The end of the cosmic cycle. What awaits us



Tatyana Mickushina answers the question from Veronika Latse, the head of the Publishing House “Solvita" in Riga, Latvia.

In the Teaching about the changing of consciousness, the Masters say that the world is changing, and the changes are happening in a very short period of time. How is this manifested in the physical world, how does raising the vibrations of the planet and decreasing the consciousness of man feel in everyday life?

The answer of Tatyana Mickushuna.

The Masters say that consciousness must grow, but the question is about decreasing the consciousness. Let’s try to answer this question from the point of view of the Teaching given by the Masters of Wisdom.

The Masters say that the vibrations of the planet Earth are increasing. How does it look from the physical point of view, I do not know. But I can guess that the cosmic deadlines have come, as the Masters say. Some spiritual teachers say that the Sidereal or Solar year ends, which lasts for 25,868 years. And somewhere at the beginning of the Aquarian Age, according to some data, this stellar year ends.

Accordingly, when some cosmic deadline comes to an end, something new must come. And something new must replace what exists now. Consequently, the old, that exists now, will be resisting. And now we are living in a transitional Era, and in this Era there is such a confrontation between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness.

The vibrations will be increasing, I think because the planet Earth which is a part of the surrounding constellations, passes through some energy-saturated zones of the Galaxy, and this is the effect it has on the Earth.

And so, the vibrations of the planet are rising. This could be compared to, for example to a large apple tree with apples growing on it. And when you start shaking this apple tree, the apples start falling to the ground. Many apples are falling down, there are those apples that are good and ripe, and those that are rotten, with worms. We collect the good apples, and separate the ones with worms. That's how God works. When the vibrations on the planet increase, we all start shaking. We get into a kind of cosmic separator, and in this separator, there is a separation of souls. So, the souls which are ready to continue their cosmic evolution, their consciousness rises and they go up. And those souls who are not ready for further evolution enter a downward spiral and leave the evolutionary path. And all of this we observe around us now: some souls develop very quickly and reach the heights of their profession, in their field of activity. Others, on the contrary, fall under the influence of mass consciousness and their consciousness disintegrates. So, the mass media, the current situation in the world in the field of education, in the field of management leads to the fact that the human consciousness is fragmented, and so a person does not have a complete picture of the world. He gets some individual knowledge from the Internet, either in the form of news, or in the form of some other things, but there is no complete picture of the world. When a person does not have this complete picture of the world, then he cannot be complete, and accordingly, he cannot meet the evolutionary tasks.

But at this moment, the Masters of Wisdom provide help to humanity on Earth, and we receive their Helping Hand in the form of Messages. About 500 Messages in total have been given, which are published in the 5-volume series “ Books of Wisdom “, and are contained on the “Sirius” website.

And these Messages contain a holistic worldview approach not only for the time that we are currently experiencing, but also a general view of the evolution of the Universe, life in the Universe, life on the planet Earth, where we came from, and where we are going. And those souls who are able to adopt this worldview approach, it will be easier for them in this Era than for those who do not have this approach, who have the reflection of the external world in their minds like a shattered mirror, because there is no complete picture.

When people have a holistic worldview, it is easier for them to navigate the world around them, and it is easier to make choices - it is easier to make decisions about how to act.

Unfortunately, the modern educational system does not provide a holistic view, and this of course leaves much to be desired. It is planned that children will be taught in front of a computer. And, of course, without a living teacher, such an education, I think will not create a complete picture of the world, because not all knowledge can be transmitted through text, through a computer. There is the teacher's life experience, which is transmitted in addition to words, in addition to some tasks, namely it is transmitted from aura to aura. From the aura of the teacher to the aura of the student.