SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

The rebirth of Russia as the land of the Mother will take place very soon

Beloved Mother Mary
June 13, 2005

I AM Mother Mary, having come to you through this messenger.

I am pleased to meet you today. I am especially glad to meet you today because very many changes have taken place since our last meeting. And I thank all of you who have devoted all your free time to saying Rosaries during the whole period since our last meeting. I promised to come and to gift you a rose. I have been literally pouring roses upon many of you. And if you could notice with the eyes of your souls what is taking place around you, you would be able to see that the whole room in which you are saying the Rosaries is literally heaped with roses.

I give thanks to you. I am profoundly grateful to everybody who has answered my call.

I have used all the energy you have been giving me selflessly to create the conditions in your life enabling you to understand and realise the current events better.

My Love was invariably being poured upon you during your saying of the Rosaries. And I was feeling your Love. Oh, you cannot even imagine the bliss I experience while taking your Love into my heart.

Your Love penetrates the veil and flows like blessed incense wrapping me. I always see clearly whose heart is sending me this Love and I can always send my blessing to your heart and your life-stream.

Blessed be all those devoted and compassionate hearts who amid the hustle and bustle of the day find time to stop and give me Love and the energy of the Rosary.

Let us not interrupt this flow of Love and this energy exchange between our octaves.

Just imagine that each of your prayers addressed to me makes the veil between our worlds thinner and thinner. There are regions on the globe where the power of your prayers has made the communication between our worlds possible to such an extent that you can even feel me touching you and sense the aroma of the roses I am heaping upon you.

Beloved, do not interrupt your prayers.

I need your Love and prayers as before. You are aware of the important events that have taken place on earth. And I am happy to greet those of you who have reached the next stage of the evolution of your consciousness. And I am very happy that a lot of people who have devoted their time to the saying of Rosaries have managed to rise to this higher level.

The prayers about you and your relatives that I have been offering during this time have also taken effect.

Now I direct my attention to the Land of the Mother – Russia. You are aware of the fact that Russia is the country I extend special patronage to.

And my presence over Russia can be intensified only if as many as possible of the sons and daughters of this country pay deference to me and give me the energy of the Rosaries.

You know that Orthodoxy does not have a tradition of saying Rosaries. Therefore, those of you who confine yourselves strictly to the Orthodox traditions can do without reading Rosaries. It is enough for you to look at my image and send me your Love, and I will always feel this.

There are no restrictions in the Divine world. You yourselves invented all the restrictions by creating traditions. That is why I ask you just to give me your Love.

Do you remember Serafim Sarovsky? Can you remember him serving before my image on the icon called “Affection”?

He did not even recite prayers, but his eyes filled with tears and he plunged into a totally blissful state of Love towards me. Serafim Sarovsky was one of my most devoted servants.

And I still remember the moments of our commune with him spent together in the wood.

You cannot even imagine this inexpressible miracle given to us by the Lord. With the help of our Love we are able to eliminate all the barriers between our worlds. And there is nothing more elevated, pleasant and blessed than the communication which we can give each other.

We exist on the different sides of the border separating our worlds. However, the border itself is becoming thinner and thinner under the influence of the overmastering power of Love. There are no barriers for the power of Love, beloved.

Love is capable of working miracles both in your world and ours. And Love is the very force capable of penetrating the veil.

When you have a minute to leave your bustle and go before my image, do not think, please, that I am somewhere far away. I hear the sincere call of your heart. I am where you are. I hear every word you say to me, no matter whether you pronounce these words aloud or just within your heart.

And if you bate your breath and look narrowly, you can even spot my presence next to you in the shape of a light subtle cloud. You can also sense a dainty aroma of the roses or feel me touching you.

I love watching your faces during your prayers. And sometimes I allow myself to approach you while you are saying the Rosaries and to kiss or stroke you.

You, many of you, feel my touches and even try to drive me away like an annoying fly. Oh, if you only admitted in your consciousness a thought that it was not a fly but Mother Mary herself who came to kiss you. You would feel very awkward and funny.

Our worlds are much closer to each other than you can imagine.

And even now you can feel my presence during your prayers. There is no closer Master than me for the people of earth. I answer literally all your requests. And I am very sorry that at times your karma is so heavy that I cannot give you the help you ask me for. However, nothing is impossible for God. And after you have realised your past mistakes at the new level, it is possible that the decision of the Karmic Board will be altered and I will be allowed to help you.

I am very happy that for the first time during the last 100 years I have a chance to be present more and more often in the land of Russia - in my land, the land I extend special patronage to. Therefore, do not be despondent. All your prayers are being heard and the rescue is racing to the land of Russia. This rescue will come in a very short time according to the cosmic measures. Everything will change. And the rebirth of Russia as the land of the Mother will take place very soon.

Meanwhile I ask you not to stop the wheel of prayers. And if due to your stirring life you cannot dedicate much time to prayers, I think you can always find time and a chance amid the bustle of the day to cast a look at my image or an icon and give me your Love.

It will take mere seconds. But if you are able to send me your Love just a few times during a day, this will substitute for the saying of the Rosaries and the reading of prayers.

Always have my image with you. Keep my image in your hand-bag or in an amulet. Always remember that there in the physical world where my focus is I can establish my presence owing to the energy of Love that you send me.

Please be patient, beloved. It is not too long to wait. Come out at dawn and feel the delightful moment when the Sun is still below the horizon, but everybody around is already anticipating the instant of the sunrise. And right now the whole world is at the point of expecting the rise of the Sun – the Sun of Faith, the Sun of Love, the Sun of Hope.

The sunrise of your consciousness is as inevitable as the rise of the Sun foreseen by your being.

I AM Mother Mary, always loving you and waiting for our meeting.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova