SiriuS - Ascended Master's Dictations

Try to adapt to the new conditions. Change your consciousness

Buddha of the Universe
April 30, 2005

I AM Buddha of the Universe. This is what my position is called in the Divine Hierarchy governing in this universe.

I AM Buddha, and due to the quality of omnipresence which is inherent in me and makes my nature, I am able to dwell in every point of this universe and in all its living creatures.

The only place where I am not able to be is your world and other lower worlds whose vibrations are too low for my presence.

That is why I can dwell only in those living creatures that have reached the level of Buddha in their consciousness and that have expressed in this difficult time of transition a wish to undertake an embodiment on Earth as an unselfish act of service to earthly mankind.

The Plan of God for earthly mankind is to bring all the lifestreams inhabiting planet Earth now to Buddha’s state. This level of consciousness can also be called the Divine consciousness.

This stage of mankind’s evolution coincides with God’s Plan, in accordance with which man will be able to rise onto the next step of evolutionary development and become God-Man.

It is not a secret that the level of consciousness of mankind at present differs very little from that of animals. And it will not be a secret if I say that many living creatures which you consider to be animals have reached much higher stages of evolution of their consciousness than a great number of people have.

I mean some species of whales and dolphins. In their level of evolution these creatures have left their fellow-brothers walking on earth far behind. Their energetic system and their chakras enable them to link up to the world and universal databank. And we use the physical forms of these creatures in order to get an idea of the situation on Earth. While staying in uninhabited and inaccessible areas of the ocean, our devoted co-workers keep and maintain the balance for planet Earth.

I hope that mankind of the Earth will nevertheless reach the level of consciousness sometimes called the Buddhistic consciousness, which will enable earthly mankind to transit to the next stage of evolutionary development.

The technocratic civilization existing on your planet is supported by your undeveloped consciousness.

And I have come to tell you that the Plan of God does not include any support of your technocratic civilization.

Everything that is not in accordance with the Plan of God will be wiped off the face of the Earth.

Apart from the civilization on your planet there are many civilizations in the universe that have chosen the path of technocratic evolution. All of them can be characterised by their alienation from the universal databank.

I have to use these technical terms to be able to give you the information you need now in your language.

You can link up to the universal information warehouse when you are at such a level of evolution of your consciousness that corresponds to the level of Buddha’s consciousness. At this level of consciousness you become God-Man. Your chakras open, and this enables you to be free in the exchange of information with the entire cosmos, with every creature of this universe whose stage in the evolution of consciousness is analogous to yours.

Any spatial and time limits disappear and cease their existence for you. You have access to any information in the libraries and depositories of this universe.

There are, certainly, different stages of development of the Buddhistic consciousness. At the first stage you do not have to possess all the skills and your informational range will not exceed the limits of your planet. But gradually you will broaden your consciousness and enter first the level of your Solar system, then the level of your galaxy and after that the level of the system of your galaxies.

The opportunities for the growth of your consciousness are infinite. When you outstrip this universe in your consciousness, you will receive a birth in a new universe corresponding to the level of the evolution of your consciousness, or you will take upon yourselves of your free will the posts of Buddhas in the lower universes so as to keep balance for the developing living creatures in them.

The purpose of my coming today is to give you the information about the next stage of your evolution.

And this stage is not linked with your technocratic civilization. Therefore, everything not matching the Plan of God and contributing to the dissemination of ideas and conceptions of the evolution that do not correspond to the Will of God, will be gradually substituted by the conceptions and directions of evolution which are in agreement with the Will of God.

Everything resisting too much will either be taken from the physical plane by a series of cataclysms or drawn by its vibrations to the technocratic islands still existing in this universe whose days are also numbered.

I have just illustrated for you the plan planet Earth should follow. But I ask you not to apply this plan to your earthly measures of chronology. All this will take place, but during such chronological cycles which are not comparable with the cycles of your animal-man life.

Your chronological system is not adapted to give you the correct guide-lines and terms. But you do not need concrete terms in order to aspire and to keep in your consciousness the guide-lines to follow.

There is something else to tell you about which is painful. You see around you examples of many species of animals facing extinction due to not having adapted to the new conditions of existence.

It is always hard to see a picture of extinction. However, what is not viable in the new conditions must either disappear or be altered. The same analogy refers to animal-man, the species to which you belong at this period of time. You must adapt to the new conditions of existence on your planet or this species will be subjected to extinction.

Do understand that you do not have the strength to change the conditions of existence. There is something in this universe that does not give way to your control like water in the tap or the temperature in your dwelling.

There is a Universal Law regulating the conditions of existence on your planet. And now we have simply added vibrations for your plane. It is impossible for you not to feel this.

Therefore, please try to adapt to the new conditions. Change your consciousness. You are given the keys for doing this.

You have all the necessary guiding instructions and you yourselves choose whether to follow them or not. It is your free will, and you may act in accordance with your free will as long as the external conditions of this planet let you do it.

I have given you the perspectives of your evolution and warned you about the dangers threatening you. Now I lapse into silence and leave you. It was very pleasant for me to talk to you through this messenger today.

Thank you.

I AM Buddha of the Universe.

© Messenger Tatyana Mickushina
Translator Svetlana Nekrasova