Tatyana Mickushina about reading the Messages. Continuation.


Question 1: Everyone is expected to reset the Calendar of Joint Readings of the Messages to "Words of Wisdom,Volume I” after the release of the video "New Guru", but now we all read Messages strictly according to the Calendar. If Tatyana Mickushina puts the very first Message in the Calendar, we will start reading it from the beginning. At this stage, we continue on the approved schedule?



The video "New Guru" is a cut-out fragment from a long Skype meeting.

The point of this video is that now books are becoming our Guru, since there is no possibility of live direct communication.

And we start all over again-working with the Messages and working on our-selves. But that doesn't mean starting to read the Messages again right now. When we finish this Reading – we'll start over.



Question 2: If you can read one Message a day, then what about other books that contain Messages ("The Teaching of changing of consciousness", etc.), they, it turns out, can no longer be read, since it will be two Messages a day?



There Is Joint practice, and there is individual spiritual work.

If you are reading the book "The Teaching of changing of consciousness", read in your own pace as best you can, for example, 1-2-3 Messages a day. These Messages are on the same topic, so it's okay. Listen to yourself so that you don't get too full of energy.

On the same day, you can join a group practice and read the Message together with everyone on the Calendar.

It may turn out that you even read 4 Messages a day. But your efforts will only increase when you join a joint practice.



Question 3: Is it Possible or recommended to join the joint reading of the Messages (pub-lished in the calendar) for people who have just or recently come into contact with the Masters and the Dictations, and have never read the Messages from the very beginning?



In this matter, everything depends on the person.

Some people prefer to read everything from the beginning. In this case, I would advise you to start reading the Messages as an individual practice. And when the time comes for a new Reading cycle according to the Calendar, you can stop your individual practice and start again with the first Message and read with everyone.

It is easier for other people to connect to the General wave of Readings. Be-cause it's easier to read with everyone when you lack your own discipline. Therefore, they can try to read along with everyone on the Calendar.

A person must make a decision for himself and listen to himself, to his feel-ings.

If any internal disharmony occurs, you can stop the practice. That means the time has not come yet.