SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

A Teaching on Freedom[1]

Beloved El Morya
June 19, 2005

I AM El Morya, having come again!

I hope that our meeting today will be of benefit for you in your knowing of the world. During many years we have been trying to develop in our messenger an ability not only to perceive the knowledge she already had within her consciousness to one extent or another but to be able to pass on the torch that was absolutely new for her. As a result, our every attempt enabled us to stock your mind more and more with knowledge and comprehension.

You know that the universe is organised so that each level of the universe with its own level of consciousness is separated from the previous and the next levels by a kind of impenetrable energetic barrier. And you obtain an ability to overcome these barriers only when you acquire a certain inner energetic potential enabling you to do that. The energy which you are able to assimilate is determined by the level of the development of your consciousness. The more developed your consciousness is, the higher energetic layers you can get access to. For that reason, the level of your vibrations endows you with a certain level of freedom.

In fact, the whole evolution consists in the process of your attainment of a larger level of freedom which will enable you to assimilate by your consciousness a large number of energetic layers and to get access to an enormous amount of information.

The paradox lies in the fact that you should first give up your free will in the way you view it at your human level of consciousness. Freedom is understood by a human as a lack of restrictions for the satisfaction of his wishes. And if the laws of your society do not restrict by enforcement the freedom of individual members of the society, the ungovernable lusts of some of them will be able to harm the entire human population existing on the planet.

First you must willingly give up in your consciousness your carnal mind and the human wishes and needs connected with it. After doing that you will obtain a larger degree of freedom providing you with access to the higher energetic and informational levels…

[1] During the message transmission a computer fault occurred. The receiving of the dictations is performed by me with the simultaneous recording of the incoming information on the computer. I have only managed to restore the beginning of the received dictation. The major part of the typed text had been destroyed. While I was trying to recover the lost text, I fell out of the information flow and was unable to continue receiving. Therefore, I publish that part which I managed to save. Going forward we’ll see if the computer and the external conditions will allow me to continue receiving the messages. (Tatyana Mickushina)

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova