SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

One more vital point is added to the dispensation on the 23rd of each month

Gautama Buddha,
December 25, 2006

I AM Gautama Buddha, having come to you again to give a new message inspired by the force of Love that I, as well as the other Ascended Masters, feel towards you, people of Earth embodied at present. The time is very stressful and the turn of the year is a time of special importance and complexity. It is at the turn of the solar cycle that we come and give you our training, since everything we plant on the growing sun will germinate in spring and summer when the next solar cycles come which are the day of the vernal equinox and the day of summer solstice. The old is nearing its completion and the new is beginning to show, and this new is absolutely gorgeous!

I can say this as I am directly relevant to the future that is to come very soon. We are happy that there is a sufficient number of human individuals who wish to serve us, the Ascended Masters, and we are able to materialise our plans together with you.

I am standing in front of you in a great state because today at the Session of the Karmic Board a vital event has occurred, and this event will not be long in influencing the life of each tellurian. It has been decided during the session that each tellurian who has achieved a certain level of consciousness will be able to spend a part of the energy he frees during praying or while serving Life in order to enable the rest of humanity of earth to achieve the level of consciousness that is necessary at the current stage of the evolutionary development as soon as possible. We time this important decision to coincide with the dispensation of the 23rd of each month and now, starting from the 23rd of January of next year, one more fundamental point is being added in counterpart to the guidelines of this important dispensation that are still in operation during the entire period of next year. Each of you, who wish, can direct your energy onto the transmutation of karma of those who have decelerated their development and are unable to understand many Divine Truths. This can relate to your loved ones, your relatives and even strangers to whom you feel a special affinity. On the 23rd of each month of next year you can make a call and transmute that karma that prevents the person chosen by you from the achieving the next level of consciousness. For the time being each of you can practise this dispensation for one person only, for example, this can be your spouse, your child or any of your parents or any person whom you want to help.

We hope sincerely that this new Divine opportunity will let both us and you accelerate the pace of raising the level of consciousness of earthly mankind. Just picture that by the end of next year, after the completion of the annual cycle and the session of the Karmic Board, the number of people who will have reached the level of consciousness that allows them to serve us consciously will double! In such a way by the end of the year we will have a chance to double the number of our devotees – the people capable of taking upon themselves a responsibility for both the planet and the evolutionary development of all the living creatures on earth.

I am happy to have got this joyful decision over to you! And now I am ready to give you a small piece of information that will allow you to orient yourselves in the current state of things in the world. What is meant here is the catastrophic increase of the level of negative vibrations at the end of the year. A lot of people are seized with heaviness, and very many celebrate their Christmas and New Year holidays at a very low vibration level, drinking alcohol and being engaged in indecent and reproachful actions. All these things create an extra portion of the planetary karma, which can bring irreparable disasters on some continents. That is why I turn to you as always at the end of the year with a request to keep balance first of all within yourselves and to devote as much effort as possible to the balancing of the planetary karma and the karma of your country. If you feel such an internal need, you can devote every day remaining till the end of the current year to your prayer practice and make double and triple efforts. Do not hesitate even to obtain leave in order to work for the good of planet Earth at home in privacy or with a group of like-minded people. Read Rosaries, read other prayers or practise meditation. Send out your Love and Gratitude to Earth. Picture Mother-Earth as an alive being allowing you to live and to evolve and taking care of you. Send out your Love to Earth and to those elementals which maintain the human evolution on Earth.

At the end of every year we ask you for extra energy you are able to give us, and this in its turn enables us to balance the situation on the planet and to avoid many cataclysms.

That is why I come and turn to you with a request as an entity that wields power and keeps the balance on planet Earth.

I AM Buddha, and I am glad that many of you have decided and darted to the path of serving humanity of earth, having forgotten about your own problems and your own difficulties and misfortunes.

In reality, only when you are immersed in serving Life, all your petty concerns leave you one after another and one fine day you realise that you are free from all these trifling and unnecessary things that burdened you before. But that was another life, a life of a person egoistic and absorbed in his own problems. But now you represent a being of Light anxious about happiness and harmony on the planet.

May the world be well!

May all the living creatures inhabiting our dearly loved planet Earth be happy. Om.

I AM Gautama Buddha

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova