthumi. I have come to hold discourse.

I would like to talk to you openly, earnestly and directly.

My heart wishes to talk to you about many things, but first of all, of course, about something that is of the most interest and the most value for you at this stage.

And the confusion that is present in your world is, of course, first of all, caused by you yourselves. First you perform irresponsible deeds, allow imperfect thoughts and feelings which seize hold of your being and then you are astonished at the effects caused by your deeds, thoughts and feelings.

The mental field of the planet is overloaded with your negative states of consciousness. The same takes place in the astral plane.

You hardly ever think about the impact that your thoughts and feelings have on everything that surrounds you. And in fact, all the negative effects that are present in nature, in the weather conditions, in the financial sphere and in any other spheres of life on planet Earth are generated by you yourselves. And some time later your own fruits materialise in the physical plane of planet Earth in the form of hurricanes, showers, drought or floods.

Many times we talked about the direct and immediate link that exists between your state of consciousness and everything that happens on planet Earth.

Your oblivion and constant hope that things will somehow come right by themselves make us, the Ascended Masters, doubt whether humanity is at all able to hear us and perceive the information which we give.

It seems that it has been said dozens of times that it is necessary to watch your thoughts and feelings, it is necessary to dedicate attention to the analysis of everything that happens to you during the day. It is just impossible to provide clearer signs in the physical plane. And the next step that is going to follow is a catastrophe of such a scale that you suspect but fear even to think about.

Why do you read our messages if you do not act according to our indications and requests in your life? It seems that humanity has come to the stage of its development when it is already unable to react to the information adequately.

In my dictations I have personally told you many times that you suffer from an excess of information. You overload your mind with different news and information that comes to you from different sources to such an extent that you not only become incapable of discerning the true information from the false, but now you do not react to any information. You just let it pass by, and everything that flows into your consciousness during the day cannot stay there a minute. The defence mechanism gets activated.

That is why I have come today to tell you one more time that you have to approach any information that you get very carefully. Even when it seems to you that the information passes by your consciousness it has an ability to settle in your subconscious mind. And you can never tell when and what kind of influence your subconscious mind will exert on you, your choices and your behaviour.

The genie of permissiveness and accessibility of any information has been let out from the bottle. And the only way out of this situation is to protect yourselves against everything that is unnecessary for your evolutionary development. And if you do not undertake steps in that direction, the next generation will not be able to react adequately to any information at all. Constant repetition influences your consciousness as coding. That is why you should expose yourselves to the influence of the modern mass media with great caution. The time has come when you have to separate the seeds from the tares in everything that surrounds you and reject everything that is not divine. I understand that when you are in the situation of constant pressure from the parts of all the modern advanced technologies which bombard your consciousness at full power via hundreds television and radio channels 24 hours a day, it is hard for you to find your bearings and understand how to act in this situation.

We teach you discernment and the right choices that you can make. And the first and most reasonable thing is to limit the influence of all the mass media on your consciousness and subconsciousness. When that pressure lessens, you will gain an ability to navigate and to distinguish. Your Higher Self, God inside you cannot talk to you; the Ascended Masters cannot talk to you while you are sealed off in the informational trash that is pouring out on you in tons from TV screens, radios, newspapers and the Internet during the day. You get a feeling that you are well-informed about all the latest events of the world, that you get information about all the innovations in all spheres. However, the main news that is not broadcast via any of your radio or TV channels is not available for most of the people of the Earth. And the main news is the SOS signal that your planet and everything that lives on it send.

You are like a mad captain that navigates a ship in a storm. The collective consciousness and the collective subconsciousness of humanity are like such a mad captain. And at any moment the ship, your planet, may strike sharp reefs and be shipwrecked.

You have tried, you have tasted all the fruits on planet Earth, and now the time has come when it is necessary to get back to the more subtle manifestations of existence. How can you hear the sounds of the music of my organ that I play every night in my retreat in the etheric octaves, if you are continuously deafening yourselves with all the background noise from your loud equipment?

To listen to silence, to the living voices of nature is tiresome and dull for you. You have created an artificial civilization that has torn itself from everything that has been created by God on planet Earth.

I have come in order to try one more time to deliver the simple truths to your consciousness. And I become silent in the hope that, nevertheless, you have heard me.

I AM Kuthumi