SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

A Message to mankind of the Earth

Beloved Alpha
June 1, 2005

I AM Alpha, having come with a message for the humans of the Earth.

I HAVE come to bring this key message which will enable you to maintain the focus of your aspiration at this period of time. Concentrate on your heart. Only you and your heart, my beloved.

There is nothing else in your world. The only entrance to the Divine reality is located within your heart.

Everything that surrounds you in your physical world is aimed only at helping you to evolve, grow and overcome yourself, to broaden your consciousness and to multiply your merits.

You are wanderers who are constantly on the move. Even while staying in peace you go on covering huge distances in your world, flying thousands and millions of kilometres together with your planet, your solar system and your galaxy.

This is the outer galaxy. But there is another galaxy, an inner one, and the entrance into this galaxy is inside of you, in your heart.

Your next step is to uncover this entrance to another world, the Divine world. The world which is not dependent on time and has no space. The world of omniscience and all-perfection. This is the world whence everything comes and to which everything returns. It is your world, your Home, your true reality, whence you have come to the physical world to create your material world.

Millions of beings of Light have been and are working upon the creation of the manifested universe - of the external world. Each of you is also working upon its creation, irrespective of whether you realise it or not. A child may not realise the structure of the world and all its complexity, but he was born and he is living in this manifested world.

Then the child grows up, acquires knowledge and consciously participates in the construction of the world and its activity.

You are children. You are not able, while being at your level of consciousness, to participate consciously in the creation of the worlds and maintaining these worlds in order and purity. But the time has come for you to become mature.

Your final exam for entering the adult world is to uncover the entrance inside your heart, to find the entrance to the real world of God.

I really hope that all of you who are reading these lines now will manage to pass your finals which will give you the right to become co-creators with God and consciously implement the plan of God for this universe into life. You must pass through a narrow secret door hidden within your heart, within its secret retreat.

No matter who calls you to the lures of the far-away cosmos, to the cognition of the far-off worlds outside you - do not believe him. All the worlds and the access to the far-off worlds and all the other worlds are inside your heart. And the key to the door inside your heart is Love.

You will open this door with the help of your consciousness – your Divine consciousness.

Your external consciousness and your external mind will obstruct you. They will create new barriers on your Path again and again.

But now you know where the secret door to the world is whence you have come and to which you are to return. Try not to lose this key to this door during your life trials. Try to remove from your consciousness everything which prevents you from pushing your way through this narrow door.

There is nothing in your world that would prove to be useful for you in the real world of God except your invaluable experience which you have already acquired and which you will still acquire during your wandering through space and time.

If you manage to call to mind the primeval purpose of my having sent you to your world, you will remember that I have sent you to find a treasure. And this treasure is your causal body. This is the greatest treasure, the invaluable treasure - your treasure which neither rust nor moth can threaten.

Many of you have already found your treasure for which I sent you to your world. Now you are to return Home, to remember who you are and why you have set off to wander around your world.

It is high time to awaken for the Higher Reality. The term has approached and the time has come.

The Path has been shown to you. You know your Path. You have everything necessary for your return Home. I am calling you, my children.

I am missing you. Can you hear me?

And if some of you have not found treasures during your wandering, do not despair. I will gladly meet you even without your treasures. Just do come back Home. Find the secret door in your heart.

I am waiting for you, my children.

I AM Alpha, your Father in Heaven.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova